E3 2019 Gameplay Demos

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This year's E3 was a bit too heavy on the cinematic trailers for my tastes. Let's use this thread to post cool gameplay demos that might not have been featured during press conferences or otherwise flew under the radar.

Here's a 20 minute Vampire: The Masquerades Bloodlines 2 demo that shows a pretty in depth look at the game. I missed out on the first game but I've always been curious about it. I love the look of this game, even if the combat seems pretty janky.

And here's a good look at The Outer Wilds, which really looks like it's going to scratch that Fallout itch.

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That Vampire gameplay video... what on earth is that player doing? It looks like they've never played a videogame before. It's a real shame because the game looks very good otherwise.

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This is a great idea for a thread this year.

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The combat was pretty weak in the original Bloodlines too (and most immersive sims, come to think of it) but it seems like the sequel is just missing a lock on button and better AI. (granted improving AI could be a lot of work)

The game I was most surprised by was Astral Chain, i'll admit i'm not a fan of the look, which initially put me off. (the character designs specifically) But there seems to be a lot of lite RPG elements which could be cool, like being able to create your own character, explore a hub, investigate crimes and do sides quests in an almost Yakuza esque fashion. (although the writing seems to be pretty stale by comparison)

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I do think Platinum are at their best when they're making more linear action games and I hope Bayonetta 3 continues that trend but this looks to be an interesting game regadless.

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The Outer Worlds looks really good to me. Fallout 4 was such a let down for me and I love the idea of making a much tighter package with choice. More like Mass Effect in that respect. I can see myself playing this multiple times through and since it's coming to Game Pass it will be cheap as well.

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@boozak: I was pretty bummed there was no bayo 3 this year but astral chain looks dope.

Here's a gameplay demo from Control. I see what Dan was saying about the uncanny valley-ness of the faces

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I'm confused, is this a Vampire the Masquerade 2 NPC; or, everyone I ever 'thirst follow' on TiK Tok?

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