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Okay, this may seem a dumb question period, especially as some may say "TV, like is that the old thing that people used to watch..before the internet", but I'm wondering what is your go to channel. The channel that you go to when the TV is turned on.

Personally, Discovery Channel. Nothing beats kicking back and learning shit...or at worst...laughing at the gratuitous self indulgent, self loving attitude of some of these 'survival guides'.

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1. This should be in Off-topic

2. AMC. Literally the only TV I watch. Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad are pretty cool shows. If Game of Thrones wasn't on HBO I'd probably watch that while it aired as well.

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I don't have a specific channel I prefer, but as far as shows go, I currently really like Justified, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Person of Interest. Sherlock is probably my favorite thing on TV at the moment. Only bad thing about that show I can think of is the wait between the seasons.

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Cartoon Network, mostly because of Regular Show and Adventure Time.

My favorite show is The Wire.