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#1 Posted by razielrioux (171 posts) -

I am what you call an obsessive for the Football Manager games for the PC. Recently I checked my Steam stats and added up the hours I have played on the 2011,2012, and 2013 editions, with 770 hours total logged, with FM 2012 being played for over 420 hours (insert weed joke here). So I thought I would ask the best damn community on the best damn website what games have they wasted the most amount of time with.

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#2 Posted by Danteveli (1410 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors titles, Final Fantasy Games, Fallout series, Elder Scrolls with mods.

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#3 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

Halo, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Torchlight, WoW.

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#4 Posted by spraynardtatum (4368 posts) -

GTA, Minecraft, and Elder Scrolls probably.

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#5 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

Skyrim, Fallout, GTA , Final Fantasy

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#6 Posted by oldenglishc (1291 posts) -

I've played through Persona 4 three times, and each of the Shadow Hearts games twice. The countless hours I've put into the NBA 2K series is probably my all time leader, though.

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#7 Posted by sunbrozak (2257 posts) -

I've put about 400/500 hours in Dark Souls over several different characters. I think that's the most I've ever invested.

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#8 Posted by OGinOR (331 posts) -

Fallout and Borderlands 2. It took me about 120 hours to finish Fallout 3 plus all DLC and about 100 to finish New Vegas plus all DLC. Borderlands 2 was a shocker that I got from checking my stats on Xbox Rewards - I had racked up almost 200 hours at last check.

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#9 Posted by Morningstar (2375 posts) -

Championship Manager/Football Manager and World Of Warcraft. Some 400 hours into Morrowind.

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#10 Posted by falserelic (5770 posts) -

Resident Evil Series

At one point I was a huge RE fan. I learned all the strategies and pretty much everything. When I was younger I put alot time into Resident Evil, hell I remember playing Outbreak file 1&2 nonstop. Grinding in that game and unlocking alot of bullshit was fun, though I wish I've unlocked the stickman characters, but they was so damn expensive. Here's all the RE games I've played.

1.Resident Evil 0

2.Resident Evil (Original, deadly silence, and gamecube Remake)

3. Resident Evil 2

4. Resident Evil 3

5.Resident Evil: Survivor

6. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

7. Resident Evil: Dead Aim

8. Resident Evil 4

9.Resident Evil: Outbreak 1&2

10. Resident Evil 5

11. Resident Evil 6

12.Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

13. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon city.

14 Resident Revelations

Well I think that's all of them.

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#11 Posted by Nezza (386 posts) -

I dread to think just how much time I've spent on Football Manager. I'd say it has to work out around 350 hours per year on average. I played far more in the early days when I literally did nothing but go to school, play football for a couple of hours and then come home and play 96/97 until gone midnight. Nowadays it isn't as much, but probably still topping 200 hours a year.

So 350 hours a year, since 1993 is what 7,000 hours/291 days. Holy shit I've spent 3/4 of a year playing a glorified spreadsheet! No wonder they titled the book Football Manager Stole My Life.

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#12 Edited by Capum15 (5699 posts) -

Fallout 3 / NV, Skyrim, kind of Oblivion but I got into that a little late, Halo, Half Life 2, Command and Conquer, Guild Wars 2 (and WoW for a time a while back), Grand Theft Auto from Vice City to IV and its' DLC, Minecraft, Borderlands 2 is starting to get there. Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations, Ace Combat 6, Saints Row 2/3...I've easily put over a hundred hours into those. Almost 500 into GW2. Minecraft would probably be past that. Oh, and almost all the hand held Pokemons. Emerald and Platinum, especially.

I like video games.

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#13 Posted by JacDG (2186 posts) -

Fifa or Madden along with Championship Manager and Football Manager, I love sports games. Easy to just play for a few minutes but you can also get lost for hours.

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#14 Posted by donfonzie (238 posts) -

Street Fighter and too many other games too mention.

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#15 Posted by Animasta (14903 posts) -

I probably put close to 1600 hours in san andreas and vice city combined.

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#16 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

Dark Cloud 2, I have played that game over a thousand hours.

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#17 Edited by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Total War I would think. Usually end up putting about ~70 hours or more into each of those that comes out.

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#18 Posted by Nev (690 posts) -

Elder Scrolls (Morrowind and Oblivion in particular, but Skyrim will get there, no doubt.), WoW, and then the Shin Megami Tensei series.

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#19 Posted by kunoh (79 posts) -

WoW, Skyrim, Super Street Fighter 4, Minecraft, Saints Row the Third, and Starcraft 2.

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#20 Edited by jimmy_p (279 posts) -

RTCW: Enemy Territory - 1000+ hours in over 5 years

Binding of Isaac and dlc - 340 hours

GTA San Andreas - 5 playthrougs, havent counted

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#21 Posted by Dixavd (2499 posts) -

On Final Fantasy X alone I've clocked into the thousands of hours (not even joking; before I lost my PS2 memory cards and had to move over to the ps3 vertual ones, I had a savegame which had clocked past the limit that the game counts the hours to (I'm pretty sure it was 999hours). 2012 is the only year since release that I haven't played FFX at some point (trying to hold off until the HD one comes out - if it ever does).

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#22 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

@animasta said:

I probably put close to 1600 hours in san andreas and vice city combined.

My mate put me off San Andreas and said after Vice City if felt serious and a lot less fun. I finished Bully last week and I've still got world roaming fever so I'm considering it. It would be the original xbox version because that's my current thing. Still far from sure, though.

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#23 Edited by johncallahan (855 posts) -

If I were to list my top 3, they'd probably be....

1.) Rock Band

2.) Call of Duty 4

3.) Resident Evil 4 (On the Gamecube version alone, the little "playthrough" ticker on the right of the typewriter reads 68)

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#24 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14689 posts) -

In terms of singular games, I've probably sunk several hundred hours into League of Legends, but if we're talking series it has to be the entirety of Heroes of Might and Magic. The amount of time I spent on Heroes III alone when I was younger... But of course that's the thing when you're a kid. You aren't as bored by repetition.

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#25 Posted by Panelhopper (504 posts) -

For me it's the the elder scrolls and Tekken series, with the Devil May Cry series in close Third. Hundreds of hours gone...

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#26 Posted by pwr905 (104 posts) -

Mount & Blade series; probably 250 hours if I had to guess.

Maybe not as much as some other people, but I have to find some time to fit work into my gaming life.

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#27 Posted by pyromagnestir (4453 posts) -

My order for individual games I think looks like this -

  1. Skyrim ~152 hours
  2. Persona 4 ~135 hours
  3. Persona 3 FES ~ 125 hours
  4. Fallout 3 ~ 115 hours
  5. Knights of the Old Republic/Mass Effect ~ 100+ hours

That's games with a timer. I've no idea how where games like Perfect Dark or Halo 2 or Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64 fit on the list. Couldn't even make an educated guess.

series - I'm gonna guess Mass Effect is near the top. Persona might be at the number one spot just between Fes and 4. But again it's hard to say where things like Super Mario and Zelda fit in. But I'm gonna go ahead and say the Zelda series might be above Persona, as between LttP, OoT, MM, WW, TP, and SS I think I could have gotten up over 260 hours. SS and TP add up to about 90 hours between them, plus WW and MM another 50 at least, right? Probably more like 60+... That means between OoT and LttP I'd need to make up at least 110 hours, which definitely is conceivable.

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#28 Posted by HouseOfBalloons (48 posts) -

Other than a bunch of various MMOs.. It would have to be the Diablo series, CoD, and Final Fantasy.

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#29 Posted by joshth (657 posts) -

The Elder Scrolls games. I've put between 100-200 hours each in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

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#30 Posted by Zeik (4421 posts) -

MegaTen probably. Along with the fact that several last over 100 hours, I've played a lot of them, some several times, I must have spent well over 1000 hours altogether playing those games. That might be kind of cheating though, since games like Persona and Shin Megami Tensei could be considered separate series.

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#31 Posted by MatthewTheBeast (215 posts) -

Around 2258 hours of Mount&Blade: Warband / Napoleonic Wars / Warband Mods. I believe roughly 2/3 of it was multiplayer.

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#32 Posted by Dot (164 posts) -

GTA, Fallout, Skyrim, Minecraft

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#33 Posted by Juzie (190 posts) -

Street Fighter and Diablo series. But my most played singleplayer game is probably Mount and Blade.

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#34 Edited by mosespippy (4751 posts) -
  • Over 600 hours in Warhawk.
  • I can 100% Vice City from memory. I've done it 8 times. I have 100% complete all GTA games since GTA3 more than once.
  • On my 4th play through of Persona 4 now (70 hours since last Saturday), at about 120 hours each. Did 2 play throughs of P3P and one of P2:IS as well.
  • Played FFXII for 300 hours then watched my girlfriend play it for 110 hours. Also played 1, 2, 7 (x3), 13 and Crysis Core. Played 5 and tactics but stopped after less than 5 hours.
  • I've played Valkyria Chronicles 5 or 6 times, played all the DLC, put 300 hours into the Japanese version of VC2, 200 hours into the English version of VC2 and 150 hours into VC3.
  • 300 Hours into various characters in Dark Souls.
  • Countless hours of Rock Band.
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#35 Edited by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -
  • Halo, probably about 2,000+ hours across the whole series,
  • COD, MW and MW2 i put in about 1,500+
  • Pokemon Gold, SOOOO much time playing it
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#36 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (409 posts) -

My most played series is easily Pokemon. I've have played them since the beginning with my lowest play time being around 120 hours and my highest around 300 hours. So with a conservative average of 200 hours with at least 2 games per generation with 5 gens plus of the 2 remakes equals 2400 hours. That's not counting the various spin offs I have played.

Single game is probably Fallout 3. I've done about 4 full runs of it. So I've spent about 400 hours in it.

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#37 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

Ratchet and Clank is probably the series that I've spent the most amount of time in. I beat 2, 3, and Deadlocked more times than I can remember.

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#38 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

Street Fighter IV as a single game, but the series I have played the most at this point would probably be Gears of War with multiple campaign runs over four games, some competitive and an insane amount of Horde in both 2 and 3.

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#39 Posted by MezZa (2687 posts) -

Civilization, Pokemon, and Starcraft probably.

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#40 Posted by themangalist (1869 posts) -

I've never played one single game past the 500 hour mark, almost all under 100 because i get bored real quick. Probably Age of Empires 2, but that was way before you had an hour count.

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#41 Edited by ChaosDent (237 posts) -

Guitar Hero, then Rock Band easily for me.

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#42 Edited by AMyggen (7632 posts) -

Nothing beats WoW for me.

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#43 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -

WoW was the worst. Oh god.

Hundreds of days of played time across about 9 characters.

I think my main (Psylah) was 170+ days last time I saw her?

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#44 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7015 posts) -

Elder Scrolls and Pokemon

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#45 Posted by superpow (271 posts) -

I play the Paradox Studios games more than any other series. I would say that all combined would tally up to around 450 hours. Then again, I've probably played weeks worth of Minecraft since I first started playing it in alpha.

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#46 Edited by casper_ (915 posts) -

Probably guilty gear, street fighter, disgaea and the elder scrolls

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#47 Posted by Hichael (198 posts) -

The Street Fighter games. Or I guess fighting games in general.

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#48 Posted by Zoeytrope (91 posts) -

Up until about 10 years ago, it would have been neck-and-neck between Fallout 1 & 2 and the Mechwarrior series.

Sadly, one of those franchises hasn't had a proper release in 11 years. :(

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#49 Posted by theanticitizen (398 posts) -

Halo series, Persona 4, Starcraft 2 right now are at the top of my list

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#50 Posted by 49th (3552 posts) -

1400 hours of TF2. Nothing else comes close. I've maybe got like 100 hours of one or two other games.