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What's your favourite kind of multiplayer and why?
For me it's definitely split-screen competitive multiplayer. I just love the feeling of beating a friend sitting on a couch next to me. However, if I have a person whom I can regularly play games with I definitely prefer a good split-screen campaign.
What are your thoughts?

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I like sitting in a room, with 4 people, and having a classic N64 night full of Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Wave Race, Mario Tennis and 1080 Snowboarding.

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I vote A and B. Mainly because I play support characters in competitive games. I'll just sit there healing a guy shooting dudes in a multiplayer match and be happy. Which I guess is co-op and competitive. 
 But I guess by definition, I have to go with competitive.

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Mario Party has been the reason for many broken friendships.

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It depends on the game.

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Competitive online multiplayer, conquest mode

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I like a combination of all of the above options. However, if I had to chose one it would definitely be competitive multiplayer.

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A) and B). It really depends upon what mood I'm in.

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I'm definitely a fan of online multiplayer but my best experiences have come from cooperative offline

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Offline or online co-op. Love playing through gears of war with a friend.
Also competitive and co-op offline in Timesplitters:Future perfect was amazing

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It depends on the game but rarely do I find myself having a more fun time than when Im playing competitively (or cooperatively) against a bunch of my friends in the same room. Because it's a lot more social I don't get as pissed off as if I was playing competitively online in games like COD.

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I'm mostly a co-op guy. The only competitive games I play are Starcraft II and League Of Legends.

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Competitive online multiplayer.

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Tend to prefer co-op. I only like multiplayer games that require some kind of strategy though. If it's something like COD where it's just mindless kill the other guy before he kills you stuff then I don't like to play it because it gets boring almost instantly for me. I like games that require some kind of strategy or tactics to win.

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Only competitive online multiplayer.

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Cooperative online split-screen mutliplayer.
More games need this.

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@Adziboy said:

I vote A and B. Mainly because I play support characters in competitive games. I'll just sit there healing a guy shooting dudes in a multiplayer match and be happy. Which I guess is co-op and competitive. But I guess by definition, I have to go with competitive.


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My favorite mode is instagib, esp in UT2k4. it boils down the FPS genre into its basics of aiming and dodging and learning the levels.

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In general, I prefer co-op multiplayer to competitive multiplayer. However, my preference usually depends on the game.

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i like competitive, i don't like co-op that much. there is problems with playing the game. one person wants to play but the other person doesn't want to play. they want to play at the same pace. there is going to be a problem with it. 
i enjoy shooting people.

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I"m not twelve years old, so I don't sit around with other grown men on the couch all day/night playing videogames (and dividing a huge screen into two small screens). Then again, I don't really know anyone my age in social or professional circles are are gamers and play on multiple platforms and have a wide taste in games and is likely to want to play the same game as me on the same platform as me and be available at the same time to co-op it. So I don't.

For example, I do know one person who is into Star Craft, but I haven't been able to get together with them online for any Star Craft play since SC2 came out, at all. Actually, the last time we were able to play any games together was the original Star Craft, in 2000, a couple years after we started at our first job together.

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Super Smash Bros when I was like 8!