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So I recently went back and played Freedom Fighters on my PS2. The game is still a tonne of fun. I have also been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown and thought how amazing it would be if you combined the levelling up/research mechanics of XCOM with a Freedom Fighters Squad based Third Person Shooter.

You could build a base, equip your troops, take control of one of them perhaps as a commander. I would be stocked if a game was made that could handle this and be as fun as either of the titles.

What do you think?

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I'd be game. Freedom Fighters is my favorite game of all-time. Complete perfection

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The First Person Shooter they were gonna make had Squads and Research stuff too and people seemed to get pissy over that thing for no reason without even thinking that another company was working on a XCOM game they wanted(Maybe the research was too hard and they didn't wanna google that info? 
Anyways, there's rumors that that thing is now gonna be turned into a Third Person Shooter and more squad based (like Republic Commando, according to the rumor written on wikipedia) 
But hey, I would love to see it, I was excited when they announced that FPS version the first time around just to see something set in the universe while also at the same time(because I know how google works) knowing that there would be a new XCOM game based more on the original games 

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@ZeForgotten: Weird. I don't recall that reaction at all. I recall people being pissed that they were taking a loved strategy game franchise and making it into a shooter instead of the genre the game was based in; because god knows we need more shooters. Once it came out that they were doing both no one cared about the shooter anymore.

I for one always thought that a shooter with enough tactics, customization, and an actual global scale/feeling thrown in on top would be interesting if done correctly. Though I think I would rather them set it in the new games fiction rather then that early 1900's one.Or at least modern/near future. Personally I would love to see them make it like a Full Spectrum Warrior style game. Now THAT'S a game that deserved more love and copy cat games then it got.

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@crusader8463: All I saw was people bitching and moaning and calling for people to get fired for "turning it into a shooter". 
All those people should've done was use google once and they would've known about XCOM: Enemy Unknown but instead they took the Torch and Pitchfork route and started getting angry. 
It was ridiculous.  
I could also just go for a new Full Spectrum Warrior game though instead of a copycat game. 
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This game was so bad ass.

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@ZeForgotten: @BigBoss1911: Just watching that video brings back fond memories. Though im not sure XCOM will ever go 3rd person after the success of the turn based game.