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It’s been a hella busy year, with the whole industry desperately trying to pry us away from free to play games, and create ~*~*~*|*MINDSHARE ~*~**~* against the Red Dead juggernaut.

With the Black Friday sales coming up its time many of us look to buy up the games we missed all year dirt cheap.

What’s are the games you all have most surprisingly forgotten came out in 2018?

1) Another Tomb Raider apparently? Is this the third or fourth since the gritty reboot? Porting the 360 one and the whole MS vs Sony exclusivity thing makes it hard for me to remember.

2) Just Cause 4 exists and is apparently coming next month.

3) The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5 both came out this year not Fall ‘17, and mid year no less.

4) Darksiders 3 is coming out in like two weeks with little fanfare yet.

5) As Jeff and Brad mentioned recently... MGS Survive was a 2018 game. Feels like 2015.

6) That PS3 Assassins Creed game, Rogue, that came out around the time of the broken PS4 one was ported to current gen consoles.

7) A Way Out

8) Original GCN Luigi’s Mansion ported to 3DS.

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Dragonball Fighter Z. Not because it isn't a great game, because it is, but because the beginning of 2018 just feels like ages ago.

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Sea of Thieves, anyone?

Also apparently Pit People by The Behemoth came out this year. I went from actively checking for details and rumours about what 'Game 4' was going to be, to just....not caring. I never ever say this, but I think they should stop developing new and creative games and just make a sequel to Castle Crashers.

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Far Cry 5. Played it pretty much for a month straight when it came...seems like last year.

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It's kinda sad, really. A lot of games are viewed as disposable once the new thing comes out that we forget that we played a thing.

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Subnautica actually came out this year. Not sure if that counts because of the whole early access thing but the final version was released in the year 2018.

Ni no Kuni 2 also came out this year but feels like I played it forever ago.

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Overkill's the Walking Dead came out last week and I didn't even notice.

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I'm sorry, but Metal Gear Survive came out at the very least two years ago. You are not changing my mind.

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Far Cry 5 was supposedly one of the biggest releases of 2018 but it was so lame and forgettable from top to bottom that it feels like last year.

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This year has felt like seven years

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@sgtsphynx: This is my takeaway too. Between personal stuff and living in the American political quagmire, it literally feels like a lifetime ago that I played even a game I would consider my number 1 of 2 of the year, God of War.

The fact that Sea of Thieves came out at the end of September (which I just had to look up) is breaking my fucking brain right now.

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@sethmode: September? Really? That wasn't like June or something?

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@sgtsphynx: You're right. I did a Google search and wasn't paying attention to the fact that the release date it provided was for Forsaken Shores. The proper game was March 20th. Either way, both dates feel like they were a long time ago!

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The Shadow of the Colossus Remake. Holy shit was that forgettable and underwhelming.

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Unravel Two did the ”...and it’s out today!” thing in June, which I fear might’ve caused it to be buried under other E3 news and stuff. I just remembered it again recently.

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Oh wow, I totally forgot there was even a fifth Far Cry. I guess it's that lol.

I was gonna say Monster Hunter World cause that thing practically took over my life but that was back at the start of the year and hoo boy it's been a weird fuckin year. I got Dragon Ball Fighterz at the same time, but I still see it on my PS4 when deciding what to play. Wish that expansion pass would go on sale sometime.

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@hnke said:

Far Cry 5 was supposedly one of the biggest releases of 2018 but it was so lame and forgettable from top to bottom that it feels like last year.

This. Someone brought it up as a GotY contender and I had to think long and hard as to whether or not it was eligible for 2018 discussions. I swear, this particular Summer felt especially blackhole-ish to me. Where did the time go?

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There's no way Far Cry 5 came out this year. It had to be at least 3 years ago. You guys are lying.

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It shames me to say it but when I was thinking about all the games I played this year I completely forgot about Ni No Kuni 2. Before release I was so ready for it to be my GOTY because I loved the first game and pre-release footage looked promising but I came away from it very disappointed in the end. I haven't even played that many 2018 releases this year either.

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I don't tend to forget if the games are notable enough, which is why i'm going to bring up Fear Effect Sedna.
It's not that we all forgot it, it's that for as exciting as bringing out a new Fear Effect sounds, the result was so bland it's not worth remembering.

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oh god it's still 2018?

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I forgot about Far Cry 5, but that's because it was pretty forgettable and nothing special, especially post-RDR2.

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Monster Hunter World for me. I put 100+ hours into it but that feels like a lifetime ago

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Far Cry 5. I binged the game for a week or two, completed the story, and I was done... like don’t bring another one out for a few years done. I didn't even bother with any of the season pass content I bought or Far Cry 3. It was a long, drawn-out forgettable experience.

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Subnautica. Completely forgot it came out this year and its probably one of my 10 favorite games from this year

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Far Cry 5 came out and infuriated me years ago and all y'all are just bringing up old wounds.

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Into the Breach came out this year. That's wild to me. It's a fantastic game that I haven't fired up in months.

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Ninredo Labo, and WarioWare Gold.

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Monster Hunter, which I put like 250 hours into but haven't touched since like March or April.

It's just been a long, tiresome fucking year, man

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Far Cry 5 - I didn't play it but it feels like that came out last year

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Celeste - Came out January and seems so long ago.

Dead Cells with it being in early access.

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Kirby Battle Royale.

C'mon, nobody remembered that one

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Far cry 5 definitely felt like a November game of last year, somebody is messing up time!