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I would say that mine is probably TF2 or possibly Maplestory. I play some others but really they are not worth my time.

Now its your turn kids...

What is your favorite F2P game/games?

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Dota 2, Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2, Gotham City Imposters, Super Monday Night Combat, and now I guess Swtor

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Mech warrior Online was allot of fun when i was playing that.

Hopefully Planetside 2 has peaked my interest but i wasn't aware of its coming till a few days ago so i didn't get to try the Beta in time.

League Of Legends was a bunch of fun too, and like Planetside Phantasy Star Online seems semi interesting to to check out.

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World of Tanks. It is a bit grind heavy, but I just like the mechanics in that game and tanks are always awesome.

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Super Monday Night Combat is my all time favorite free to play game. It is also my favorite multiplayer game right now. That game is so fantastic, and it is a real shame that it is not more popular. It is fast, funny, beautiful, and most importantly fun.

I am really excited to try Planetside 2 in a couple of days though.

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Based off the beta so far I would say Planetside 2, but it hasn't been released yet technically, so I won't say that.

But Planetside 2.

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I guess since Team Fortress 2 is now F2P, that would be my favorite, although the time I played it the most was back when it wasn't free. I'm also pretty addicted to Spiral Knights (during summers), although I don't think it's that good of a game...I just really enjoy playing it with my friends. Realm of the Mad God is pretty fun...but there are probably much better F2P games out there than those.

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Lord of the Rings Online and League of Legends.

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Tribes Ascend is one of my favorite FPSs, free-to-play or otherwise. Also, I've played over 200 hours of free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online, so I guess you could say that it's one of my favorites. I've logged quite a bit of time into Dungeons & Dragons Online as well, though the restrictions on that game can be pretty annoying; still one of my favorites. And from what I have played of the beta so far, PlanetSide 2 will surely be one of my favorite free-to-play games. I'm excited for it to launch in a couple of days.

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League of Legends hands down. It does F2P right.

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League of Legends mothafucka

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#13 Posted by Landon (4137 posts) -
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Smite and league of legends are my free to play games of choice. I really liked the beta for planetside 2, but it's too soon to tell if it will really hold my attention for long.

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@rebgav said:

Tribes: Ascend

Blacklight Retribution

Star Trek Online?

Add The Old Republic and Planetside 2 and Smite to that list and you've got my games. 
and I guess sometimes TF2 but it's been a while since I played that game
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city of heroes

yeah I've blown money on their packs too. my total $$ on that game over the years probably isn't pretty

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Moonbreakers, Lord of the Rings Online

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Tribes Ascend is really fun. I played the Planetside 2 beta recently but couldn't really get into it. It obviously has a ton of depth but it was all but impossible to just pick up and play. I played for a good four or five hours and was just beginning to get a grasp on it all, which in all honesty isn't really good for a F2P game. I might play it a bit more after its released but it could really use an extensive tutorial or some sort of single player mode to introduce you to all the mechanics. As far as I could tell there weren't even any instructions on how to fly a vehicle or anything like that. Just all very confusing to me and it felt that I spent a lot of time just walking from place to place as the whole thing was so huge. I dunno I have to play it more, but I just wasn't getting the hang of it very quickly which is just not good for a game like this.

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Lord of the Rings Online

Star Trek Online

Champions and Guild Wars/2 are probably in there somewhere.

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Blacklight: Retribution or Team Fortress 2 for sure.

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Tribes by a mile.

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League of Legends, DotA2 and LOTRO.