Do your parents play video games?

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#1 Posted by kakamoura (25 posts) -

I remember one day my dad brought a bootleg console and then on he used to mercilessly beat me on some 2D racing game.

What about yours?

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#2 Posted by fisk0 (6967 posts) -

Not really. My mom plays some phone games, and my dad used to play stuff like Gorillas.bas and Pole Position with me when I was a kid, but he hasn't played anything for the past 25 years. My parents were pretty opposed to even letting us have game consoles, so apart from the Game Boy I didn't have a console until I could afford one with my own money.

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#3 Posted by mbradley1992 (590 posts) -

My mom is hardcore into WoW. Only thing she plays. But she's got all the expansions, several max level characters, etc. Plays for like 4-6 hours a night after work. I'm proud.

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#4 Posted by RichardQuarisa (65 posts) -

Not really. My dad used to play Ps1 games all the time with me back in the day (mostly crash 3 and gran turismo) and when the 360 came out he got pretty into geometry wars and texas holdem, but now he mostly just plays android games on his tablet.

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#5 Posted by JimiPeppr (609 posts) -

My dad got me into games when I was a kid, but he doesn't really play anymore. Sometimes I think he plays some match-3 bubble-shooting game. Mom plays a lot of word games and 2048 on her phone.

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#6 Posted by Hunter5024 (6706 posts) -

He hasn't for a couple years, but my Dad used to buy Need For Speed and Call of Duty every year. Now he just plays Pinball games. When I was a kid my mom was into adventure games, and she plays a lot of Farmville now (which I was surprised to learn still exists).

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#7 Edited by TobbRobb (6591 posts) -

Mom used to play when I was younger. She is part of the reason I got into it to begin with. It's been many years though, just don't have the time anymore.

Favorite games were Spyro, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet. Some Crash Bandicoot was in there to a lesser extent, and shorter sessions were Pac-Man, Tetris or puzzle games.

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#8 Posted by phuzzybunny (181 posts) -

My Dad really liked play Warcraft when it was released. I still remember him being completely incredulous and pissed off when a catapult can take out four or five of his footmen. He tried Warcraft 2 but he still liked the first one better.

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#9 Edited by Witzig (364 posts) -

My dad plays a bunch of f2p games such as War Thunder and WoT with the occasional game of CoD or BF4. My mom on the other hand is proud of saying that Q'Bert was the last video game she ever played.

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#10 Posted by omghisam (327 posts) -

For whatever reason the only games that grabbed my dad were Mario Paint and the Super Scope Six, specifically Blastris. If it didn't involve a weird peripheral, he didn't care.

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#11 Edited by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Apparently my dad played a lot of Doom, Duke Nukem and the like back in the day. I don't think he plays much of any games these days sadly.

My mom would occasionally play Pokemon Stadium and some PS2 bowling game with me, which was pretty awesome. I think she pretty much just plays basic Facebook type games now.

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#12 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5578 posts) -

Not really, but my dad was super fascinated with them when they first came out. I remember when I was 2 or 3 years old my dad bought an NES with about 20-30 games from a friend of his and my dad, sister, and I would play it for days on end. The game we liked playing together was surprisingly that shitty Top Gun game, but for us back then coming off the Atari 2600 it was pure delight. My dad's personal favorite was the Track and Field game cause it was very innovative that you used your entire body to play that game with the mat controller. This was probably the one and only moment I probably played games with my dad. My dad was very much one of those no-nonsense hardworking stoic guys who showed no emotion at all, but for that one time I saw the big kid in him that day. A really good memory for me personally.

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#13 Posted by Sterling (4134 posts) -

My dad has always been a big gamer. Mostly been a PC gamer since day one. He also has a PS3 but mostly just uses that now as a BD player. He doesn't play as much as he used to. Maybe 2-3 hours a week now. But he still pays attention to steam sales and is always asking me about such and such game. Hes been playing Civ IV since it came out. He is set to retire this summer. 65 years old. Been playing PC games for 33-ish years.

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#14 Posted by officer_falcon (526 posts) -

My mom doesn't play but my dad used to play at the arcades back in the 80s. But then I was born. He also gave me my NES and played a little with me back then.

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#15 Edited by CaLe (4799 posts) -

I had my mom play the PT demo, which was kinda frustrating to watch to be honest. It still had the desired outcome, meaning it scared the shit out of her, but I doubt she could handle anything that required using the sticks and buttons at the same time.

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#16 Posted by Milkman (19312 posts) -

My mom is obsessed with Candy Crush as I assume all moms are. My dad used to be into some games, usually anything with some sort of historical aspect. He got way into Age of Empires and that Sid Meier's Pirates game.

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#17 Edited by MrHadouken (364 posts) -

My mom absolutely loves everything Nintendo...except for Legend of Zelda. She used to hog my NES as a kid, except on Saturday nights my grandma would come over and we all three would take turns playing Super Mario 3.

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#18 Edited by Corevi (6796 posts) -

My mom had a 2600 when she was a kid and plays Angry Birds but other than that no. I can't say I've tried introducing her to videogames though.

Both her and my Grandma bought Wiis and only used them once to play Wii Sports.

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#19 Edited by DannyHibiki (370 posts) -

Sometimes! I played a bunch of games with my Dad as a kid, mainly Atari 2600 stuff.

The only game that was really his was a copy of Silent Service for the NES. He was a Lt. Commander on a nuclear sub, and he liked making fun of the goofy stuff in the "simulation," but he always had a ton of fun playing, and we had fun together just yelling for the torpedos to go faster and dumb stuff like that.

Also brought home lots of cool games from Japan and work in general for me.

My mom just likes to watch me play and comment on how real everything looks now. :D

Always looked forward to visiting my grandpa because he had Wolfenstein 3D on his computer and internet OMG!

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#20 Posted by forkboy (1650 posts) -

My mother has no interest in games, but my dad had a ZX Spectrum when I was very very young & that was my first intro to gaming. Paperboy, 1942 (or 1941, I forget), that sort of thing.

And yeah, he got my sister a NES one Christmas & ended up playing the original Legend of Zelda game on it an awful lot. He played a lot of Command & Conquer & Civilisation 2 on my Playstation, & when we got a PC he bought a game for it before I could, Blade Runner. And after I moved out he ended up buying a PS3, so I've gotten him some games for his birthday the past few years. This year he got X-Com Enemy Unknown Complete Edition or whatever it's called, last year was Far Cry 3 & so on.

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#21 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

Nope, I'm 26 and my oldest brother is 35 so that sort of puts it out of range for most people. Would be cool if they did, but, even though my Dad is basically a prototypical person who would be playing games if he was born now, he has absolutely no interest for whatever reason.

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#22 Edited by spyder335 (633 posts) -

my mum plays mostly lego games

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#23 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1138 posts) -

When I was really young, my parents and uncles and aunts all played this massive tetris tournament. I remember it being hilarious and loud. Also, one of those uncles is the one that introduced me to Super Mario World.

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#24 Edited by Superkenon (1704 posts) -

Didn't used to -- didn't even want any consoles in their house originally -- but I wore 'em down.

Nowadays, my dad's a man in his 60's working through Mass Effect. My mom really loves Animal Crossing.

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#25 Posted by sodapop7 (660 posts) -

When they were in college they had an Atari and would talk about playing that for hours and my dad's great video game claim is beating the original Super Mario Bros back in the 80s. Which is pretty impressive. Not since then though unfortunately.

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#26 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

Ahhhhhh hell no

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#27 Edited by Tirion (200 posts) -

My mom is 51 and she has stolen my Nintendo DS to play New Super Mario Bros and plays a lot of Facebook-similar-games but not on Facebook. And my dad always seems fascinated when I show him driving games or cinematic games like L.A. Noire.

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#28 Posted by GiantLizardKing (1144 posts) -

My mom is 50 and has a crack like addiction to Plants vs Zombies. It's a real problem. She's been playing it several hours a day since it was new. Don't ask me how. She also likes Peggle.

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#29 Posted by Wlleiotl (310 posts) -

my mum and dad completed diablo together on the ps1

now they just play phone stuff, my dad likes spider solitare and my mum likes candy crush etc

had a fun game of fibbage with them and my sister a few weeks back

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#30 Posted by TheMikFC (24 posts) -

My dad and my brother got me into games. My dad was a computer engineer for GE for 30 years and always owned the newest stuff back in the day. He was a huge arcade kid and later got into PC gaming. I still remember sitting in his lap when I was 5 watching him fight Mecha Hitler in Wolfenstein. My brother was a Nintendo kid and later they both got into Playstation. I've spent the past 3 console gens sitting outside a retailer with both of them for the new system. My mom loves Tetris and Animal Crossing. That's about it.

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#31 Posted by Rejizzle (1147 posts) -

My Dad used to play with me, but hasn't played anything since the PS2. Not sure why. My Mom has been getting into phone games recently. She likes 2024.

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#32 Posted by Sessh (3405 posts) -

Both of my parents used to play A LOT of Tetris on the original Game Boy, and my mum still occasionally plays the Tetris Bomb variant (can't remember the actual name of the game), since I never bothered to take my GB with me, when I moved out.

My dad also finished Super Mario Land once, but that's about it.

Both of them are in their late 60's.

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#33 Posted by crithon (3979 posts) -

Yes, My mother is over 60 and she plays casual friendly puzzle games on her iphone and 3ds and sometimes get pressured by her friends to play the Sims. Never under estimate the casual friendly market playing something just till the wee hours of the night.

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#34 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1315 posts) -

My dad has been playing warhawk on the ps3 for 5 years. He is showing no signs of stopping either.

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#35 Posted by Yakumo1975 (51 posts) -

being an older member of the gaming community (39 come November) I can clearly say that my parents don't play games however as a parent myself I take great pride in sharing this amazing hobby with my own 7 year old son. Unlike many kids of his generation he doesn't only play Yokai Watch 2 on his 3DS but also many classics on the Mega Drive, SFC and Saturn to name but a few. Every Saturday we boot up Mame on the big TV and select an arcade game to blast through. He loves all games, not just the new stuff like so many young people.

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#36 Posted by hippie_genocide (2463 posts) -

Oh hell no. My mom isn't opposed to them just has no interest in them either. My dad was old fashioned and just didn't get it...had an almost contempt for them. I remember playing Tetris for hours on a hand me down computer we got one time. He just kind of sneered at me and asked "is that all it can do?". Must've took a lot from him to buy me an original gameboy when I was in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy. I guess when your kid is sick you do things you normally wouldn't.

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#37 Posted by Giantstalker (2401 posts) -

Fairly certain my father still plays Heroes of Might and Magic 3 almost every day, downloading custom maps from the internet like it was 1998

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#38 Posted by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

My mother often plays this two-dimensional puzzle game. She used to play Solitaire.

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#39 Posted by TruthTellah (9823 posts) -

Yeah. I think my step-father may even play more videogames than I do. ha.

He just finished up another playthrough of Xenogears.

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#40 Edited by joetom (201 posts) -

My dad plays a ton of Football Manager.

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#41 Posted by Max_Cherry (1659 posts) -

Of course not. they are still getting use to push button phones. If they knew what a video game was their heads would explode.

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#42 Posted by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

My dad never liked video games at all. He totally didn't understand any of my interest in anime or video games, but he never outright hated that stuff. Over the summer, I was able to get my dad to watch death note, which he enjoyed. Now, he's playing through the Phoenix Wright trilogy and giving my regular updates on his progress. He just cross-examined the parrot in the first game haha. Can't wait to see how he reacts to the twist in the second game's fourth case. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with myself and my achievements here.

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#43 Edited by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

Nah, though my great uncle used to. Actually he might even still play games to this day, though I'm not so sure. He's a big PC buff in particular, though he always played games competitively with me on the PS1 -- primarily Soul Edge and Twisted Metal 2. I can remember for Soul Edge he was always Seung Mina and would 'ban' Cervantes from use since he considered him a cheat character for how he would use two swords. Though to be fair, Cervantes was pretty OP in Soul Edge. His main in Twisted Metal 2 was always Mr. Grimm.

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#44 Posted by Camelizer (156 posts) -

I've never seen my mom so much as play a game on her iPhone.

My dad is pretty random when it comes to video games. He's never owned a game console and the only computer game I think he ever bought for himself was this Star Trek game like fifteen or so years ago give or take a couple years. He never really got into though from what I remember and only played it a couple times.

He also once bought me a Ghost Recon game since he's a big fan of the Tom Clancy books and has read all of them. He would ask to play the game with me every once in a while but that only happened like a dozen or so times. That was years ago and now whenever I'm home and happen to be using my PS4/3 if he walks into the room he might watch for a couple minutes and make a random comment before loosing interest.

He will also get really into random browser based games from time to time. At one point he played a shit ton of this penguin bowling type game and some helicopter assault type game. He's also used to play a lot of solitaire.

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#45 Posted by forevernet (28 posts) -

My dad used to play some PS1 stuff but he still plays FIFA with me occasionally.

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#46 Posted by ajamafalous (13821 posts) -

My mom does; she used to play NES/N64/GameBoy/Gamecube games when I was a kid, and she's always been pretty into Diablo II and Torchlight. I just bought her Diablo III and the expansion so she's been playing that recently. She's also bought her fair share of Humble Bundles, so she's got something like 50-100 games on Steam. She's looking forward to having me build her a gaming PC next year when she saves up some more money, because her 5 year old high-end laptop is reaching the end of its life.

Aside from Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Duck Hunt when I was a kid, I can't think of my dad ever playing any games. He's an 'outdoorsy'-type.

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#47 Edited by hippie_genocide (2463 posts) -

The only game that was really his was a copy of Silent Service for the NES. He was a Lt. Commander on a nuclear sub, and he liked making fun of the goofy stuff in the "simulation," but he always had a ton of fun playing, and we had fun together just yelling for the torpedos to go faster and dumb stuff like that.

Similar story - My step-dad served in the Navy and worked as a civilian as a nuclear refueler of submarines on a naval base. He bought this when I was 6 or 7. I was like, "but Daaaaaaad, this so booooooring! Let's play Kung-fu." I hated it back then, but I'd probably dig it now.

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#48 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (6353 posts) -

There was an Atari 2600 in the house since I could form memories, and my dad was the first person in our home to finish Super Mario Bros. Later on, we would play Street Fighter II together. We did that until that series started to get too complex for him, right around the Street Fighter Alpha games.

As for my mother, I have great memories of playing many LucasArts style point and click adventure games with her. Most recently we played Portal together, with me controlling the character and her solving the puzzles. She tried taking direct control, but she didn't like it. She did end up loving the game, though, and she hadn't had the humor somewhat ruined for her by stupid internet memes like I did. We also tried to play Braid together, but that one sadly didn't click with her.

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#49 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

My dad tried to play Golden Eye with us once but it made him feel sick. I guess I also gave him a copy of Tiger Woods years later but he never played it.

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#50 Edited by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

My mum played a crapton of Tetris when I was a kid but apparently that's literally it. She may have played Space Invaders at one point.

Actually, I think I remember her having a go on Wii Sports that christmas...

My dad started gaming heavily in his late 30's when he couldn't work anymore due to being registered blind, and as far as I know he's still doing that I guess. I dunno, I've not seen him in like 15 years, less said about that the better. (But how can he game if he's blind?! He's got Usher Syndrome so won't be totally blind until later in life)