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#51 Posted by Quarters (2591 posts) -

Split screen is the only way I play coop. I care immensely.

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#52 Edited by MetalBaofu (1623 posts) -

I have a cousin that comes over some, so I guess I kinda care. Games like Castle Crashers where you don't actually split the screen are preferable, but some split screen stuff can be fun too.

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#53 Posted by Arbie (1473 posts) -

I really like split-screen multiplayer. It's not only about nostalgia but like one of the first posters said it's so much better to play with the person next to you rather than online with them! Uhm I like the system link thing or whatever it's called too though, when possible. Because that can work out just the same only with full screen rather than that letterbox peeper thing going on!

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#54 Posted by kindgineer (3087 posts) -

@laserbolts said:

Nope. I never really need it.
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#55 Posted by pandorasbox (329 posts) -

TV's are never big enough for split-screen to work well.

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#56 Edited by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

If it's co-op, absolutely. Me and the woman play tons of games like Gears, Borderlands, Halo, etc splitscreen. It'd be pretty fucking retarded if we had to buy another X-Box, TV, and copy of every game just to play together.

If Borderlands 2 doesn't have splitscreen I won't even be buying it.

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#57 Edited by Bartman3010 (485 posts) -

Everytime I see a game that would have no problem including a splitscreen mode, or has included one in the past and excises it just to push people to pay for Xbox Live is inexcusable. At least put in a system link option or something. Why does something like Daytona USA or Virtual-On not have any splitscreen of any kind when there were on the Saturn and Dreamcast releases?

For that matter, more PC games sure could use splitscreen options. If only to allow people to do this:

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We've had the technology to take splitscreen to a whole new level. Most likely why we're not seeing any advancements is because of systems like the 360 and PS3 that are well past their prime and trying to force people to pay for online services. (Yuck..)

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#58 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

Nope. I play games alone, or if I do play with someone it's a guy almost a world a way so we play online.

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#59 Posted by CookieMonster (2517 posts) -

Yes because I have friends.

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#60 Posted by BionicRadd (627 posts) -

To be clear, I love Couch multiplayer. splitscreen in shooters, though, I could care less.

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#62 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

Yeah, it's the only way I can play with my immediate family, who aren't as good at games. Disappointing when it's not in there.

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#63 Posted by ProfessorK (869 posts) -

i realize now that because i have friends that live relatively close to me that its something that i have grown to appreciate. its a great feeling to have split screen games that you and all your friends can play on a friday after work where you can just relax and have fun like when you were younger.