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I told my mom, girlfriend, and sister. They all know how much this site means to me so I thought I would share it with them because I was super upset (I only shed a few tears when I was talking to my mom which was right after I heard). My father passed when I was 6 years old. I know loss and still this has deeply resonated with me. It is well-known by this point that a bunch of people who never met Ryan feel like they have lost a friend. I feel the same. Me @orange_tory and @shimmy all attended the same school and could not believe it. As soon as Rorie gives us information on how to donate to Ryan's wife I am going to be right there. This makes me so angry that life can be so arbitrary in choosing who it takes away from the rest of us. Ryan gave me a lifetime of joy and for that I will always remember him.

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I had to explain why he was important to me despite never meeting him, but they totally understood. It still feels weird, and I don't think it'll fully sink in until the rest of the crew starts doing content again.

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I talked to my wife about it. She isn't a fan of the site directly but knew how important the site was to me and also watched several live streams with me over the years, she was sad and knew exactly who Ryan was.