Did I dream of a MK11 spoiler-cast promise?

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Pretty sure I heard that somewhere in a GB show, is there a plan or just "thinking about it"?

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They mentioned on UPF that it should be up on Monday.

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I'm pretty sure they recorded it yesterday and accidentally streamed out some of it, so a small number of people have actually already seen it.

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Cheers both!

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Looking forward to this one, it could be the best spoilercast since MGS4.

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I continue to be bewildered by their excitement and passion for Mortal Kombats story and characters. I mean good for them, I personally have a few games that I love in the same way, but man.. Mortal Kombat of all games.

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@humanity: This is a site that has had wrestling and DBZ podcasts and you're surprised that they're way into MK? It's all the same, serious yet stupid fun.

I think you also have to consider that these games have been going for decades, much like comic books people have become attached to these dumb characters over the years.

I enjoy the story and how over the top everything is but i'm tired of the way these games play, it just isnt for me.

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Very excited for this. A spoilercast that aligns with my own interests hasn't happened in a long while.

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@humanity: I haven't played much MK since 3, but then I read into the current storyline, man, that's some plots.

So basically I just want to hear some reactions :)