Fighting game fans! MK vs DC or SF4

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For me this is not much of a question.  Street fighter 4 looks 100x better in every way over MK vs DC  

On a side note:  Is there anyone on this site besides Jeff that really needs a good MK game?  For me it just seems he is just holding on to his past memories of the good old days, skiping class to play a fighting game.

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Shit that's so hard for me.


I really want a good MK game. Really bad, but I like SF IV's style better, and hearing Jeff say it's awesome makes me excited.

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MK vs DC just because the Joker is in it.

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Oh, easily Street Fighter IV. The game will be the best Fighter we see this entire generation.

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As a non-fighting game fan I'm going to have to say SF IV. I think MK vs. DC has potential, but the recent MK iterations have been less than stellar.

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I don't know the whole DC thing is what irks me.   Its just a publicity move.  From aperson that talk so much hate about how publicity moves and marketing decisions mess with games he surly is over looking it on this game solely on the fact that its a MC game.  Don't try to bring up Capcom vs games cause those games were not on the down side they came out way before the fall of Fighting games. 
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Street Fighter IV for me

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I can't decide, I would give the slight edge to MK vs. DC because I enjoy Mortal Kombat a little more than Street Fighter.

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I know I'm going to like SF4 more.. but I'll still play MK vs DC because it might actually be a good game with DC characters.

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I am always Pro Street fighter series VS Mortalk Kombat,,, but the whole DC cross with MK is very interesting so I'll probably check it out as well.

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Easy one.

Street Fighter 4

Why? I haven't liked MK after 3

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Mortal Kombat, just been a bigger fan since its sega games.

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ZimpanX said:

"Easy one.

Street Fighter 4

Why? I haven't liked MK after 3"

I agree I kind of stoped liking MK after MK3 and i have played a bit of all the ones that came after

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MKvDC. I could never get into Street Fighter.

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MKvDC for me.

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Street fighter 4  

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Street Fighter 4 for me!

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So a game that's actually going to be competitive or one that is going to be casual broken trash like the rest in the series but one....I'll go with the first (SFIV).

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Until i play both NFI but im going to guess SFIV over MK I will be buying both however.

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Tekken 6
oh no he didn't

I'll go with SFIV as they're making a pc version. But it seems catwoman is in MKVDC so it's a tough choice.

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MK vs DC I think is going to be my choice.

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Street Fighter IV. I hate to say it, but I've lost hope for Mortal Kombat. Bring back the digitized actors.

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I've always been a huge MK fan but I'm not liking where they're taking the franchise, so I am gonna go with Street Fighter IV.

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Street Fighter IV

I lost interest in the MK series after MK Trilogy. 2D fighting needs to make a comeback!
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If you have played any 3D Mortal Kombat game, you know its a joke.