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Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in. I played my first few matches of Titanfall tonight. Great feeling game, everything seems to work right, etc. There's one problem that I always forget about, though, and this is a problem with every FPS I've played.

I suck at them. Not just terrible. Turrible. A detriment to whatever side I'm on. A feeder. A waste of a slot. I might as well be one of the AI guys, they probably have better kill numbers.

I don't know if I just need practice or someone to teach me or what, but I'm just plain bad. If I concentrate on keeping moving, I invariably get sniped or run right into someone. If I try to find a good spot to try to pick off people from afar, I end up with a broken neck. When I watch the kill cam, it looks like I just run right out in front of people.

Now, I've never stuck with one of these games very long, which is likely part of the problem. It's frustrating to play as poorly as I do. And I can't learn the maps if I don't stick with it. But it's embarrassing when that end-game screen comes up and I see my pathetic kill count.

So who else is terrible at competitive FPS games?

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I'm straight up the worst FPS guy in the world. I guess I was pretty okay at Warthog driving in Halo 3, and I racked up a fair amount of driver assists in that game, but other than that? I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. I blame my vision, but to be honest, I could probably have 20/20 and still not be worth a crap at CoD or the like.

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I'm pretty much the same, it may be because I vastly prefer co-op to competitive. It may also stem from the fact that, due to my military background and the settings usually being modern military, I can't help but use actual military tactics and not just run willy-nilly around the battlefield. Using actual tactics works fine if my team is also on the same page and we are playing as an actual fireteam or squad, but if I am playing with randoms, I can't help myself and I get my ass handed to me.

I do find it weird that while I was still on active duty, we would play Quake 3 Arena during lunch and I never went into that mode. Oh well, I am happy to stick with co-op and not too interested in modern military shooters any more. Or the FPS genre in general really.

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I've traditionally been terrible at multiplayer action and strategy games, and I think I've identified the reason: I'm conditioned to follow a prescribed difficulty curve and to learn as the game prompts me to learn. I have terrible situational awareness in real-world sports, and I think that a very similar skillset is used in multiplayer games.

Lately, though, I've invested time in learning more about the multiplayer games I've dabbled in, and it has really paid off. League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Halo 4 are all fun to play for me now because I no longer feel like a feeder by default. Another thing that Dark Souls tought me was that when I'm killed, that's the wrong time to be bummed out. Instead, I force myself to ask the question, "why did I just die?" Asking and answering that question honestly has kept me from blaming "that sniper" or "that camper" or "that overpowered weapon/force/attack/spell" and instead prompted me to hypothesize potential strategies to try next time. And it seems to work. I'm getting very slightly less terrible every time I die.

I completely sympathize with that feeling, and have no clue how so many folks (especially those with no outside interest in games) are so amazing at multiplayer, but I'm interested in multiplayer as a golf-like hangout with friends and found that doing a little bit of research and introspection has helped me keep up.

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You're exactly who I want on my team, just so I'm not at the bottom of the board. :P

But yeah, I'm pretty terrible. I got really good at Soldier of Fortune 2 for a while (even got scouted by a clan once, which was kind of cool), and decent-ish at Halo 3, but that's about it. My aim is fine, it's just my reaction times that suck. Plus I rarely put the time in to memorize maps/weapon placements/etc., as I'm not a huge MP guy in the first place.

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I'm pretty bad at competitive fps but as long as I play with friends (same or different team) and I do something stupid or cool once in a while I'm ok with that. Nothing beats the feeling of knifing a piece of shit who took you down 10 times in a row with a lame shotgun.

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It's crap like this that makes me enjoy the medic class of TF2 so much.

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Im middle of the road .... yeah map memorization is key to play better , also try to think as your opponent , if you were in his/her shoes would you go left? Right? Go back to cover? Answering those questions faster helps you to get better scores. Then comes the other half which is to have lighting fast reflexes and to my sadness Im not so good in that myself :/

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If you're rubbish but keep trying, I wouldn't mind you on my team. The guy I don't want on my team is someone that's either given up or actively trying to undermine the team.

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I find I just have to stick with it and essentially practice at one game. I used to be pretty good at Gears and then I stopped playing for about a year. Tried again the other day and I was a a complete waste of space. Just stick at it.

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It's not that hard. Just move your mouse over the guy's head and tap the button. CSGO is the best way to practice these days. I was always a really bad sniper but since forcing my self to use the AWP in GO I'm not so bad now.

Short, controlled bursts.

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im pretty bad, titanfall is fun though plenty of AI to kill

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Number 1 tip to improve your FPS ability is widen your FOV. It's amazing how easy it is to sneak up on peoples side's because they have blinders on.

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I'm useless at competitive FPS too.

A friend recently convinced me to try out CS:Go. We used to play 1.6 together and since then we don't get much time to hang out any more so I picked it up so we could hang out playing that at least. It reminded me just how bad I can be at FPS games and how nearly everyone else is much better.

It also reminded me how terrible the CS community is. For all the flak that people give to CoD players and the kids who play CoD, I can almost forgive a 12 year old who learnt some bad language and is screaming it down the mic at you. But dudes well into their 20s calling you every name under the sun and insulting you for being shit, come on, grow up already.

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Meh, I'm not all that great either but in a game like Titanfall, I'm not really concerned about topping the leaderboards.

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I'm average at FPS? By that I mean I die about as much as I get kills. What I hate is the crazy serious people who want you to have a kill/death ratio of 10:1 and if not you suck and need to get lost.

I've pretty much always hated the vibe of online communities in many FPS games. It's just so contra to my own, I'm just not having fun. The only games I liked playing online past generation were Gears and ME3. A number of reasons, but one of which is that with at least the original Gears, people seemed to just have crazy fun with the game, not really caring how well you played as long as you weren't AFK which sometimes happened.

As for ME3, it is a co-op game, perhaps that's what makes the difference. But it also relies on team work at higher difficulties. I've received countless messages of people thanking me for the good game. Never one that I sucked balls.

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I'm the guy you want on your team:

...at least if spamming grenades up an escalator and constantly being revived by a buddy is an option
...at least if spamming grenades up an escalator and constantly being revived by a buddy is an option

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I've been playing Titanfall and have played with a couple of the guys on here. Whether the person was good or not I didn't mind. I just liked having folks from the site along for the ride. The discussions between matches were cool. It's unfortunate when some d-bag has to get on someone's case in a game. Especially when they are trying to learn. I say stick with it. If you are playing on the PC let me know. I'll see if I can join in.

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What truly sucks is when you're just good enough that you feel you should place highly, but you're actually not quite good enough to perform to the unrealistic standards you've set for yourself.

All it causes is disappointment, and angry, angry tears. Enjoying yourself is not an option.

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I'll keep playing, see if I can get better. I'm playing this on Xbox One, and maybe part of it is the lack of a mouse an keyboard. I recall that I played Bioshock Infinite on PC for my first playthrough, played on Hard and had no real issues. Then I decided to start another play through, but this time on the console. I was TERRIBLE. Maybe the real question is this:

How does anyone play FPS with a controller? :)

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I hadn't used a controller for years before I got my PS4. I was absolute garbage while learning how to effectively use a controller again, especially with FPS games. I started to think something was wrong with my sticks. That's probably a big part of your problem. It'll improve over time. Keep having fun in the mean time and don't worry about your score or anyone that may complain over voice chat.

As someone that's good at competitive shooters, I play to have fun. I'm happy as long as everyone on my team is having a good time (even if they're bad). I'm not good enough to be fighting for the top of the worldwide leaderboards, so I don't care about my stats. If we take a few losses while having fun, so what. As long as people aren't actively running away from the objectives or team killing. If I cared about high level gameplay, I would party up with other good people. Don't worry about your skill level.

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I've been realising recently that I am really not that great at a lot of games, and it's difficult to handle for someone who's played games all my life

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I'm stunningly terrible at multiplayer shooters, too. I start out having fun, but after a while the constant derogatory nature of feedback from other players just saps it away. On the other hand, I'm a great driver. In PlanetSide 2 I look like a pro so long as I'm not on foot. Vehicle respawn times and massive amounts of AA make this a short-lived joy, however.

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@irishdoom: Just curious, have you ever tried playing Team Fortress 2?

I don't consider myself to be great but good enough to enjoy it and be pretty good when I get going in a game. What I did before in order to try to improve my aim, I'd try playing Quake or Counter Strike again. A lot of it really is just muscle memory and like playing sports or playing competitive games that require a lot of dexterity or hand eye coordination, it's something that you need to get used to via repetition.

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@dudeglove said:

It's crap like this that makes me enjoy the medic class of TF2 so much.

Yeah, same here. I either play Medic, Engineer, or Demoman. I can play the assault classes just fine just don't let me be a spy. I'm so jealous of those guys who are really good at playing a Spy.

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I'm passable playing with a m+kb but I'd be surprised if I've ever legitimately killed anyone in a fps using a controller, I don't know why I have such a huge disconnect playing multiplayer with a controller but it drives me nuts to the point I entirely avoid them now, even stuff like Last of Us or Uncharted multiplayer is a total waste of time for me yet I have no problem with the single player campaigns.

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I still remember buying Modern Warfare 2, fumbling through the obstacle course, the game suggesting I play on the easiest setting, me thinking "screw that" and kicking it up to Normal, and then pathetically struggling to make it past level 3, even when I'd finally abandoned all dignity and set it back to Rookie.

It's why I play RPGs, adventure games, and turn based strategy these days. Getting old kinda sucks y'know?

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I look like an idiot the way I spray gunfire with a controller. I think I do just need practice.

@gaspower No, I have not. I might need to try it out sometime.

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@irishdoom: I'm not the greatest player in the world, but if you or anybody is looking to have fun and learn with someone my gamertag is vice0407. I'll be more than happy to play with anybody regardless of skill.

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EDIT: Basically why I only ever played in a LAN setting with friends because they already knew I sucked and would balance the teams based on me and a few others. Eventually I got better (more understanding how each other played and what not to do) but once we moved away to college and everything I haven't touched a multiplayer match in any game. Can we all agree LANing is the best way to play multiplayer games?

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I'm the guy you want on your team:

...at least if spamming grenades up an escalator and constantly being revived by a buddy is an option
...at least if spamming grenades up an escalator and constantly being revived by a buddy is an option

I'll be the medic to your medic.

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I look like an idiot the way I spray gunfire with a controller. I think I do just need practice.

@gaspower No, I have not. I might need to try it out sometime.

Yeah, you probably should try it out since it is class based and you can play classes that don't require a lot of skilled aim shots. To be honest most of the classes don't require a lot of skilled aiming, just map knowledge, coordination, and role recognition.

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I, too, am the guy you want on your team:

No Caption Provided

I dunno, man. I just honestly cannot imagine being bad a video games. I have so many friends who are just completely awful, even though almost all of their free time is spent playing games. I guess, at a certain point, you either have the manual dexterity/muscle memory for it, or you don't.

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@irishdoom: Hey man, FPS's just wouldn't be fun for the good players if there weren't bad people to stomp on; you're doing a service to the community.

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I'd rather you be on my team than the pseudo MLG asshat who acts like each death is destruction of his personal property. I've had more fun with people who don't really care about the sport of it all than I've ever had with people who play to win.

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@hatking: The best players don't care about dying, only killing lots of people each life.

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@irishdoom: If there's any advice I can give you, don't worry about getting flamed. Although I might get pissed since I like to win in FPS games, I'd never yell at you.

The best way to improve (if you want to, all that really matters is having fun in the end): Watch someone else play who does well. Try to emulate his play style. In time the physical execution, whether it be on your keyboard/controller will come, and you will improve. Also, play more conservatively. Care more about your deaths than kills. Its a lot better to not give the other team points.

Also, you could sort of shadow someone on your team who is good. Just support them and help them get the kills.

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@shagge said:

You're exactly who I want on my team, just so I'm not at the bottom of the board. :P

Pretty much this. It has to be someone and it always feels better when its not me.

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I, too, am terrible. I have 0.6 kills per death against human players in Titanfall, and it took me 26 hours of game time to hit level 50 and regen (I think it took Jeff something like 13 hours to do the same). This is really the first multiplayer FPS that I have tried and I am enjoying it. I don't really care that I am bad, and others who care that I am bad are idiots who take video games way too seriously.

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I'm not that great at FPS games but I guess I consider myself decent at them. As long as the people on my team are having fun then I don't really care how good or bad they are.

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depends on the game, actually, I say try to make your own fun. And just not focus on the game's design of incentive progression, I'd be happier just hitting the taunt button too much or trying to find a cool high point no one knew about. Try to just take note of how other people play, and try to just take hints from the environment or the momentum of that match.

Personally for me, I'd rather find goofy servers with mods on TF2 then I do with most FPS. Then it becomes something else then not thinking if I suck or not.

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For most part I'm pretty good at fps games. Granted it's all about having fun to me. I hate when people start taking games too fucking seriously. Some people get all butt hurt over silly shit in games, and expect you to actually give a fuck how they feel.

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I'm bad at online FPS, but I rarely play them. I prefer to play with my friends rather then against highly competitive strangers on the internet. Local death matches in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are the core of my FPS experience. My first online shooter was Counterstrike because I had a friend who was way into it. I didn't love CS, but I did enjoy playing Battlefield 1942. My friends and I would find an empty map and screw around like it was a big playground, trying to figure out how to fly the aircraft. Left 4 Dead co-op with friends is another rare online shooter I've played a fair amount and enjoyed.

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It depends on the game. I'm pretty average at most straight forward"Shoot that guy!" games but I typically do really well from a score perspective in FPSs (a la Battlefield) that incorporate objectives and non-combat ways of assisting the team.

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I'm pretty much uniformly terrible at all competitive video games. I remember one time when I was playing Halo 3 someone who was on my team was "kind" enough to send me a video of his footage for the Theater Mode so I could see how to "play right." I can't remember what my kill/death ratio was in CoD4, but I wouldn't be surprised if it less than 0.5.

That said, I was lucky to find a group of people to play with at another forum I used to go to that were more about having fun than "winning." Made dumb little games to play in L4D2 like "Boomer Escort Mission", and I'm sure we drove people on TF2 servers around the world crazy when they joined a half full server to find us doing nonsense like "all heavies, melee only" and other such shenanigans.

Sadly that group has more or less drifted apart, so I really don't play online a lot anymore.

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I think it is a real shame. I would say I am very good at shooters, but that's because I sunk so much time into them when I was in grade school. Now that I'm about to graduate college I just don't have that kind of leisure, and I think it's disheartening. You get so much more enjoyment out of those types of games when you're skilled in them.

It mainly makes me sad when looking at the MOBA community. I really want to get into it because it seems like a fantastic scene, but there is such a high barrier to entry and you have to devote so many hours before you even understand the basics. I'm lucky enough to have good friends that help me rather than just calling me "scrub" and getting mad at my poor skills, but I just can't invest the time to get to the point where I'll enjoy myself.

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I haven't played FPS games online for a long, long time, so I imagine I would be pretty terrible. I'd like to think that I was better-than-average in UT2003/2004 years ago, though!

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You are my bait thanks!!!