Elgato HD60 S Capturing "Party Chat" Outside of Console Chat

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Hey everyone. I'm just getting into the game capture...game. Me and a buddy are starting to record videos and upload them to Youtube just so we can look back on them in the future and laugh. I started out just archiving Mixer streams straight from the Xbox and uploading them to Youtube but the quality was not very good, so I just bought an Elgato HD60 S which should arrive today. I know on Xbox you can send the party chat through the speakers to capture friend's chat, and I ordered a microphone to capture my own voice using Elgato's Live Commentary feature.

For a lot of the single player games we've been recording, I've been doing a Mixer stream, and he's been tuning into the broadcast from his house, so we both provide commentary via Xbox Party chat and it's captured in the Mixer stream. For non Xbox games, he could still watch me play them live through Twitch, and you can even live stream with the Elgato software using Twitch. So he can watch me play PS4 games live, and I can capture the video and my own voice uisng the Elgato software. But obviously I can no longer capture his voice because we're not in a party chat on the system I'm capturing.

Is there a good way to capture other's audio in an Elgato capture or Twitch stream? Are there third party apps on a computer that can integrate into that? Can we be talking via the Xbox app on our computers and somehow I can capture his voice and include it in the Elgato capture? Ideally I would be able to include it in the Elgato capture and not just the Twitch stream, since I will be uploading the Elgato video and not the Twitch stream to Youtube.

TLDR: How do I capture a friend's chat audio while playing a PS4 game using Elgato software if he doesn't have a PS4?

Any ideas or advice would be awesome!