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...as opposed to "flying games". I picked up Just Cause 3 on PS+ this month and I'm having a blast, partially because I *love* getting up high and wingsuiting around. I bought the land, sea, air expansion for $10 and I guess that'll give me a jetpack a bit later in the game.

*Loved* Gat Out of Hell but only lukewarm on SR4, I think because of the flying.

So, finally, the question. What other games, from this or last generation, feature a flying mechanic? Where you can soar, dive and climb, not just glide straight to the ground. And where you actually fly or put on wings, not just pilot a vehicle.

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Aren't the Prototype games all about that?

I'm actually about 10 hours into Gravity Rush 2 and this might be one of my favorite games...didn't play GR1 so it took a bit of time for me to warm up to it but something happened last night and now, I'm kinda obsessed with it, like full fanboy obsessed. Love it. Amazing on so many levels.

You're actually not flying but shifting gravity and falling into the sky but still, same kinda feeling.

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In Arkham Knight you could pretty much fly

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Prototype was off my radar, but I did a little looking around and it seems cool. Might pick it up in a bargain bin. Seems more like super jumping with bursts of gliding than effortless soaring, but still looks fun. Thanks for the heads up.

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Oh, yeah, Arkham Knight looks awesome. I gotta play those Batman games...

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Gravity Rush, Prototype, Batman, Spiderman and Just Cause. That's pretty much the ones that come to mind. I'm not a huge spider man fan, so I can't tell you which recentish ones are any good (if any) but they are definitely games about aerial ass traveling.

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Came to suggest Gravity Rush. Someone has already beaten me to it.

My work here is done.

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there was that NBA 2K game where you could play as Michael Jordan. I think that's technically a game that lets you fly...

In all seriousness, I loved Gravity Rush Remastered and would highly recommend it. As Liquiddragon said it isn't technically flying...but it's flying.

Prototype is a good game but you don't really fly that much. You run up buildings and use gliding to get between them, but it's not as freeform as something like Gravity Rush. I liked that game a lot, but I would also hijack helicopters to get around because the flying wasn't effective enough.

I would actually recommend Dark Void here. I know that everyone hates that game, and it is deeply, deeply, flawed. But the flying is pretty cool and I actually had a good time with that title. I get why a lot of people hate that game, and it has one of the worst and most out of left field endings ever, but if you're just looking for flying mechanics it's pretty good.

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Gravity Rush 2 is rad. 2017 has definitely had some style.

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@tobbrobb: i remember spiderman shattered dimensions having really fun web slinging in it, i mean everything else in the game wasn't that great, but that was a heap of fun

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If you happen to have psvr than eagle flight has some pretty amazing flying mechanics

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Superman 64....

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You don't necessarily "fly" in the games, but I'd recommend the inFAMOUS series. Just soaring/gliding in the games is tons of fun -- especially with the inFAMOUS Second Son due to all of the different abilities/powers you can use.

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One of my favorite things to do in Lego Marvel Superheroes was to fly around the Manhattan hub as Iron Man. Not much to it, I just liked the feel of it in the game, and I love NYC, so it was a fun little diversion.

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The first Iron Man licensed game on Xbox 360/PS3 is an unfinished mess, but I thought the flying in that actually felt pretty good. Shame about the rest of it, but it might be worth looking at if you can find it for 2-3 dollars.

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I've always thought actual flying mechanics were boring because there's no real strategy to it.

Now, "soaring through the air" stuff is amazing. Like you said, Just Cause 3 does it awesomely. Also Arkham Knight and the Spider-Man 2 movie game.

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You said Just Cause 3, and that's the absolute best game in existence for this IMO. Using the grappling hook to slingshot you around as you are wing suiting is so fucking magical. Too bad other parts of the game are so lackluster.

I've always thought actual flying mechanics were boring because there's no real strategy to it.

Yeah agreed. Like you say that's why Just Cause 3 was so good.

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Jeff probably "hates" Nights and like he "hates" Shenmue and probably owns like a half dozen copies. I call bullshit. Sounds to me like he just wants to have it all for himself.

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When I see anything to do with Nights I just think about Jeff saying "buhDUMB".

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I like Windlands, playing on PC myself.

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When you jump, you're actually flying for a few seconds.

Really makes you think...

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Breath of the Wild...

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Mr. Mosquito

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I mean, Vinny flies in this...


And let's just say...he does some other stuff too.

Why was this the second thing I thought of (first being Ace Combat)? No clue.

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EDF 4.1 you can play as a wing diver. You have to sacrifice a lot (ATK & DEF) for the jump in mobility, but flying over all the bugs adds a lot to the game.