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No doubt, this year it has been Microsoft who did the best publicity job: Sony just needed to wait for their E3 press conference in order to have the very American Jack Tretton announce what every gaming soul had been longing to hear: do whatever you like with your used games --lend, trade, keep them--, and while no permanent online connection or 24h-authentication will be required, PSN+ subscriptions will flawlessly be carried over to yet a new member of the big PlayStation family.

Thank you, Microsoft, for making future buyers' decisions so much easier in gaming matters, in about the same way as Windows 8 has been sharply raising the demand for Linux-based operative systems, so that one should guess that their selling the Xbox division might just be a matter of time. For now, however, still loyal Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting two (non recent) games for free download per month --a sign that MS did but learn something from Sony's so successful subscriber policy.

Not too surprising, either, in that context is that for me E3 2013's biggest game revelation is also a game for PS4 rather than X1: The Order: 1886, plotted in an phenomenologically alternative Victorian London, struck me about as sort of love at first sight that I can hardly wait for it being finally released.

Another game I'll be hoping to get my hands on right at PS4 launch is Killzone: Shadow Fall which now more open-leveled looks so much more appealing than the Halo-successor Destiny resembling rather a blend of ME + SWTOR in its present shape (not that I had something against those two BioWare games, though).

Nicely preparatory to the former while waiting may be Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita, with a somewhat different concept, also certainly one of the most anticipated games for this quality handheld in all 2013.

Yet InFamous: Second Son is the third PS4 one which I'd put in my list here, together with quite a list of interesting Indie games released via PSN, like Transistor, Secret Ponchos, or Doki-Doki Universe.

The press conference which had my greatest interest besides Sony's has certainly been that of EA starting with the surprising Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare looking so ridiculously fun in co-op survivor mode, followed by other yet eagerly awaited games like Battlefield 4's still more enthralling multiplayer, DICE's StarWars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2, BioWare's mmorpged Dragon Age III, or also Titanfall, unfortunately prioritizing XOne, whereas I would certainly have preferred learning something about Homefront 2 rather than Ryse from Crytek's part.

Last but not least to be distinguished out of E3's demonstrations:

- Call of Duty: Ghosts (featuring the CoD Dog)

- The Crew (sporting several of my favorite racing features)

- Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 (sequel of the 25 year-old hack'n'slash)

- Wolfenstein: The New Order (sequel of the legendary FP shooter)

- Shin Megami Tensei IV (the 4th of the demon-ish RPG series, still TBA for Europe)

So while I guess that Microsoft and not EA will probably be nominated the worst US company this year, I already project buying another, smaller, smarter X360 to be conserved for the future: May the PS4 be with you...

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on E3. Though, I'd have to disagree with your last statement. It's still the week of E3, and these consoles haven't even come out yet. I highly doubt that we could call Microsoft as the worst US company this year, as EA will likely still have a rather significant lead. By the time the consoles actually come out this Fall, I imagine we'll be talking a bit more about sales and games than current unrest over the changes Microsoft is making.

On a different note, I'm also excited about Shin Megami Tensei IV! Looks quite nice. Though, no Witcher 3 love? :)

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@truthtellah: Thank you: No, no Witcher 3, nor AC IV, and as concerns the honorable "worst US company" title I'd honestly prefer seeing neither EA, nor MS getting it attributed, it is just that I felt a lot of disgust concerning the Seattle giant these days, this is why I dared "guessing" here...