Face buttons for Xbox and Nintendo controllers.

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For those that use both an Xbox controller and Nintendo controller, how do you deal with the swapped layout? I was recently playing Cook Serve Delicious 2 on the Switch and was having a hard time getting use to hitting BA YX. I kept thinking in the layout of an Xbox controller AB XY. Do you have any special ways to get use to the Switch layout? My friend mentioned thinking of Xbox buttons as colors don't even think about the letters being there. Anyone else get confused easily when going between the two?

Image of CSD2 on the Switch showing the UI. Figured showing a picture of what I'm talking about would help more. It can get tricky to remember which buttons are where.

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Don't worry about the button names and just focus on how games usually use them. Xbox is more of an american system: accept button is on the bottom, cancel to the right of that. Switch is obviously more of a Japanese layout: accept button is on the right and cancel is on the bottom.

The top and left buttons usually still perform in similar ways across all games. The top button is usually like a menu button, enter in and out of cars button, that kind of thing. While the left button doesn't have a usual m.o. u can still difference it from the others simply by not having a standard action.

That's how I think about it. Not sure if that helps at all but there you go.

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Remembering that the accept button is on the right for the Switch isn't a problem for me. Just when games have lots of UI showing buttons I'm much slower to react on the Switch.

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Yeah for this game in particular I'm not sure there really is a great way to quickly adapt. If you were going the other way then only looking at colors is definitely a very easy way to stay on top of it.

But with the Nintendo layout just being gray letters i'm not sure there's much else you can do beyond just adjust naturally. On PC that game lets you remap almost every recipe to however you would like which sounds like a ton more work but maybe an option if it's still there.

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Honestly, I'm so used to the Xbox/PS4 controllers, I have a hard to swapping into Nintendo mode if you will. It's very weird to have played games my entire life (starting with the Nintendo consoles), and yet still have to look at a controller to see if I'm pressing the correct button... I don't do it too much, but sometimes my response is delayed for sure. Also, I don't play much on Nintendo though because I'm a bit shallow and am disappointed by Nintendo's lack of progress with hardware and I am not in love with their exclusive games. I like them, but they don't take up much of my time compared to the myriad of other games on other consoles. This is why the past three Nintendo consoles have been figuratively gathering dust by myself. Luckily my brother plays the Switch a lot. On a side note, when someone else is playing on the Xbox or PS4, and someone says 'what button do you press to do [insert command]' I often say 'triangle' even though they're playing on the Xbox, and vice versa, where I'll say Y when they're playing PS4. It's not all the time mind you, but it just comes out one way or another. When I ask someone that question and I'm playing the Switch, and they say Y, I'd probably press X first. I have to put in a considerable amount of time with the controller to have to become second nature again.

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I dont know why the fuck they dont standardise this across every platform, it infuriates me.

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I noticed several switch games (maybe it's mostly 1st party) indicate the buttons by position rather than letter (i.e. they show the diamond of four and one of them is filled in / highlighted). Which is indeed a good way to do it (especially considering the cases where they want to support sideways joycon).

Generally if someone asks me something like "do I press A or B" I'd have to look at the controller to see which one I'm pressing.

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It just doesn't take me very long to switch to Nintendo buttons and then back to Xbox. Playstation is just a very different beast.

This is all Microsoft's fault for not just following the SNES layout. Then again, the N64 and Gamecube switched up the layout so much that maybe MS didn't believe they'd ever return to a traditional face button layout and now here we are.

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Well I have been using the xbox controllers since 360 came out and only a year ago got my first Ni tendo console, ever, so I expected this to be kind of an issue, but it’s totally fine to me - my brain just switches more or less flawlessly, since day one of owning Switch. It’s a bummer of a situation though, I feel for you.

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I'm someone who can easily translate which buttons are which between a DualShock and an Xbox controller despite conflicting button prompts.

Sometimes playing games my DS or 2DS fucks me up and it takes me a bit to remember where A and B are.