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Bring back the couch living room for UPF! couch movement.

let's start a campaign for the old style UPF couch living room.

bring back the couch! should be our cry.

I am doing this in fun. please don't be vulgar or angry chants.

did you like the couch or the professional Friday Anchor desk?

it should Unprofessional Fridays, not professional friday.

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This new one is growing on me, but I liked the couch set up better as it was way more unprofessional

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Sure, but as long as the cast doesn't change I don't mind a new apartment.

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I got used to it, but just the other day while watching the UPF archive I did think it looked a lot like any other online "show" out there. I imagined what it would be like for a complete stranger to watch a UPF for the first time and have these random "old dudes" just talking about nonsense for 10 minutes behind the desk. The couch did make it really stand apart. I get that it might not have been the most comfortable at all times and I guess if you are abnormally tall like Ben it was probably really uncomfortable....but it sure had that GB character. Although with the new desk studio and the new website, it really does feel like those early days of Giant Bomb that actually made it stand out from the rest of the pack are long gone.

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The desk seems more “Unprofessional” to me because the pile of controllers, drinks, laptops and wires running to Jeff’s Mister are in plain sight.

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I like the new set just fine. The crew seems happy with it and that's ultimately more important than aesthetics to me.

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I haven't found the GB sets particularly appealing since they lost the exposed brick wall aesthetic from the Whiskey Media basement. Never underestimate the power of an exposed brick wall.

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I miss the couch, but I think they'll find a happy medium once they get used to the new office.