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I drew these guys a couple months back and I thought I'd share em here. Makes sense, right? I don't normally do fan art so I don't usually share my drawings outside my normal outlets. I'm gonna try to add some color to it so if that ends up being any good I might put that up as well. Anyways, I hope y'all like it! A bomb for each coast :)

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That looks pretty rad! The split tongue is pretty XTREME. I approve. Which bomb represents which coast?

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@theimpar: Split tongue has to be the Beastcoast, I mean look at it. Fierce and ready to go beast mode.

The other one doesn't have fangs which reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, so, that's west coast for sure.

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Really nice! Great Job!

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Thanks guys!

@theimpar:Yeah, the one on the right is based on the first t-shirt design for the East coast guys and the left is just based off the original logo.

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Holy shit that looks great.

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Outstanding! Any chance for more :D