Do you rush or feel pressured to finish games before the GotY podcasts?

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Just curious if other fellow bombers ever feel the pressure to finish the heavy-hitters from the current year before the GotY podcasts get released around the holidays.

I know I feel a bit of pressure at the very least to finish narrative-focused games so I don't have to worry about spoilers and what not. I'm hopeful I can finish AC: Odyssey and Red Dead 2 before Christmas...but boy are those games long.

So what say you. Do you try to complete a bunch of games before GotY? If so, what do you have left?

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I probably won't even end up playing most of the games they end up talking about. And even if it was something I was interested in I could just skip past that conversation.

Having to rush through games to meet a strict deadline seems like one of the big negatives of being a games journalist. I don't know why I would want to willingly choose to do so when I don't need to.

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Haven't played a single game from this year so..... No.

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No. Don't make games a job! Yuck.

Giantbomb did that for you!

Don't let spoilers affect your life! Don't buy games you won't play immediately!

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Yes and no. No, because I don't actually listen to the end of the year podcasts, but I do like to determine what my personal favorite of the year was and see what others felt. I like playing games I'm interested in when they come out, and get through them once I get them. I only feel pressured to get through games when two or more games are closely released. I definitely agree with you though about narrative focused games because I want to avoid spoilers, but don't want to stay away from the internet. It's much too easy to glimpse a spoiler unintentionally, or even intentionally because I just can't help it. It's why I've already gotten through RDR2.

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It does get me thinking about the year’s releases and more interested in them. I’m looking to play some of them before the year’s end ‘cause I do want to chime in a little. I’m usually playing something ppl have long moved on from, off in my own little world so I’ve given up on trying to keep up. I rarely play games Day 1, week of, or when it’s the topic of conversation so I just try to play some of it before GOTY so I can be part of something one time out of the year. That said, I’m not looking to make it a chore. Last year, I just skipped the best story category and listen to it this year when I got done with Wolfenstein II and that was perfectly cool.

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I used to, particularly last year, which sucked some of the fun out of what I played. Fortunately last year's GOTY discussions were so negative that they broke me out of the habit of binge-listening and this year I'm just playing stuff at my own pace. I'm not in a rush to hear things discussed like I would have been.

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I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude....but how old are You??

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Yes, but then I feel better when I just give up around Thanksgiving weekend.

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I try to complete games that I'm interested in the story. If I haven't finished I'll skip over discussions of whichever game I've not completed on the GotY podcasts.

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@zeik said:

Having to rush through games to meet a strict deadline seems like one of the big negatives of being a games journalist. I don't know why I would want to willingly choose to do so when I don't need to.

I absolutely agree with this. Playing games should be enjoyable, not a chore. I play what I want, when I want and at my own pace. Always.

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Yes I do try to, but almost always fail. Turns out having 4 kids and a full time job don't afford tons of time for gaming anymore, at least not until my kids are old enough to play the kinds of games daddy plays.

I'm still playing AC Odyssey and I just got enough MS rewards points to get a $25 gift card which I then spent on Red Dead Redemption 2....and I also have Fallout 76 once again I will likely fail. Doesn't stop me from trying, and doesn't stop me from wanting to listen to the end of year podcasts. It does however make me want to mainline these games to finish them quicker, which can be a detriment to my enjoyment sometimes.

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A little. I mean, not a life-or-death need to finish things. But it'd be nice to have some of the heavy hitters wrapped up before the podcasts come out. I say this but, really, have no intent on changing what I'm playing to meet the Game of the Year deadline. I'll end up listening to the podcasts either way.

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I used to, but I'm much, much slower now with games. If really want to play something I may skip a few categories when listening to the deliberations, but I find the crew talking about spoilery stuff with such enthusiasm is more likely to get me to want to play something more as opposed to the opposite.

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Never managed to complete them before the goty talks. But this year I'm going to finish red dead 2 before, because I think there will be a lot of talk around it. especially considering how down Jeff is on the game will make for a heated discussion. So not having to worry about spoilers when they're going at it will be nice.

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I want to try mostly EVERYTHING (I normally skip COD, Battlefield and I'll skip AC this year) but I don't need to finish them. I don't mind spoilers, I just want to have an opinion on everything to get real angry at the GOTY discussion :).

P.S. Breath of the Wild is the best AAA game from the past few years.

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I don't listen to the GOTY podcasts, but I do like to create a personal top ten list for each year - so I try to play the new releases I'm interested in (within reason). For example, I'm probably not going to end up playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 this year because I don't know if I can really justify its price.

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Nah. I'm not sensitive to spoilers, and at this point I'm lucky if I play more than handful of the games the GB Crew inevitably discusses during Game of the Year talk. One of the great things about video games not being my job is I'm not obligated to play anything I don't want to and I'm not obligated to keep up with the new release zeitgeist.

If we're talking about this year specifically, I haven't played very many 2018 releases to begin with, to the point where I might end up doing a personal top 5 instead of top 10 list.

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Haven't played a single game from this year so..... No.

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No. I could see why you might to avoid spoilers but I'm much happier not playing every new game in a year and not trying to rush through what I do play.

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#21 Posted by DoubleCakes (34 posts) -

I do, and it's a bad habit. I shouldn't let myself feel pressured to finish a game for arbitrary GOTY discussions. I should experience games at my pace.

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I don't, and neither should the crew, none of it matters and the whole thing should be reworked as I imagine its a huge annoyance, especially for GBeast.

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Not really, I so rarely play more than a handful of games in a year anyway. GB is more to keep abreast of what I’m missing out on and should get on sale down the road than something I try to “keep up” with.

I very much used to do this with music, though. That stopped a bit after I quit being a music critic, though, so I suppose in some ways that was work driven rather than hobby driven too.

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#24 Posted by Humanity (18865 posts) -

For spoilers a little but usually they're good about not spoiling anything unless it's important to talk about some specific story moments.

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#25 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

I just generally wait to listen to the GotY casts until I'm ready.

I feel more pressure to get enough games played in time to make an end of the year list. Probably not going to happen this year

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#26 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

Nope. Games that tend to be discussed during GB goty podcasts are either games I have no interest in playing or will get around to eventually but don't care about getting spoiled.

I used to care a whole lot about finishing games before I put them onto my own list, but then I realized I don't give that much of a shit and people reading probably care even less, so I just comprise the list based on how I feel about each game wherever I'm at with it at that point in time finished or not.

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#27 Posted by Vortextk (944 posts) -

I just...don't get to certain days or topics in the GOTY podcasts. Pretty sad honestly. It's not on them, but I don't want to hear a bunch of in depth diving on games I want to play or have partially played.

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#28 Posted by theuprightman (223 posts) -

Yes, but it is only usually one or two games that are very story focused. This year I just want to finish the return of the Obra Dinn because it sounds right up my alley.

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#29 Posted by glots (4367 posts) -

I don’t rush, but I do tend to keep away from ”Best Story” ’till I have played the titles in that category that interest me. Luckily I only have RDR2 to finish at the moment and I can’t think of any upcoming games still coming in 2018, that would have a story worth considering for ”Best story”, unless XO18 has some amazing, out-right-now surprise releases.

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#30 Posted by nutter (2206 posts) -

Only for story spoilers/moment spoilers. I feel a pressure to see those myself before they’re dissected and left on the podcast floor.

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#31 Posted by mems1224 (2508 posts) -

Nope. I just play all games until I get bored of playing them and then just spoil the story for myself if I just want to know what happens.

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Nope. I barely have time for games as it is. Probably won’t be done with Red Dead for another month at this rate. The only 2018 games I’ve played so far are God of War (my goty at this point), Spiderman, Red dead 2, Detroit: become human, the inpatient, crisis on the planet of the apes, and far cry 5 (didn’t finish, it’s horrible). I’ve finished 18 games this year, half were really short games and besides the games I mentioned, were all from previous years. Just don’t have time for games like I used to between work, school, and a social life.

Also, besides the ones I finished this year, there’s not much else I really want to play. This years been kind of weak besides a few stellar games imo.

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#33 Posted by sub_o (1159 posts) -

Yes and no. If I already started playing a game, then I do plan to finish it before GOTY discussion. But for games that I haven't touched yet, I find it harder for me to be spoiled, because I just completely forget or gloss over the spoiler.

Playing games has always been a journey than just the ending for me.

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#34 Posted by mellotronrules (2616 posts) -

no, beacuse 1) that doesn't sound like a good time and 2) spoilers generally speaking don't bother me. i want to know why someone thinks a thing is worth my time, and sometimes that requires a spoiler.

the only exception to that is 'undertale.' i just finished that for the first time on switch, and i can see a version of reality where i went in completely cold and had my mind blown.

then again, if certain information from the 2015 goty's hadn't been conveyed to me, i never would have played that thing, so *shrug*?

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#35 Posted by Brendan (9218 posts) -

Nah, I just don't care enough anymore. I need 3 more hours in a day to be able to keep up with games, otherwise I just gotta be cool with playing what I can get to.

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#36 Posted by doctordonkey (1844 posts) -

@mellotronrules: There is definitely something to be said for spoilers that make you play and enjoy things you never would have otherwise. I experienced the exact same thing with Undertale, I never would have touched that game in a million years if not for listening to the GOTY talks. Turns out that game is fantastic, but I never would have played it.

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I did that last year where from memory I made sure to play Pyre, Night in the Woods and I think a bunch of others that I thought would get talked about during the podcasts, and when the podcasts came around, I don't think I got much added value from them. For example, I was agreeing with Dan when he expressed dislike for Night in the Woods, then hearing why Alex liked it (he could closely relate to it, so forth) was actually refreshing as I could understand where he was coming from as I had played the game. BUT I don't think that added feeling of inclusion within that conversation made up for the money and time I feel I wasted playing this game I could predict I wouldn't like.

Also if they talk about a game I'm interested in but haven't played, I will skip ahead to avoid spoilers, I've done that before.

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#38 Posted by stabfreely (55 posts) -

Right now I just want to finish RD2 to avoid spoilers(Both here in forums , Podcasts and Youtube) do not care at all about GOTY...Either I did not play it or they get it wrong...Like the year FC3 lost to that 2 hour sand game, that I thought was my worst waste of $20 ever.

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#39 Posted by FarleysLundgren (169 posts) -

Well I kinda bought Monster Hunter World just now to put some time into it before the GOTY discussion because I know they will probably talk about it quite a bit. But at the same time I don’t want to rush playing it, not to mention it seems to be an incredibly slow and complex action game.

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#40 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1029 posts) -

I used too with the Best Story discussion but some of the games discussed in the past like Observer or Alien Isolation I never got to so last year I just said screw it and listened to the whole thing.

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#41 Posted by Vortextk (944 posts) -


....why are you all laughing?

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I can finally listen to GOTY 2014 if I have to finish games before listening to the crew talking about GOTY! So no.

Edit: and I dont even care about spoilers anymore, since I probably play the games much later and forget almost everything they say, unless its really positive.

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#43 Posted by Shindig (4951 posts) -

Only if I feel there's a specific game I really want to catch up with.

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#44 Posted by CurseTheseMetalHands (181 posts) -

No. In the past, whenever they were going to be discussing games I really didn't want spoiled, I'd typically skip the category or, at the very least, jump ahead past the bit about those games. Last year was a bit of a clusterfuck, though, because there are just too many people working at Giant Bomb now. So, I'll probably be skipping the bulk of this year's GotY stuff and just look over some of the individual lists.

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#45 Posted by MightyDuck (2046 posts) -

I have in the past, but it doesn't really bother me anymore. I'll usually just skip ahead in the discussion if they are bringing up a game that I really want to experience the story first hand.

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#46 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

I have zero problems with spoilers so nah never felt compelled to catch up on anything.

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#47 Posted by apax (4 posts) -

For the first time in years I'm actually holding myself responsible for finishing games (provided they are better-than-average) and, therefore, I'm super lagged behind basically everything on the market right now.

So no, not really. I think I'll just skip the parts when the team tries to bring up a game I care about and not yet have finished. I just hope that this approach will leave me with anything to listen to lol

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#48 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3891 posts) -

Last year I made a point to finish Nier before listening and this year I'll try finish RDR2. But rarely do I feel like there's more than a single game I have to finish because I want to listen without it being spoiled.

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#49 Posted by hermes (2620 posts) -

Sometimes, but this year I own very few of the games that are likely to appear so...

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#50 Posted by Shaunage (933 posts) -

It'll be a shame to have RDR2 spoiled for me, but honestly I'm likely to enjoy these podcasts more than that game, so I'm not too worried. I might try to get Obra Dinn done, though.