Favourite alternate soundtracks?

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Are there any games where you like to replace the soundtrack with a specific album or alternate soundtrack?

I'm not looking for "I love to play Slayer while getting frags in Quake III." I'm talking more about either improving or changing the tone of the game with outside music.

For me it was Dying Light. I found the music in that game pretty bland so I ended up finding a youtube video of the Day of the Dead soundtrack and playing that instead. I found it greatly improved the game.

Another is with Stardew Valley where I replaced the soundtrack with an album of Questlove playing J Dilla beats.


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Not really. I used to put two headphones on though, one where I played a CD, and then the other with game sound and no music; this was back around early 2000s. I don't have any good examples though because more often than not, music that's replaced doesn't really work well. Okay, there was once and it was back in 06 with Rainbow Six: Vegas. I would play some of the more intense tracks from Mission Impossible 3 during terrorist hunt and it made it exponentially more intense. Also, I really like the Dying Light soundtrack. It's not something I'd listen to much outside of the game, but it really helps the game's atmosphere and is in part what makes the experience great to me.

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I don’t really do this at all these days, but I have two examples from over 20 years ago...

- Back when my 386 struggled to play Doom 2 at maybe 2 fps, I had to cut music to make the game run.

I was listening to a lot of Pop Will Eat Itself at the time, so This is the Day, This is the Hour was kinda my de facto Doom 2 soundtrack...odd choice, but they’re forever linked.

- I played a lot of Ogre Battle on PSX, one weekend. I borrowed it from a friend. I played Kilgore’s A Search For Reason over it because I was going to see them live and I wanted to know their new stuff better (the album was maybe a day or two old).


- The original Xbox did a great job with custom soundtracks. You could rip albums and choose where to use songs. I did a lot of this in NFL 2k. The options were fantastic. I remember a wrestling game, maybe WWF Raw, letting you do this for entrances, too...

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@delrueofdetroit said:

Another is with Stardew Valley where I replaced the soundtrack with an album of Questlove playing J Dilla beats.

Haha, wasn't expecting that. Smoov.

For me, the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack works amazingly well with any extreme sports game. Them Japanese electronic/hip-hop beats, beautiful broken English, and effervescent energy are impossible to dislike when blitzing it on a vert ramp. The best.

The Devil May Cry soundtracks work great with new Doom, as does a lot off NIN's Downward Spiral.

Aphex Twin, and a lot of electronic pioneers, actually (Squarepusher, μ-zic, etc.), are great for Tetris, Lumines, that kind of thing.

Portishead in Silent Hill can be beautifully trippy.

Tekken 3 soundtrack during Yakuza fights was a fun one.

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The only thing that comes to mind is that I played Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) with the soundtrack for Test Drive 5 via the PS3 Custom Soundtrack thing.

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I'm afraid all i have is just me listening to a lot of Tool and Limp Bikzit while playing hundreds of hours of Guild Wars.
I remember listening to the Anno 2070 soundtrack a lot while doing something but i don't remember what.

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I associate City of Heroes/Villains with Queens of the Stone Age and Gorillaz

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Minecraft to low-fi beats is genuinely terrific. The rhythms work well together.

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I'm sure it's something a lot of people have done but Initial D soundtrack with pretty much any racing game.