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*EDIT* Yeah so I just got a tracking number for my Dualshock 4 controller. Says it'll be here by the 31st. So I was right. My order total was $581.08, so when the PS4 comes out if I'm paying more than that original quote due to shipping fees they're going to owe me. And, I assume, a lot of other angry people who preordered.

Please no discussion on how you may feel about preordering things. Thanks!

My credit card was charged this morning for $84.11 from "GameStop.com/EBGames.com". I didn't order anything. I called my credit card company and all they were able to tell me is that it happened around 10:00AM. I called GameStop and they said "we can't see any charges until 24 hours after the order is placed" which is lame. My GameStop account shows no activity today, or recently and I never use EBGames.com. I haven't bought anything from GameStop.com in about a month.

I do, however, have on preorder a PS4/Second controller/Knack bundle from GameStop.com.

What if they just sent the second PS4 controller to me, charging me a separate shipping charge? That would sure be shitty of them to do that without notifying me first. I, personally, had no idea PS4 controllers were going on sale before the console. Had I known that, I wouldn't have preordered one just to pay shipping twice. I would have bought one at a store.

Of course, that's all speculation, and someone could have just stolen my card and made an order with it.

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Edited original, in case you were interested.

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well thats dumb, fuck them

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We won't really know until the PS4 ships if they fucked me. If I pay more than $499.64 (the difference between what I payed and the original invoice price) then we have a problem. I hope not.

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I don't know if that'll be enough. I better PM you my social security number, too.