Far Cry: Whatever's Next will be revealed during the Game Awards

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Someone already called this Far Cry 76, so I'll refrain from making that joke. Honestly FC5 satiated my itch for shooting this year so I'm not necessarily raring to go for more but I'll see what this is before making that decision, I guess.

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Writing the "Far Cry 5 came out this year?" comment before anyone else gets to do it.

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God gravy they're really leaning into the ending of 5, aren't they?

I know it's just a trailer, but I have ZERO interest in this game solely based on that. You can't build on a bad foundation, and FC5's story was capital-T Terrible. Why anyone would want to continue on from that is entirely beyond me.

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You could say it's a far cry from what people expect from a Far Cry.

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I bet it will be terrible.

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I felt that I was done with Far Cry after 5 and this being post-apocalyptic probably won't change that. If anything it makes me even less inclined. Those settings have become stale for me.

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Far Cry games are a 'guilty pleasure' for me. I didn't think FC5 was as bad as most ppl, but I also don't expect some great, elaborate story from those game either.

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#9 Posted by dgtlty (1236 posts) -

@glots said:

"Far Cry 5 came out this year?"

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I tried to get into 5 but could not. I killed one of the psycho siblings and then just could no longer force myself to go on. I wouldn't mind something like Blood Dragon, but overall I've had enough of the franchise.

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Well, I'm glad Far Cry is really taking some risks by going into the never-before-seen realm of the post-apocalypse. Haven't ever seen an open world game set in one of those, no sir.

Also: @glots said:

"Far Cry 5 came out this year?"

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I'm actually down for a perfectly mediocre-to-good Far Cry apocalyptic game. Primal was way better than I expected it to be and seeing them work that formula with something they can potentially get really creative with should be interesting at the very least.

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Far Cry 76? Don't you mean Far Cry Survive?

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Too soon.

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An apocalyptic Far Cry sounds interesting but on the other hand the ending of Far Cry 5 made me angry in a way few video games ever can and if that is at all used in the foundation of this then hell nah.

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wow sir, that's one gritty voice you have there. And sure you guys felt hope, that's why you kept all those guns around right? I feel like you only said that line so you could have a dramatic 'BUT WE WERE WRONG' twist as stinger.

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@jaalmo: man I was kind of done after FC3 but if this will have an interesting slant like post apocalypse or something I might be back in. Of course they would need to overhaul the gameplay loop and if Odyssey is any indication it seems like they’re entrenching themselves in exactly the type of stuff I wish they started getting away from.

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#18 Posted by Sahalarious (788 posts) -

5 was almost as unremarkable as Primal, this would have to do something wild to get my money

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Remember when Far Cry 3 was different and new? Shit, they dragged all the life out of that formula some years ago.

Give the franchise a rest for a few years. All it means is “here’s this one tired-ass formula” these days...

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#20 Posted by lokihellfire2008 (160 posts) -

I had fun with 5. I have fun in pretty much all of the Ubisoft games I've played lately so honestly I am optimistic about this. Wait and see mode.

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I had a lot of fun with Far Cry 5. (It's worth nothing that it was my first Far Cry game, which I'm sure helped avoid the fatigue that many seem to have with the series.) I am a bit surprised they're continuing with the story from Far Cry 5, which was easily the weakest part of the game. That said, the environment of Far Cry 5 was good and pretty well-realized, and a burnt-to-hell version of it is potentially interesting.

I don't think the Fallout snark is fair. Far Cry 5 was quite solid from a technical standpoint in ways Bethesda games absolutely fucking aren't, and to this point, the Far Cry series hasn't really been structurally similar to the Fallout series. I suppose it's possible that this game goes heavier in that direction, but it's reductive and lame to just dismiss this because another open-world post-apocalyptic series exists.

And even if it does end up being Ubisoft's take on Fallout, that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Maybe it could fill the void left by the Fallout series' regression, as it doesn't seem like Fallout 76 is the game anyone wanted it to be. With the post-apocalyptic setting, this Far Cry might be a bit darker in ways that most people seemed to want 5 to be as well.

Personally, I think they need to just kinda choose a street in terms of tone this time. Far Cry 5 tried to be both silly and serious at the same time and it didn't work. Based on the piss-poor characters/writing in 5, I'm not sold that they're capable of pulling off anything serious, so I'd kinda like them to just let it be ridiculous and dumb. Regardless, I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

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#22 Posted by MerxWorx01 (871 posts) -

I hope this game and Rage coming out at the same time and be nearly indistinguishable.

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Far Cry 5 was a fun if somewhat souless time for me.

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Looks like DLC for Far Cry 5

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@dgtlty: when I first saw this I thought the woman on the left with the Moto gear on is the same girl in Trials of the Blood Dragon. Same hair style, trading in BMX gear for Motorcross armor. I hope this is the case.

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Jeff's review of Far Cry 5 was bang on, and the last thing I want to do is play a sequel to that game. I really hope this is just some minor DLC/expansion while they mull over what to actually do with Far Cry. Because they need a AC: Origins level makeover for this franchise.

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#27 Posted by JohnyMyko (1893 posts) -

I haven’t played Far Cry 5, but this new one seems bad. They somehow managed to grab post-apocaliptic with over the top style and make it as generic and uninteresting as possible.

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#28 Posted by Humanity (18853 posts) -

@doctordonkey: They definitely need a new idea to revitalize this series in a way that FC3 brought it back around. Not sure if they should completely abandon everything core to the franchise the way Origins did for the AC series, but definitely find a new “formula” or structure because the gameplay was always pretty good.

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I can't tell if the women in the trailer are the protagonists or antagonists.

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Sure, i'd play this if it werent coming out in the same week as much more interesting games, it being a budget expansion also helps.

The best thing about that trailer is the dog jumping through the car window. It was a crime that your dog couldnt ride shotgun in FC5.

EDIT: I was talking about the gameplay trailer, not the teaser.

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#31 Posted by notnert427 (2268 posts) -

I can't tell if the women in the trailer are the protagonists or antagonists.

Supposedly antagonists, but the tone of this is all over the place, somehow even moreso than Far Cry 5. It sounds like they're supposed to be the leaders of some kind of Mad Max-esque marauder gang you fight, but that box art is confusing, (intentionally) incendiary, and IMO, pretty goddamn tasteless for a lot of reasons. They seem to be trying really hard to make the twins seem like badasses, but I genuinely can't tell if the game wants you to like them or not.

The plot of this thing sounds like it's supposed to be this "rebirth of society", but the utopian imagery/bright colors everywhere in the game in what otherwise seems like a post-apocalyptic hellscape doesn't make any fucking sense, either. This sure looks like another case of Ubisoft wanting to have it both ways on just about everything to where it ultimately ends up an incoherent mess with nothing to say.

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#32 Posted by Raven10 (2285 posts) -

I love Mad Max. I loved Fury Road. I've enjoyed Fallout. Hell I thought Rage was a pretty great game. Wasteland 2 was one of my Kickstarter highlights. I even played Avalanche's Mad Max game. So I think I can safely say I am in the correct demographic for this. And after at least a half dozen trailers just like this at e3 this year, I think I can safely say that I am all the way out on this one. I have at least 40 other options for an open world apocolypse so no big loss.

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#33 Posted by Alias (47 posts) -

The wait for a true sequel to Far Cry 2 goes on

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@therealturk: All Far Cry stories are terrible, they've been propped up by great antagonists or in FC2's case just being a great game.

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#35 Posted by thatlad (178 posts) -

@alias: It goes in the "Deserved a sequel" category of media along with Dredd, Hellboy2 and Pacific Rim (that straight to DVD mess earlier this year doesn't exist in my mind)

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#36 Posted by Sarnecki (1354 posts) -

Primal was the off year game and I loved it, so I have hopes.

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Far Cry is the Carmelo Anthony of video games. It was good once, it's over now and a lot are waiting/hoping it'll be special again. Only the first and third games were good, they need to rehaul everything if they want it to be good again. This looks like Far Cry: Rage to me, not Far Cry 76.

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#38 Posted by Shindig (4950 posts) -

Oi. @deathstriker

The first three were good. 1 was a sandbox, 2 had a cohesive vision and then 3 gave you the blueprint and the villain they'd drum into the ground for the next several games.

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#39 Posted by TheRealTurk (548 posts) -

@thatlad: I agree that Far Cry stories are terrible, but in the past they have at least been coherent. That turn at the end of Far Cry 5 reaaallly came out of nowhere. It was basically the equivalent of the Holy Grail animator having a heart attack, but with nukes.

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#40 Posted by Deathstriker (1175 posts) -

@shindig: Far Cry 2 was annyoing to me. The gun breaking mechanic was lame, the malaria stuff too, and it seemed like all the NPCs were enemies who would endlessly chase you.

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#41 Posted by Shindig (4950 posts) -

Those aspects could be prepared for. I always stocked up on fresh guns from the armory and kept an eye on when my last malaria attack was. And I checked the map to see which checkpoints could be avoided. Point being that navigating the world had a plan to it, rather than just getting there and winging it.