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Hi everyone, I’m in a bit of a weird edge case bind. I’m looking at building my first PC really very stoked. I’ve spent weeks going over my parts list and have finally come up with a rig I’m ready to pull the trigger on. My issue is after a surgery I’ve lost the use of my right hand so mouse and keyboard are out. I’ve been looking around and I think I’ve come up with a solution. I’m looking for an MMO mouse so I can bind the various keyboard commands to the buttons on the mouse but finding a left handed one is impossible. Razer use to produce the Naga for lefty’s but don’t anymore. I have a controller I can use but if anyone out there knows of a way I could get my hands on a Naga lefty I’d be an extremely happy geek. I’d gladly pay for the product no issue just looking for somewhere to give my money to. If you know of anything please shout it out. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this.

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Reaching out to AbleGamers might be a route to go. They do fantastic work. Here's a link.

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This probably comes across as insensitive but did you just lose the use of your right hand or your whole arm? You might be able to adhere a Velcro strap to the mouse to wrap around your hand so you can still use your right arm to move the mouse. Then map the normal mouse buttons to the keyboard. They also sell trackpads like on a laptop for desktop use which you might be able to situate close enough to your keyboard to be doable.

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@chowdr71:You should look at ambidextrous mice like the Razer Ouroboros or the Logitech G300s. Alternatively, have a look at a keypad with a stick on it, like the Razer Tartarus.

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I wonder if the Xbox Adaptive Controller could be a good solution?

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@seriuzbiznus said:

I wonder if the Xbox Adaptive Controller could be a good solution?

I think I might look at this option too, they have done incredible work in inclusive design, and accommodate and huge variety of accessibility support for range assistive devices, eye tracking, puff and sip, wands and voice command. That controller is really impressive in the ways it can be configured to support a myriad of impairments.


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On the link below you can find Tobii camera, it's not a mouse but i hope it helps.


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I have an mmo mouse and it honestly worked pretty well for ARPG's (which is about all i used it for) but it takes some getting used to.

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@surplus_ninja: Not a problem I get that question a lot, to be honest, I've started messing with people who ask. I had a surgery to remove a tumor from my spinal cord the portion in my neck. The surgery was a success but unfortunately, I lost the use of my right hand and now walk with a cane. When I want to see the confused look on someone's face I'll say a freak bungee jumping accident the guy messed up the measurements and bam! face full of concrete. you'd be surprised what the disabled can get away with.

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@chowdr71: That's pretty awesome. I would go with "skydiving accident, darn chute didn't open. Hand took the brunt of it".

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@gkhan: oh I have just kinda depends on what I’m feeling the best part is when I get someone who goes “really, that’s horrible I’m so sorry did you sue?” It takes everything in me not to burst with laughter. Sometimes you have to make your own entertainment😈

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