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just replayed duke 3d and red faction just wondering if other people do the same

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Yep, mostly to refresh my memory as to what the hell is going on. 
Edit: This probably would have been better as a poll.

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Yes, I do.   
Mass Effect 1 and 2, for example.
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Yeah, always.

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I tend not to.  Because sequals are more and more just refinements of a winning formula.  So if I was to reply the game before hand id probably get tired of it before playing the new game and when that one comes out its like 'ohhh yay more of the same'
Now dont get me wrong I like being fresh for a new sequal and like to take in that world fully.  Its only after Ive really got my teeth into the new game that I might go back and visit the previous itirations which will normally show me how much theyve improved the game dynamics like uncharted to uncharted 2 or not like COD.
That being said I've completed all the Assassins Creed games but when the new one comes out and I try and go back and play the older ones its just like 'wow i can seriously not get into this without alll the stuff that in the new one'

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I had realized I lost my mass effect save about a week before ME2 came out so I did every side quest and searched all the planets and what not. Really bad idea. When ME2 came out I was so exhausted I didn't play more than a couple hours until about 2 months after release.

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Depends on the game. I'm not going to replay fifa 08,09,10, 11 to get ready for 12

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Yeah I played some ME2 so I can see the results of choices in ME3

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Yes, I'm currently replaying deadspace before I play deadspace 2

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Sure. Not always, but I'll do it occasionally.

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Why not? It's fun after all.

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On occasions I replay the old game after I've finished the sequel. 

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Did that with ME2

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I rarely replay. I didn't even replay Portal, and that's a really short game.

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Only Mass Effect. Generally by the time a sequel to a game is out, I've already traded in the original. Mass Effect 1 is the oldest game I own haha

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yeah i like to refresh my memory on the story

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Only sometimes.

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Depends on the game and how interested I am in the storyline. For Call of Duty, no. For Mass Effect, yes. If I do replay I usually fly through it on easy or use cheats like god mode.

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When Dragon Age 2 came out, hell yeah I did, and that made me realize how good the first one really is.

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Mass Effect 1 is the only game I've ever done that for and that's because of the game-import thing.   I wanted to make sure my Shepard in ME2 was the best she could be so I had to get a high enough level in ME1.  Otherwise, no.  I didn't replay Uncharted Drakes Fortune before tackling Among Thieves, I didn't replay any Halo game before the sequel and so forth.  
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If it's a story-heavy series, I will not only play them, but play them back-to-back before playing the new installment.
Before I played MGS4, I played MGS1, 2, & 3 back-to-back-to-back.  That's quite a marathon. Same thing with HALO and Half Life. It can be hard to play through games you've already played when the new one is sitting there calling your name, but I find it makes the new one more rewarding.
I'll probably do this when Uncharted comes out, but not sure about Assassin's Creed. Brotherhood was such a gigantic game I'm not sure I can do that again. Maybe just play through the story-related missions.

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I used to really care about playing an entire series of games before the newest one came out, but then came a time where I either A) didn't care enough about the rest of the series to want to play them all before the newest one and B) saw that if it were necessary to play an entire series to be able to get into one game then I just skipped it entirely.