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Has Giant Bomb dropped video resolutions for E3, or is the problem on my end? I pay for really, really good internet, so I hope it's not on my end. I thought it was just the live stream quality, but the individual trailers are also muddy.

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I suspect they just can't get as good of a bit rate in the hotel compared to their studio set up.

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I believe the trailers are posted elsewhere. I don't think their location would affect those.

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Hopefully the video quality’s a little better today. Even the archive’s are muddy. It’s hard to appreciate better and better graphics (the typical main focus of hardware and software enhancement) when the resolution’s so low. I hope the loss of Net Neutrality isn’t a factor (still can’t believe they let that go). Though by saying that I probably just sound like a crazed conspiracy theorist.

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I don't know that it was resolution but it definitely looked interlaced. The video was vibrating/shimmering. There were a couple of GB West livestreams over the past few years that had this issue and I believe Jason managed to fix it. I tried to let Jan know during the stream but they're probably aware.

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Problem solved. Thanks, duders!