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Hello everyone

I have this extra steam account to give away, it was not mine originally (was given to me by someone on the site) at the time I had an account but not many games so I had planned on using this one, now 400 games later I have never used it and I already have the games on this account:

Metro 2003

Deus EX: Human Revolution

Fallout New Vegas

Whoever is first will get it, I will pass on the info in a PM.

Hopefully someone get's to experience these awesome games.


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Metro 2003? That game is badass.
I heard the ragdolls are kinda fucked up, but they don't make them like they used to, maaaaan.
*EDIT*: On a more relevant note, I hope someone gets to play these great games. It's a good thing you're doing, man!

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Does third count as first?