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<p>I recently ordered a vita this Monday (should be coming soon) and I was wondering whether or not the mobile site works, especially being able to play videos off of it? I know it doesn't have flash, but I'm pretty sure it supports HTML 5, and performs better with HTML 5 than it originally did (an update, apparently, made the browser way better). Also, is there a way to watch live videos on the mobile site? When I see that there's a live video on my iphone, it brings up a page that has a black box where the video should be, and another area for chat, but there's no actual video/I can't even use the chat, just see what everyone else is saying (though there is a text box to type into, just no way to actually submit it)</p>

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Giant Bomb on the Vita does not use the mobile site, and videos do not work. Hitting the play button makes the quality selection thing disappear, and then it doesn't do anything.

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Have you tried to force the mobile site by putting m.giantbomb.com? I figured sony would be smart enough to treat a mobile devices browser like any of their tablets or phones, but apparently not

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@naru_joe93: No such thing as m.giantbomb.com anymore, as far as I know.

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Bummer. Well, at least I can watch qls with the YouTube app. Plus, I still have my iphone (though, I'll be selling it when my plans up in June)