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Hi all,

I could of sworn like 20 minutes ago I saw the archive of the GBEast feature on the front page, then I came back and it wasn't there any more...

DId the video get posted and removed? OR maybe I was still seeing the feature on the main package because it was still marked as [live] or something..?

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Was just about to sit down and watch it, it was definitely up.

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Yeah seems gone.

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I think it was a VR quicklook for some fishermans game. I started watching it on my AppleTV when I was eating dinner - it seems like they forgot to edit out the pre-stream segment where they get the camera ready and shoot the shit for a little bit. There is a 2-3 minute blank screen after this and then they go into the actual "quick look". My guess they took it down so they can fix that and reupload.

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ah ok, well thanks for the confirmation.