Finding Giant Bomb the first time.

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#1 Posted by neverwant (5 posts) -

I remember first listening to the podcast my freshmen year of high school. I wanted something to when I was walking home. When Is the first time you guys found giant bomb?

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#2 Posted by Nodima (2620 posts) -

The E3 this generation of consoles was announced. I’d mostly been playing NBA 2K and that’s about it during the PS3 era until PS+ went on its year and a half long hot streak of AAA blockbusters and pretty much single handedly got me back into gaming in a real way. I was looking for opinions on the press conferences and not liking what I was seeing from IGN, my old favorite, and recognized Jeff’s face from my high school days.

Pressed play on one of the talking over press conference videos, don’t remember which, and that was that. I was a subscriber by the end of the week.

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#3 Posted by gunflame88 (387 posts) -

Beat both Persona 3 and 4 in the summer of 2009 and I was all about those games. GB's Endurance Run of 4 caught my attention and I was hooked since then.

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#4 Posted by stantongrouse (231 posts) -

I knew of the site not long after it started having followed the Jeff Gamespot drama but only caught bits and bobs for quite a while - moved to a city where I had a big old commute to work in 2011 and the Bombcast became a helpful tool to deal with the journey. Since then Giantbomb slowly became one of my main media listening and viewing outlets, working from home means I get to see more of the videos now too.

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#5 Posted by nutter (2204 posts) -

Arrow Pointing Down -Ep. 1

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#7 Posted by Pezen (2384 posts) -

As someone that was religously reading Gamespot back in the day, I followed Jeff and was reading the site when it was still just a blog even though I mainly was hanging around Gamespot still. I don't remember too much of the blog other than thinking the site already seemed to have a pretty well established community in the comments at the time. Or that was my perception at least. By the time the whole site launched it became sort of my internet home away from home and has been that to this day.

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#8 Posted by hermes (2620 posts) -

I knew about the site since the first days of the podcast, but I didn't come to visit often until I discovered the Persona 4 ER and the "photo edit" thread in the hamburgers page...

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#9 Posted by theuprightman (223 posts) -

When the great Irish explorer Danny O'Dwyer went across the big ocean.

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#10 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2968 posts) -
Loading Video...

A friend linked me this video back in 2010. I thought it was funny, and I got charmed by the Persona 4 ER immediately after, so I stuck around.

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#12 Posted by Tylerrools (17 posts) -

During my last year of college I interned at a job with an hour long commute. I decided to give podcasts a try to help with the boredom. I googled “video game podcasts” and the giant bomb cast was one of the most popular results. I’ve been listening every week since late 2015.

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#13 Posted by ajamafalous (13819 posts) -

Arrow Pointing Down

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#14 Posted by Humanity (18864 posts) -

It was one of the E3 shows. I was working a boring data processing job and remembered a friend always raving about the Bombcast so I have it a shot. The first ever show I listened to was the one where Jeff was doing Duke Nukem impressions and I was cracking up laughing at my desk.

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#15 Posted by csl316 (14981 posts) -

Two jobs ago, I used to spend a lot of time reading game reviews. Giant Bomb kept coming up, Jeff was on Geoff Keighley's Bonus Round a few times, and eventually I saw their Red Faction: Guerilla QL and stuck around ever since.

I was actually way into IGN at the time (at their peak with podcasts and personalities) and didn't really follow Gamespot. So I can't say I followed Jeff over from day one.

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#16 Posted by redcream (904 posts) -

There was a time that I was obsessed with review scores on GameSpot since their scores seem to line up neatly with my own opinion of the game most of the time then I discovered that Jeff, being a prominent reviewer at the time, have not written a review for quite some time so I was curious what happened (I don't know why I totally missed his firing since I was a lurker in GameSpot since even before the launch of the Xbox 360). It didn't take long for me to find him and Ryan and now here we are. I can honestly say that I enjoy this hobby more because of them.

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#17 Posted by symbyosys (87 posts) -

I remember the GameSpot days and when Jeff was fired. I checked back to see what he was up to a little while after, when there was a blog and it was branded Giant Bomb. But for whatever reason life got in the way, and I never returned, until I was prepping for a road trip and was looking for podcasts. GB came up and wouldn't you know it, it was the episode they got together for after Ryan passed. I was hooked after that.

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#18 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1215 posts) -

I actually don't remember the specific details of finding Giantbomb (Probably because it was boring) but I found this site around 2009-2010 when I was still posting a lot on the Escapist forums. It was a probably a thread on there discussing Giantbomb that made me aware of its existence. By 2011 I was getting tired of that community so started looking for new forums to post on and remembered this one so decided to make an account.

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#19 Edited by nnickers (496 posts) -

I don't remember exactly what got me into the habit of consistently coming back, but it was either:

  • I had read Gamespot regularly since I was a kid and simply wandered over here after the mass exodus.
  • Before I picked up Burnout Paradise and was searching for reviews, I remember thinking that their video of honest, uninterrupted gameplay was the best resource available.
  • In 2009 I fell into Persona 4 in a way that I hadn't with any game in many years - naturally, the Endurance Run here caught my attention.
  • The first episode of the Beastcast that I remember listening to was while playing Skate 2, so I think also 2009, in which they go off on a whole bit about Cobra Commander as a neighborhood predator. It had me in tears.
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#20 Posted by atomicfuzzbox (6 posts) -

I worked a pizza delivery guy about 9 years ago, commuting to the restaurant and delivering for my 4-5 hour shifts. I spent a lot of time in my car. I was in the market for longer podcasts that lasted through my drive, and the Bombcast was highly rated on that there podcast app and consistently 2+ hours. One listen and I was like "these guys are dope." The rest is history.

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#21 Posted by jamesyfx (153 posts) -

I very loosely followed GameSpot, became aware of Jeff.. then I basically followed the trail to Giant Bomb after the shit went down.

But I didn't properly digest the content and browse regularly after a couple of years after it launched.

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#22 Posted by Superharman (306 posts) -

Day One. Followed Jeff from Gamespot, listened to Arrow Pointing Down and various other shows he was on and did in the interim.

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#23 Posted by Stonyman65 (3810 posts) -

I followed them over from Gamespot but didn't become a member here until mid 2009. I started paying attention to Gamespot around 2006 or so, more or less when The Hotspot started.

I guess I'm OG then hahahaha

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#24 Posted by frytup (1334 posts) -

I followed Will Smith over from Maximum PC when he and Norm created Tested. I had never heard of Giant Bomb or Jeff Gerstmann before then, and only created an account because it came bundled with the other Whiskey sites.

Here we are nine-ish years later, and I'm still GB premium member but don't follow Tested anymore.

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#25 Posted by FacelessVixen (2640 posts) -

Multiple bans on GameTrailers, and the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run.

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#26 Posted by Relkin (1201 posts) -

First Bombcast of 2012, been a regular listener ever since. Checked out the site in the first place cause TB kept heaping praise on the crew; figured I'd see what the fuss was about.

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#27 Posted by Brian_ (15 posts) -

I think I had heard the name Giantbomb a few times beforehand, but I never really checked into the site until Dan and Jason came over from GameInformer, as odd of a reason as that may be. I think that it's probably a symptom of never really having regular access to the internet priority to, like, 2009. I got all my gaming news through magazines at the time, and once I did finally get the internet, I kind of just stuck to GameInformer's website and video content, because that's what I had known. I didn't really know what other video game websites were for awhile.

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#28 Posted by Captain_Insano (3525 posts) -

I used to use Gamespy, IGN and Gamespot for reviews.

Then I started listening to the Hotspot on Gamespot and watching Button Mashing.

Then Kane and Lynch came out. Was searching threads (I never used the Gamespot forums) online for what happened to Jeff. Stumbled across his blog. Got to Arrow Pointing down. Here I am still.

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#29 Posted by gamer_152 (14772 posts) -

Like a lot of people, I used Gamespot as my main source for video game coverage. I can't quite remember how I got linked to it, but after Jeff was fired from Gamespot, I found the blog page that existed here before Giant Bomb launched, and then signed up on day one.

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#30 Posted by DodoBasse (111 posts) -

I was on the tail end of a depressive streak and doing a lot of manual labor outside by myself. I was also consuming a lot of DotA content for a while, and Idle Thumbs had Brad on it, and I think that's how I found GB. I think initially I was mainly going through their Goty podcasts to get caught up with games from the past few years that had not been on my radar.

It must have been a year after Ryan's death or so, and the site was going through some changes, but they had a massive archive and were constantly pumping out content which was good for me at the time, as it gave me plenty of material to dig through at work.

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#31 Edited by hans_maulwurf (641 posts) -

I knew gamespot since the late 90s, since that was what showed up first when you searched for games on the internet. I only could read articles though, because we only had dial-up internet until like 06. So while I was familiar with the duders work, I didn't really get into the whole personality aspect back then. When gerstmanngate happened, I was very aware of it though, since at that point gamespot definitely was my no1 source for reviews, so I kinda followed that. When I occasionally was pointed in the direction of GB in various videogame forums in the following years, I didn't stick around yet.

That is, until someone linked to the Deadly Premonition ER in the gametrailers forums. They were only a handful of episodes in at that point. I started watching it, liked it and stuck around. Though oddly enough I only started listening to the bombcast in 2012, even though I didn't become premium until 2014 and thus was kinda limited to QLs and the one monthly free live TNT for the first couple years.

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#32 Posted by sakesushi (27 posts) -

I consider Gerstmann the reason I critically follow video games these days. I was deep into Destructoid years back, and seeing an article there about Jeff getting fired was that first light bulb in my head of "shit, there's something more to these games than just an obsessively unhealthy hobby".

What got me hooked on Giant Bomb was the Beasters' Contradiction playthrough, the first time I ever got my wife to enjoy dumb internet videos I enjoyed. Learning soon after that this is what Jeff was up to was a cool "small world" moment for me!

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#33 Edited by styx971 (66 posts) -

i'd heard of the site during e3 some year or so before dan joined ( think he or other GI guys joined a twitch stream said yr )but i never visited till then . i'd liked dan's stuff that he did at gameinformer so thats what made me visit and i signed up for premium when my guy at the time wanted to watch the mgs vids and i mario party party.

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#34 Posted by Lenient_Lasagna (11 posts) -

I'd kept hearing the name Giant Bomb brought up, especially from the Game Informer show which i've listened to since 2014 and finally decided to check the podcast out in early 2016. I then saw that there was a 2nd podcast, the Beastcast, and started listening to that as well. Soon after I realized they had videos, a wiki, forums, the whole shebang and started getting into all that stuff and became a premium member after a couple months. Before that I had watched and listened to a lot of IGN content and some Rooster Teeth podcasts but once I found Giant Bomb all that other stuff just felt like garbage in comparison. GB is just top tier in games coverage.

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#35 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1665 posts) -

I was a GFW Radio fan. At one point they mentioned Jeff's firing from Gamespot. From there I followed what Jeff was up to and pretty quickly found GB.

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#36 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

The Bombcast was listed as a top video game podcast on iTunes around 2010. Early on I remember being impressed by the way they covered GotY.

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#37 Posted by Candivore (23 posts) -

I found the site and podcast when G4 left a Sessler sized in my E3 coverage. I mainly listened to the podcast until Wario's Mario Party Party siren's song lured me into premium.

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#38 Posted by BerserkingGuts (144 posts) -

Back in 2009 people were celebrating the Dreamcasts 10 year anniversary and someone at the IGN boards linked to Ryan and Brad playing Shenmue. I was immediately and forever hooked.

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#39 Posted by Fezrock (732 posts) -

When Ryan died, someone at another forum I was at posted the news and a bit of background about him. I was sorry to hear someone had died, but didn't know anything about him and that would've been the end of it. However, the background included a mention of Jeff as one of the other creators of Giant Bomb and I had heard of Jeff before and what had happened with him at Gamespot. So I decided to check out the site, since I was looking for more video game content at the time. I'm fuzzy on the exact order of events after that, but at some point by the Fall/Winter of 2013 I was a regularly Bombcast listener, I started watching videos regularly some time in late 2014/early 2015, and I become premium in late 2015 (when the Life is Strange playthrough moved behind the paywall).

Once I started watching videos regularly and checking out the back catalog content, I finally got to see what Ryan was like. Good dude.

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#40 Posted by BradBrains (2272 posts) -

Ive been there since 90s gamespot but I think it was around the 2003 video era where I started being much more aware of who was who and their personalities.

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#41 Posted by DrFat32 (162 posts) -

If i recall I was just jumping around the internet looking for a game review and stumbled on something about Geff being fired from Gamespot and setting up a new website called Giant Bomb. I started watching a few videos. I subscribed after watching this video, Quick Look: Train Simulator 2012: Trains vs Zombies DLC, laughing so hard I had to subscribe and have never left, come hear at least once a day.

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#42 Posted by someoneproud (607 posts) -

Short story for me is I used to frequent Gamespot until the thing with Jeff, boycotted & went to game trailers for a bit (always being aware of this site in my periphery) then finally realised about this place and the folks behind it, came here and never looked back. Still don't visit Gamespot but I'm stubborn like that...

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#43 Posted by Ravelle (3311 posts) -

I stumbled on to Giant Bomb because the conference in which Ryan was reading Ice-T's gaming tweets out loud was mentioned on the War Rocket Ajax podast, I followed the link to that conference and they showed a power presentation goof with Dave Lang and the joke was completely lost on me since I had no clue who this Dave Lang fella was.

I decided to check out their website and stuck around ever since.

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#44 Posted by cikame (2863 posts) -

From the start, i followed Jeff the second he was fired.
Before that i was an avid user of Gamespot from probably around 2001.

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#45 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (364 posts) -

I followed Dan from Game Informer's Super Replay videos. Decided to give the Giantbombcast a go and stuck with it since.

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#46 Posted by billmcneal (1261 posts) -

I think I read about Giant bomb from a Gamespot message board. I was following Gamespot until Gerstmann was fired and I followed Jeff from there. I really haven't looked back to Gamespot ever since

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#47 Posted by behardy (69 posts) -

As a kid, I watched a ton of GameSpot video reviews and liked the whole review crew but I didn't know any of their names. By late elementary/middle school I stopped watching them.

In the summer of 2013, I was going on a binge watching spree on Angry Joe's videos. One of his reviews was Kane and Lynch 2 and in the beginning of his review he mentioned Jeff Gerstmann's firing over Kane/Lynch 1. I was like "I remember that guy!" and AngryJoe mentioned how Gerstmann started GiantBomb. I have been here since.

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#48 Posted by Marokai (3711 posts) -

I found the site through the P4 Endurance Run, which I'll never forget.

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#49 Edited by Paliv (251 posts) -

I used to go to gamespot regularly in the late 90s -early 2000s. I listened to the hotspot from the beginning in college. Then I followed Jeff and Ryan over when Arrow Pointing down started. I’m always surprised to see the other ways people found the site. Seems to be fewer of the people from the old gamespot days on the forums these days, but seeing these posts there's still quite a few of us around.

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#50 Posted by Brackstone (925 posts) -

Weird as it is, the Quicklook for Alien vs Predator in 2010 is what got me into the site. Looked for more videos, found that it only got better, and have followed them pretty closely ever since.