Deep Listens: GBCERIX: Magic Pengel World Record Time!

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Deep Listens is a gaming podcast series I'm recording with a few of my friends. Every two weeks we pick and play a new game and then discuss it from a literary, philosophical, and game design perspective. Its kind of like a book club for video games. We try to dig as deep as we can on an individual game every episode so check it out!

In this episode Gino, Pete, and Em discuss the upcoming 9th Giantbomb Community Endurance Run! We spend most of the show breaking down Magic Pengel speed running techniques to help Gino prep for the Magic Pengel world record attempt he will be making during the GBCER. We then discuss some of the other shenanigans that we will be participating in for the show such as Blindfolded Barista gaming. We wrap up by trying to help Em find a gimmick and by announcing another round of Pete Teaches.

The Giantbomb Community Endurance Run will be April 12th - 14th! Reach out if you'd like to participate! A thread dedicated solely to the GBCER will be up soon!

You can find the team page here:

GBCERIX: Magic Pengel World Record Time