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#1 Posted by RainbowRaccoon (132 posts) -

Ever beaten a game without ever dying?  The only one I've done is Metroid Prime.  Finished in 8 hours, 80% items.

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#2 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14686 posts) -

Yeah, sure. I beat Resident Evil DS in under an hour, single segment. Other than that though... maybe? I don't make a record of every time I pull a brad in any given playthrough.

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#3 Posted by kingclaw (785 posts) -
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#4 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -

Prince of Persia 2008 :) 
Honestly though, I don't think I've ever kept track of something like that. So probably, no.

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#5 Edited by Junkerman (391 posts) -

Starcraft II on hard
Mass Effect 1
Fable 1 and 2
**Edit**  Also I just remembered that I beat diablo 2 with a druid without dying.  But that wasnt my first time playing like with the other games so I dont know if that counts.

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#6 Posted by cwdawg1224 (342 posts) -

Beat Bioshock 2 on my first try without dying. 

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#7 Posted by Snipzor (3471 posts) -

Technically you can't die in Bioshock. But that can't count, so I guess I can't remember the last time it happened. Although if this is about beating a game without dying regardless of what run it is, then the last time it happened was in a run of Eternal Darkness I started a few weeks back.

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#8 Posted by Bear (248 posts) -
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#9 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Killer instinct arcade.

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#10 Posted by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

Mass Effect 2 - a brilliant, yet stupidly easy game on the default difficulty.

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#11 Posted by spankingaddict (2940 posts) -

Yeah. Okami. Although it's actually hard too die in that game :)

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#12 Posted by Tearhead (2436 posts) -

I did that all the time with old SNES JRPGs. I grind like a mother fucker.

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#13 Posted by buzz_clik (7470 posts) -
Yup. Anyone who knows me wouldn't have seen that coming AT ALL.
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#14 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -
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#15 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Doom on the easiest skill level is mad easy that way.  Same with Quake 1...
Super Mario Bros 3 using warp whistles I'm sure...
Probably lots of others.

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#16 Posted by Jasta (2246 posts) -

The Thing (PS2)

I'm postive there will be more but I cant think of any at the moment.

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#17 Posted by Ravenousrattler (1420 posts) -

nah i think i die at least once in every game, usually because i'm doing something stupid, or something wasn't quite explained

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#18 Posted by Crixaliz (809 posts) -
@RainbowRaccoon:  Wow really? I thought the Omega Pirate and the final boss in Metroid Prime were pretty difficult
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#19 Posted by NTM (9805 posts) -

Bioshock 2 most recently. And more in the past.
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#20 Posted by Truant19 (240 posts) -

Demon Souls

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#21 Posted by ShadowKing7 (748 posts) -

I'm sure I've done it with the first Super Mario Brothers, without using the warps mind you, considering the hundreds of times I've played that game.
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#22 Posted by bartok (3074 posts) -

Resident Evil 2 but that is only because to get an S Rank you could only save once(I think), not use the unlimited chain gun or rocket launcher, beat the game in under a certain time ( I think 2 hours), and not use any health sprays.

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#23 Posted by thedj93 (1260 posts) -
@Truant19 said:
" Demon Souls "
+1 internets
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#24 Posted by blazerx9x (744 posts) -
@ShadowKing7 said:
" I'm sure I've done it with the first Super Mario Brothers, without using the warps mind you, considering the hundreds of times I've played that game. "
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#25 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

MGS original on extreme. 
Can't do it anymore since I've gotten used to newer games.

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#26 Posted by korwin (3841 posts) -

GTA4, unless you count missions fails due to dodge AI following and what not.  Never had Niko recover at the hospital though, game was damn easy.

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#27 Posted by ajamafalous (13402 posts) -

Probably plenty.

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#28 Posted by Th3_James (2613 posts) -

I don't think Super Street Fighter: IV counts, but I usually end up killing myself by accident, or mess up a mission and kill myself to retry it or escape a glitch. 
Even if I succeed and survive a certain part of a game I will usually restart and attempt the situation from differant angles to see how the game reacts. 

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#29 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

Any Pokemon game and Half Life 2

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#30 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I've beaten Doom 2 and Bioshock without dying, but that's about it. 

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#31 Posted by Synthballs (2222 posts) -

Up until yesterday Supreme Commander 2  
I thought I was good at that game, then I tried the Cheating Difficulty for my opponents :( 

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#32 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

StarCraft II on Normal. 

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#33 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2928 posts) -

I can beat quite a few Mega Man games without dying.

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#34 Posted by azhang (117 posts) -

I get too reckless and plus I want to enjoy my games.

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#35 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1160 posts) -

It's pretty shameful but I beat Kung Fu Panda without dying the day I got my 360.

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#36 Posted by MatPaget (1273 posts) -

Donkey Kong Country!

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#37 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

Both Mass Effects

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#38 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

Sonic The Hedgehog, Gunstar heroes, Devil May Cry 1 & 2, Bayonetta, Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War all on Default difficulty. There are probably more but they escape my mind.
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#39 Posted by DiscoDuck8k (509 posts) -

Only one I know for a fact is F.E.A.R. since there was an achievement for doing so.

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#40 Posted by oldjack327 (147 posts) -

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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#41 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

yeah, super mario brothers 3. i don't think i have done anything like that this generation.

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#42 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Ah.... man. Not likely but I'm not gonna rule out the possibility. I don't think I've ever finished a game in one sitting, and I forget that kinda stuff after saving and taking a break.

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#43 Posted by sagesebas (2431 posts) -
@Junkerman: if you telling the truth you must be pretty good
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#44 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

Mass Effect.

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#45 Posted by sagesebas (2431 posts) -
@thedj93: the guy is obviously a liar and trying to get attention, don't help him
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#46 Posted by Belonpopo (2144 posts) -

Rachet and Clank: Up your arsenal

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#47 Posted by Huey2k2 (527 posts) -
@Truant19 said:
" Demon Souls "
Despite the fact that you are obviously lying I am still going to reply.
It is impossible to beat Demon's Souls without dying at least once as the game forces you to die right near the very beginning.
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#48 Posted by Toms115 (2329 posts) -

not dying on the first playthrough? king kong is one of the only examples i can recall. not dying after many, many attempts to get a clean, no-deaths playthrough? all four original sonic games are the only ones i've ever bothered with.

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#49 Posted by Junkerman (391 posts) -
aha thanks, but idk, those aren't really hard games.  Oblivion I played a stealth character so I was always very cautious, The fable series has to be the easiest games on earth.  Starcraft 2 I tended to turtle during the campaign and with all the defensive structure upgrades (ie. bunkers and the like) its more time consuming then hard, and playing a soldier in mass effect 1, with the health always regenerating its not too bad either.
Although I may not die as much in games, my /played is probably longer then most.
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#50 Posted by Sarumarine (2585 posts) -
Okami, although that really isn't saying anything. If I had to pick a game that requires a little more effort, I can say that I beat Metroid: Zero Mission without dying on Normal. Hard is a whole other story though.