Dr. Tracksuit arcade flyer

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Here's one I've been meaning to get to for a while. I'd been noodling about with a few disparate elements a couple of months ago, not really getting anywhere, with only half an idea in mind to just make a basic design. Then the idea struck me that I should turn it into mock promotional material in the form of an old arcade flyer. After that, things fell into place pretty quickly, and I'm pretty happy with the result! Hope y'all like it.

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So much good stuff, I don't know where to begin.

I love what you posted on twitter and seeing the finished product is great!

I hope they make this something I can wear, THE DOCTOR IS IN!

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This is rad

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@buzz_clik: So many great callbacks, and the artwork is fantastic. You really hit this one out of the park man.

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This is really awesome.

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Love it. That's awesome.

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Great work. Loving that APD logo.

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This is amazing. I am truly jealous of your artistic ability.

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This is kickass. Love the pixel art GB logo too!

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Yeah that APD logo is way too good.

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Well done, that's real cool!

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Like I told you on twitter, this is amazing! Well done my friend!

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They cleaned the arcade machine as a model. Smart.

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that's way too clean and cute to represent such a dirty dangerous man

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Wow, very nicely done. You should consider also doing a "weathered" version, like one that would fly out of the window of the good doctor's van while driving 90mph the wrong way down the interstate towards Mexico.

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This looks great, well done!

edit: Out of curiosity, I tried a quick "remix" just to see how it would look aged like an old videogame box, I hope you don't mind (click on it to see the details).

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This is very, very awesome.

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Looks great, duder!

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That looks absolutely spot on! *chefs kiss*

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@johnymyko: Not only do I not mind, but I'm wayyy into it! Very cool. :)

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This is very cool! Awesome job. I'm going to print one of these out and bring it to next PAX East and request Dr. Tracksuit himself to sign it.