Do you miss start/select buttons?

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Poll: Do you miss start/select buttons? (157 votes)

Yes 50%
It took some time by I got use to the replacements. 18%
No 31%

I’m still not use to the DS4 option button and I’ve had the PS4 for 3 years. It’s a weird flat button and the placement is odd as well, though I like tapping the on edges of the touchpad. The Swtich + and - buttons are so awkward to press, the - button is especially is really stupid. I don’t have much experience with the XBO controller so I don’t have an opinion but I’ve been playing on the PS3 recently and I miss the start/select buttons. 😞

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#1 Posted by lokihellfire2008 (160 posts) -

The Xbox buttons might as well be select and start because of their placement. No idea what they are actually called but I still refer to them as start and select, even though they aren't used that way really. Right One is a menu button I think, and the other is used for maps usually, though I am not sure if there are even console mandated button mappings nowadays.

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#2 Posted by Humanity (18846 posts) -

I don't really care. The only part about it that bothers me is that in the past both consoles had start and select which was a unifying factor of sorts. Now you get these silly customized graphics for each in games because they're non standard. At least the XB1 uses typical internet convention style buttons, as in the 3 horizontal lines for menu.

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#3 Edited by NTM (11844 posts) -

To be honest, I actually still have to look at the Xbox One controller sometimes when the game tells me to press a certain button. I just noticed that with recent games I was playing as I've been playing a lot of Xbox lately. Do I miss it, yeah I do actually, but do I necessarily care if it stays the way it is? Not really. The PS4 controller is much easier since the options button is the start button, and the touchpad is basically select. Either way, I still say 'press select/start'. Well, I do on the Xbox gamepad anyways. I say start for the options button, but touchpad for the touchpad.

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#4 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

Nope don't miss them, granted I only have a PS4 and also use the DS4 on pc via DS4Windows. I got used to share and options buttons. As a photomode and screenshot fanatic even when I primarily played on PC, I love that there's a dedicated button now, and the options button + touchpad kinda incorporate all functions of start/select. Didn't need time to get used to, it just kinda stuck on from day 1 for me. Overall, it's not a big deal and not a huge change in controllers.

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#5 Posted by frytup (1326 posts) -

No, but the "share" and "options" buttons on the DS4 are terrible. Buttons completely flush with the controller body are buttons your thumb can't find easily.

MS figured this out and raised the "view" and "menu" buttons when they updated the Xbone controller.

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#6 Edited by hnke (189 posts) -

They should just call them left and right because I bet by the time I will have learned what Two Overlapping Squares and Three Lines correspond to they will have changed them again.

Just color-code them or something. Be consistent with the one thing we expect you to be consistent about, come on.

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#7 Posted by FacelessVixen (2633 posts) -

I don't own a current generation controller, so they never left.

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#8 Posted by Quipido (1567 posts) -

I think a dedicated screenshot button is a good thing, weirdly this is implemented the best on the Switch, which takes the picture as soon as the button is pressed (there is a delay on PS4 and I have the feature disabled on Xbox).

Here is an idea though, next time make a save/load button. Hold for a quicksave, press to bring up a load menu - and let developers use this as needed.

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#9 Posted by Humanity (18846 posts) -

@quipido: While not dedicated, Dishonored 2 had this really cool option on console where you brough up the menu and then held down a trigger or something to do a quicksave or a quickload. It was the first time I saw a Quick Save feature implemented in a console game and it worked really well, especially in a game like Dishonored where you sometimes just wanted to try something out.

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#10 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7610 posts) -

To be honest, I am happy with teh DualShock 4's PS Button, Touchpad/Click, Share, and Options buttons. By teh tiume PS2 had come around teh very conste of "Start" and "Selcect" just doing a function insdtaldy was gone. Both buttons had become "bring up a menu" buttons, so relabeling everything with much more modern nomenclature was helpful.

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#11 Edited by SloppyDetective (1613 posts) -

Totally agree with you on the Switch. Also when I first got it and was playing BOTW I kept accidentally taking screenshots when trying to press - on a pro controller. I'm fine with the PS4 controller and the xbone too at this point. I built my first PC and I'm still getting used to m+k.

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#12 Posted by Bicycle_Repairman (681 posts) -

Took me a bit to get used to, but i really like that the big touchpad on a ps4 controller is just a giant map button most of the time.

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#13 Posted by nutter (2186 posts) -

Only because Start and Select worked perfectly fine for 30 years. The new non-standard seems like an attempt to make the buttons’ purposes more clearly evident, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Not something I’m about to lose sleep over, though...

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#14 Posted by TheHT (15870 posts) -

Nahh, I'm used to it now. Fine with those becoming relics.

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#15 Posted by uhtaree (951 posts) -

They should go back to Select/Start. Stop trying to be like social media/apps with their buttons. SMH.

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#16 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1322 posts) -

I like the touchpad on the DS4, since it can be customized however the developer needs and is far more flexible then the old start/select. I think MGSV used all four corners of it for opening different menus faster? And i am replaying GTA: San Andreas, which i haven't even thought of hitting the options button until this post (probably just the start button as well), but the start and select are there respective half of the touchpad. @quipido could even get his quick save button if the developer felt it was useful enough, put it to one half of the touch pad and keep the other half the "select" button, and you still have the options button.

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#17 Posted by Relkin (1196 posts) -

Haven't progressed to the current gen yet, so I'm still using Start/Select. I did play a PC game somewhat recently (can't remember what it was) that at one point told me to press the two overlapping rectangles button and got very confused. I'd prefer they just continue using the standard that I've been used to from nearly thirty years of playing video games.

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#18 Posted by Justin258 (15670 posts) -

Yes. I especially dislike the share button on the PS4 controller because it feels like that should be select and not the pointless touchpad in the middle of the controller.

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#19 Posted by mems1224 (2508 posts) -

No? I just call the xbox buttons start and select anyways.

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#21 Posted by Bane (913 posts) -

I do, mostly because if I'm prompted to press one of them I still have to look down at the controller to see which is which.

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#22 Posted by octocoq (145 posts) -

I only miss them because I have a hard time remembering which Xbox button is view and which is menu. I always just say start and almost always say back instead of select.

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#23 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4444 posts) -

Share and Start. Love it. It's simple and convenient. A big touchpad is very useful as well, to essentially replace the select/back button functions.

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#25 Posted by Ares42 (4362 posts) -

Considering the PS4 is technically four buttons I think the next step should really be no touchpad but four buttons with save and load on the left side and menu and start on the right side.

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#27 Posted by ayopch (86 posts) -

I get that changing Start to Options on the DS4 may be more intuitive while navigating the UI, but I just prefer to keep things simple and have it be unified across all platforms. They still are, essentially, but with different symbols across each platform and sometimes the touchpad on the DS4 is just a simple click, sometimes it has different options for clicking on either side of it, it just seems clunky. I get that it's a matter of muscle memory now, and most of us just instinctively know the left button will be like the Select button and the right the Start. It just bothers me that it's different across every platform in terms of what that button is. Hell, I still don't know what the 'select' button on the Xbox One controller is supposed to do, it's just used as a map button in every game.

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#28 Posted by cikame (2856 posts) -

I'm only really on PC these days so i continue to use those buttons as "Start" and "Select" anyway, i've used my PS4 for about 5 hours and hitting the share button is a pain in the ass, not to mention the size and position of those buttons is extremely s***.
I've used an Xbone pad on PC for thousands of hours and i still don't know what those buttons are called, or which one to press when a prompt comes up.

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