Exercising and video gaming.

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About a month ago I bought a fit desk and, for the past couple days, I've been playing video games while biking. I've been playing Dark Souls 3 and Overwatch with my steam controller and doing surprisingly well. Does anyone else play games while exercising? What games?

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Yup, exercise bike + video games is great! I played chunks of Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3 while riding, which helped me make it through those immense games. It's a great way to exercise without even realising it, when you get absorbed in a game.

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I am currently looking into doing the same. However, the saddle becomes extremely important. 4-5 hour gaming sessions are not uncommon for me. I do that once a week or perhaps more. My current bike is already giving me pains after 30 min.

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I exercise with Giant Bomb videos playing in the background, but that's the closest.

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I usually go on the treadmill while watching Giant Bomb videos. I've thought about trying to play games while I use that but it seems like it would be too hard. I haven't used my exercise bike in a while but I've thought about dragging it into my TV room and playing games while using that.

I'd really like an exercise bike that connected to a video game that had some kind of asynchronous competitive multiplayer where you could race people on different tracks or something like that.

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I sweat way too much to have a controller while bike, but I use my tablet to watch GB stuff all the time when I'm doing cardio at the gym

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I used to do sit-ups while playing Persona 3 and jut yesterday I did some squats while playing FFVII. RPGs are pretty good for multitasking since you don't need precise inputs.

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Some day when I have the space and money to invest I might go for a treadmill, bike, rowing machine, or something similar to use when watching videos or possibly even playing some games. Currently I do yoga stuff on occasion when watching some things (it's that, cooking, or eating) and every so often I'll do some quick-burst exercises in games with regular loading or matchmaking downtime just to pass the moment.

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I've thought about it more recently, though less of games, and while I watch movies or what have you. I've only done it once; using a recumbent exercise bike I have. I can't really see doing it though honestly, not as I play games. It's a great idea though: instead of just sitting there, potentially for hours if a game is good enough to warrant it, you work out as you do so.

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I wouldn't want to do that while playing, plus it's way more enjoyable to go for a walk/run than do it on a treadmill because of changing scenery. Also just riding exercise bike or running on treadmill is not a complete workout and especially with bike you need to be mindful about your back and posture. Also, clearing up the podcast backlog is good excuse to go for a walk.

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Podcast only, since I lift and run.

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Nope. There's no way that I could control a game while running/biking/walking/doing whatever. Eventually I'd just find myself stopping. I'm also more of a music guy than a podcast guy while working out. Gaming is kind of more my reward to myself for getting through the workday and working out.

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Podcast only, since I lift and run.

Yeah, same here. Though, I usually do podcast while lifting and music while running, biking, misc cardio, etc. I eventually seem to slow down while listening to podcasts and doing the latter. So I just listen to podcasts while I do whatever sets and reps etc.

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I keep the two separate, though the idea of jury rigging a mid tower PC, a 24" monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a car battery to a mountain bike is somewhat amusing. Sure I could get one of those exercise/training stands and learn how to use a controller again, but the point is to get from fresh air and ride faster than the skinny people.

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I do 15 Push ups everytime I die in a Souls game.

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@csl316 said:

I exercise with Giant Bomb videos playing in the background, but that's the closest.

Either this, podcasts, or Netflix for me. I'm on an elliptical cause treadmills are too hard on my ankles and it's kinda hard to hold anything while on it.

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I've been listening to the podcast while running. That sounds cool tho

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I keep the two things mostly separate, though I may invest in an exercise ball for when I'm sitting down playing games. I go to gym every second day with the odd swimming session here and there.

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I couldn't imagine doing anything other than listening to music when I work out. Nothing else gives me the motivation to push myself. Playing games while exercising seems bizarre to me for whatever reason. I like to be focused when doing either of those things, so I couldn't see myself combining them in any way.

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I prefer to go outside when I exercise. Doing it while playing video games misses at least part of the point to me.

To each their own I suppose.

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I could personally never do that, and I'm perfectly content to just go to a gym and listen to music/a GB podcast. I feel like it would be way too easy to get lazy, and it would come at the cost of the workout itself. Not to mention I wouldn't want my controllers/DS/whatever to get all sweaty...

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I often use my Vita on an exercise bike while listening to the bomb/beastcast. It works very well. I've also set up my PS2 in the spare room with a little TV. Doing this along with occasional workouts and calorie control helped me go down from 245 lbs to under 190 lbs in around 8 months.

As for what kind of games, they're usually something kind of "mindless" and grindy, like Toukiden, Binding of Isaac, and Crimsonland.

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I got a treadmill in front of my computer and I've become pretty good at walking on it at a pretty high pace and playing at the same time! Been sticking to turned based games cause I tried a faster one once and fell of almost immediately!
It is a good way to get some exercise while enjoying my favorite hobby.

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I like to keep my exercising and gaming like religion and politics, completely separate. ; )
It's not even possible for me. Can't play games while Mt. biking or lifting weights, exercise time is music time.

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Push-ups, pull up, or some ab exercise in between matches or deaths of games.

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I run on a treadmill and play Titanfall on the X360. I only get kills because of the Smart pistol. And yes, it is a strange and dangerous combo.

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I don't really exercise while gaming. I like to focus on my workout when I do it, but at the gym I do listen to gaming podcast like The Patch and what-not

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I watch tv shows when I exercise. I caught up on Daredevil recently, next up is Agents of SHIELD. If I can stretch my controller to my crosstrainer maybe I'll try playing a game instead.