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I know I'll get flogged for this, but I'd have fun with a LEGO Matrix.

What would you like to see next from Tt?

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I'm up for anything in Lego form. But since Lego now has the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license I'm really looking forward to inevitable Lego TMNT.

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Coincidentally i was thinking what has for his avatar...I would also dig a ghostbusters one I guess.

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I'd rather they just make an open-world Lego game like Lego City Undercover, but set in the Wild West... then one set in a Lego Boarding school. Follow the route of Rockstar to the letter :P Completely serious about the Wild West idea, though, because I bloody loved the Western Lego sets when I was a kid.

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As a big fan of Lego I honesty wish they wouldn't do so many licensed deals. I liked Lego for it's Legoness. It used to have a personality instead of whatever property it's going after.

Oh you meant games. Okay. Well my answer is unchanged cause Lego games used to have personality too. LEGO Island Is still the best Lego game ever made.

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Lego Jurassic Park of course.

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I wish Lego would develop and release their own 3D printer. Or develop some game similar to that of Banjo & Kazooie Nuts & Bolts.

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Doctor Who

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A Song of Ice and Fire

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Lego Star Trek would be brilliant, it seems to fit in every way.

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Lego Hitman! 
Just imagine! To hide a body you just disassemble it and turn it into a chair! .. or something weird like that.

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I'd love a Jurassic Park, but fingers crossed the next game is based on the Turtles sets.

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I kinda wish Traveller's Tales would actually make a LEGO game. Like, everything is lego, unlike what we have right now with realistically rendered landscapes and only some certain parts that are actually lego. Either go all the way or not at all.

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Lego Transformers would cause the World to implode in on itself, surely.

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@TranceQuina said:

I know I'll get flogged for this, but I'd have fun with a LEGO Matrix.

What would you like to see next from Tt?

I would like one that wasn't licensed. Just collecting a crew of roughnecks from their various Pirate, Ninja, Castle, Space, Wild West, even Town, etc. Have a crossworld/times storyline and go to town in an open world setting.