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We all had fun during Extra Life, didn't we? Dave Lang played dress up. Alex put his body on the line and drummed like his life depended on it to raise a ridiculous(ly great) sum of money for sick kids. Rorie took his shirt off. Dan built a model. And then there's The Quiet Man...

Who says the fun times have to stop? My 9-5 job is busiest every year from late October through early November, so I'm bringing back my 2015 creation: Extra Life for Slackers. Starting at 9:00 am PST on Saturday, December 1st, I'll be doing my own 24 hour streaming stint for Extra Life as part of Team Giant Bomb. My goals are far more modest: I'm hoping to raise $500 to help Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where I still have a lot of family and friends (aka potential donors).

So I'm asking the Giant Bomb community for support, mainly in the form of visitors and viewers. Don't get me wrong, I'f love your donations, but I know a lot of you already gave and gave as much as you could during the Giant Bomb proper Extra Life streams. If you can contribute, that's great and December 1 is still in calendar/tax year 2018 if that's something you'd like to make note of/talk to your financial advisor about. But I'd really love some company during my stream!

I'm no pro streamer, but I did stream an entire play-through of Xcom 2 during 2017/2018 mainly for an audience of one - a dear friend who lives in Korea and I get to see very rarely. And having him in chat from time to time was super rad! So if you have some time between 9 am, Saturday December 1st and 9 am Sunday, December 2nd, please consider stopping by. I have a tentative plan for my stream that I'll outline below. The last time I did this in 2015, I had a similar plan and it all got blown up when I got sucked into Fallout 4 and played that for like 18 hours at the urging of chat so feel free to stop in and tell me what is and isn't working.

Here's the plan: 6 "blocks" of 4 hours each alternating between PC and console (PS4 and/or X1). This will help me vary the games and give me built in breaks to stand up, move a bit, stretch, scarf down a granola bar, etc. And here are the way I've tentatively planned the blocks. Listing a game doesn't mean I'll play it for sure, just that I think it fits well in the time slot/anticipated mental state and is a strong consideration (So sorry for the spacing. I had each block single sspaced, hit Ctl-Z to undo a typo, and then got this. I'm not redoing it.):

9 am to 1 pm (PC)

Two Point Hospital (This is 100% the first game I'm playing. It's a hospital game. For Extra Life.)

Dead Cells


Opus Magnum

1-5 pm (Xbox1)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Fallout 4 (Throwback to 2015's stream)

Hitman 2016 (Colorado & Japan, probably)

Hitman 2

5-9 pm (PC)

World of Warcraft (I have never played WoW before)

Shapeshifting Detective

Mark of the Ninja Remastered

Heat Signature

Fallout: New Vegas

Alpha Protocol


9pm to 1 am (PS4)

Spider-Man (end game of main story, DLC 1, open world stuff)

MLB The Show 18

Dragon Quest XI (Early game)

Hitman 2

The Witcher 3

1-5 am (PC - The Dead Brain Zone)


Diablo 3


Slay the Spire

5-9 am (Console mix - the home stretch!)

Diablo 3 (PS4)

MLB The Show (PS4)

RDR2 (X1)

Borderlands 2 (X1)

Fallout 4 (X1)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (X1)

Anything else I can play well/hilariously while half asleep?

I'm also open to suggestions - I've got a decent sized Steam/console library and just want to have some fun while raising money For The Kids. Hope to see you on December 1!

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Apologies in advance to the mods if this is out of bounds, but I wanted to add a link to my Extra Life donation page (Donate here) and my Twitch page, where I'll be streaming for Extra Life starting December 1 at 9 am PST: https://twitch.tv/asmo917

And thanks in advance to the community for all their Extra Life support! I'll be trying to plug others with upcoming streams too.

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@asmo917: Please tweet at me when you're streaming and I'll try to retweet if I'm around!

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@rorie: Thanks - would really appreciate it if it works out and you can!