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I don't know if I've gone down the right route.

Trailer seems cool though.

Dear Top men at Bethesda Softworks,

Out of all the closed beta applicants, you should choose me because:

I have A LOT of time on my hands. I fell in love and got my heart broken. Which has resulted in me investing in a gaming machine, and spending most of my time alone. Only venturing into the harsh light of day and tolerating the company of other human beings if the reason to do so is imperative. I've now reverted to being the little naive 8 year old boy I used to be and once again think that girls are icky. (And games aren't).

To be completely frank, I'm probably not the best man for the job. Borderline useless. Arguably I'll suck at this game, but that won't stop me from pouring hours upon hours into it. Being a completionist when it comes to games especially in RPG's I think I'll be able to thoroughly explore the world and try and do everything and in turn give valuable feedback. And questions, such as "Why am I dying so often?" and "Why did she leave me?".

So please give me something to do, please.

To Mordor! (Apologies if that's the wrong franchise).

Kind regards,

Joseph Gallagher

Just waiting for the beta code now.

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Oh yeah.  You nailed it.

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sent ;)

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I doubt they read these anyways, atleast after the first few im sure its just a automated process.

Still funny though, its pretty dumb of them to put that kind of a option considering its just a place to suck up.

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@dudy80: I probably have more of a chance if it's automated.