Epic buys Rocket League developers

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The reactions to this tweet should tell you all you need to know about how people are reacting to this. Honestly I'm kind of surprised that no one bought Psyonix well before now (Microsoft probably made some offers), but I guess Epic brought out the purse. Good on Psyonix, they seem like a good developer that cares about their community stuff. They don't say anything about Steam in their news post about this but I can't imagine that they'll yank RL from it or anything. If Rocket League 2 comes down the pipe, though, I can't imagine it won't be an Epic exclusive.

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Ugh. I guess I'm glad to see Psyonix get paid because they made a great thing and deserve it, but my mind went straight to the place it does when EA buys a good studio. Time to lower expectations of whatever they make next, because it's likely to be "monetized" and micromanaged out of being great. I don't trust Epic to be any better than EA at having acquired studios flourish. They might possibly be even worse.

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Don't know how 'extremely excited' I would be given recent news about how they treat employees but...here's hopin for the best..I guess?

Maybe if their next game is Popular but not Too Popular...

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Not even a week ago. They're going to keep doing this and I hope Steam call their bluff on it at this stage.

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I pretty much only have negative feelings about this.
I assume Rocket League is still bringing in decent income, i also assume the developer is maybe anxious about what their next game should be, at least this way they can staff up and work with a good budget, but as someone who is completely anti Epic at the moment it's a very sad day.

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Fully expect a fortnite but with cars

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Yes, they are pulling it from steam. Which means by the end of the year you will no longer be able to buy Rocket League for Linux or if you live in China. No mention of what happens to existing steam users yet.

They mention what happens in the exact article you linked to

“The PC version of Rocket League will come to the Epic Games store in late 2019. In the meantime, it will continue to be available for purchase on Steam; thereafter it will continue to be supported on Steam for all existing purchasers,” reads a press release issued to media at the time of deal’s announcement.

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I hope they don't get those 100 hour work weeks. Good luck to them.

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The devil is always in the details. Will they be more like Respawn, which has managed to carve its own path under EA, or like Bioware, which buckled under EA and became less than a shadow of its former self? I've no idea, but I don't think anyone else does either.

Do we even have any track record of previous studio acquisitions by Epic or is this the first?

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great payday for psyonix (they deserve it, they made an outstanding game)!

but the fortnite people locking up another IP isn't exactly generating good vibes. it all depends on how they're managed and the monetization plans for a sequel i suppose.

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I mean, Rocket League is the only game (bar Super Mario World) that I've played and thought "this game needs literally nothing adding to it - it's perfect." On top of that it still averages over 100k people online at pretty much all times, so they won't be pumping out a sequel any time soon. In that respect unless they're just here for the microtransaction profits it's a slightly weird purchase. Not surprised at all that they are continuing their shady business practices and yanking it from Steam immediately though.

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@gundato: There's a lot of wiggle room for what supported means though, and how much Epic wants to support a game on a platform they've shown so much hostility toward.

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Jeez, and I thought poaching games *just* before release was annoying enough, now games that have been released for years aren't even safe.

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Support for Steam may only mean that you'll be allowed to play the single player version, but multi-player could end. Hope that doesn't come to fruition.

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buying Psyonix makes sense. Taking if off steam entirely seems petty, given that +-90% of the steam population that wanted to buy it have already done that by this point. Keeping it on the steam store wouldn't have impacted EGS in a substantial way that moves the needle. The negative vibe might be more damaging than 'missing out ' on a thouzand more sales.

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Wouldn't have an issue if not for the "removing it from Steam" thing. I've felt pretty neutral on the whole Epic store thing so far but boy are they trying their hardest to make me uninstall their launcher and switch to Unity this last week.

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Dana Cowley, Senior Marketing Manager at Epic Games, clarified that the company has "not announced plans to stop selling the game" on Steam, as previously speculated by The Verge. Cowley continued, "Rocket League remains available for new purchasers on Steam, we'll continue to support it on Steam for existing players after it comes to the store."

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I mean I don't think this is a terrible move. I've played a lot (too much) rocket league and it is already rife with micro transactions. I mean 2 of the 3 cars most people view as viable for high level competitive play you have to purchase piecemeal. RL has had a steady player base but it doesn't show much signs of growing. If Epic can infuse some money into RLCS and bring new interest in the game that way I'm all for it. There are also rumors floating around about it going free to play under Epic. That said I have never used the Epic store or launcher so have no clue how good or bad that part may be. Guess I'll be finding out soon.

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This might be a stupid question, but if it will still run on Steam, would it just end up opening the Epic launcher when you boot the Steam version? I don't actually own anything from Ubisoft or EA on Steam, so I've never seen what happens when you boot a game that is also available on the publisher's own launcher.

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@sethmode: this could obviously work differently if Epic wants it to, but generally speaking for cases like this, if you own this on Steam it won't behave any differently from how it does today as far as launching the game. I *suppose* they might make you sign in to an epic account within the game or something like that (though in this particular case I'd be surprised if they bothered).

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@sethmode: All of EA's old games that are still on steam have no connection to origin what so ever and all of Ubisoft's recent games have you sign into Uplay when you launch them through steam(I believe it does the same with The Division 2 on the Epic store, so essentially Uplay is required for any ubisoft game released since...i think around the time Far Cry 3 came out). I would be pretty surprised if they tried to force Epic accounts on people who have already had the game on steam for years.

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Smart thing to do of Psyonic. Don't see them pump out a killer IP like Rocket League for the next years to come, the best thing they got going is probably a Rocket Legaue 2 (in the near future) and we don't even know if it will have the success of the first one.

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Awesome move for Rocket League honestly (I've played for thousands of hours)

I'm actually hoping they move to a F2P game (the model is already in the game), and grow their player base thanks to the popularity of Fortnite.

Maybe they update it to Unreal Engine 4? But that's really really not necessary.

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@brackstone: You might as well just say that Epic might decide to kill the game entirely out of spite

At some point we transition from thinking about the implications of things to just fear mongering. Ignoring actual statements that line up with how other studios have done this over the years is pretty far into the latter.

@panfoot: I could see "link your steam account to your epic account to transfer progress and get a cool new hat" being a thing

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@fezrock said:

The devil is always in the details. Will they be more like Respawn, which has managed to carve its own path under EA, or like Bioware, which buckled under EA and became less than a shadow of its former self? I've no idea, but I don't think anyone else does either.

Do we even have any track record of previous studio acquisitions by Epic or is this the first?

If Rocket League 2 comes down the pipe

You can't do a Rocket League 2. You just expand on Rocket League 1 for as long as there is a community.