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So I'm playing Project X Zone, and half the time I encounter a new character, I find myself wanting to play the game they came from. Why haven't I played any .hack games yet? Or Xenosaga? Or Sakura Wars? Now that I think about it, the same thing happened with Super Smash Bros. Melee (it's what got me into Fire Emblem in the first place). Anybody else have similar stories to share?

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The Mega Man Battle Network games got me to check out the original NES Mega Man games. Which are probably some of my favorite games of all time now.

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Rogue Legacy has recently opened up a whole world of perma-death for me, something I'd previously avoided. Also playing TF2 off the orange box just to check-it-out-cause-why-not got me into multiplayer FPS, which I'd never had any desire to play before really.

I think I do it all the time actually, like a never ending chain of interlocking genres, moving from one to the next. The last game I installed on my pc was Nox, off the back of playing Don't starve (isometric clicking connection). I'm not sure if I'm making sense at this point.

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Infamous 2 made me interested in Infamous 1.

Heavenly Sword made me curious about Enslaved.

The Persona games made interested in Catherine.

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Catherine was basically my gateway drug to Atlus games in general.

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Probably playing Tales of Abyss for 3ds got me interested in getting back archives of the previous Tales games on older consoles.

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Fire emblem got me into that genera of games, same with etrian odyssey

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Persona got me interested in SMT and other dungeoncrawlers.

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Fallout made more more tolerant of turn based combat and isometric RPGs in general.

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Ultima got me interested in Morrowind which got me interested in the Bethesda genre and wRPGs.

Ultima also got me interested in Ultima Online which got me interested in Dark Age of Camelot which combined with my interest in Warcraft got me interested in ridiculously addicted to World of Warcraft for like 3 years.

Ultima also had a strong impact on my creating my interest in Harvest Moon which went on to interest me in games like Viva Pinata, Terraria and Don't Starve.

Ultima also played a huge part in developing my love for open worlds and emergent gameplay.

Ah Ultima.

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Xcom Enemy Unknown got me interested in strategy games, which led to me playing the 2013 Game of the Year, Fire Emblem Awakening.

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Well, Super Smash Bros. for the N64 and Melee for GC got me interested in the Zelda series, because the original Zelda for the NES was what I remembered about Zelda. I didn't like the NES Zelda's, so I didn't bother with the rest. It wasn't till much later, about 1 1/2 year before the release of the Wii console was when I actually purchased Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 at a flea market. Once I played through the game and got used to the controls and whatnot, along with being amused with OoT's amazing story and music, I just wanted more Zelda. After a while of playing through the different Zelda games, The Legend of Zelda series became one of my most favorite franchises.

Super Smash Bros also got me interested in the F-Zero series, which Nintendo still continues to neglect. I hope Retro Studios and Nintendo get in cahoots together to make one for the 3DS and WiiU.

There are a few games where I've jumped in head first, without knowing anything about the game. Some attempts were good, some weren't.

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I probably should've specified games that got you interested in specific games, not just wider genres.

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Dragon Quest 8 got me into JRPGs...

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Now that I think about it, the same thing happened with Super Smash Bros. Melee (it's what got me into Fire Emblem in the first place).

This, exactly.

I had never played Fire Emblem, F-Zero, or a Metroid game (except that time I borrowed some kids GameBoy to play for a half hour), so SSBM was a huge influence on me going out to buy a SNES and also picking up Fire Emblem and Metroid Fusion for my GameBoy Advance (and Prime for the GC).

Final Fantasy is an easy one. Basically after VII and VIII I started just buying them all wherever I could. And Final Fantasy is what led to Chrono Cross/Trigger, Star Ocean and then Final Fantasy Tactics, which on its own led to a whole new genre for me...

Then I first heard about this new XCOM Enemy Unknown and I went and bought the original XCOM, which I love very intensely now. So kind of interesting how you can come back full circle like that. Playing System Shock 2 after BioShock is another example of just hunting predecessors down.

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I didn't even know Fire Emblem existed until SSB: Melee.

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Xcom: Enemy Unknown got me into strategy games after ignoring them for my entire life.


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Counter Strike 1.6 got me into Half Life, Earth Special Forces and Wanted. Counter Strike Source got me into Zombie Panic Source and NeoTokyo. Call of Duty 2 got me into Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 got me into Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142. Need for Speed Underground got me into Burn Out 2.

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Proteus taught me how to lov..........

Proteus got me into my spiral of playing a bunch of "art" games

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The Wire got me into Law and Order... and police procedural shows in general.

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Never played an JRPG until the P4ER and then playing it for myself. I have been addicted to them for the past 18 months with the genre. But to answer your question more specifically, I've stayed within the Persona series the most, but have thought about going into SMT franchise as a whole.

Guitar Hero 2 set me down the path of music games which pretty much dominated my free time for 5 years.

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Counter Strike got me into shooters

StarCraft got me into strategy

Project Gotham Racing 2 got me into driving games

Braid got me into indi, art'y, think'y games for which I am very grateful.

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I think Final Fantasy Tactics would've led me down an srpg hole, when I first played it, but the first Disgaea is enough to last a goddamn lifetime.

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Fallout 3 made me believe that RPGs are OK if they are open world and have solid combat. It is the reason I picked up Skyrim. Then I realized that the genre was not for me and there was something special about Fallout that I still can't put my finger on.

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Normally I hated Japanese RPG's because turn based combat is really boring to me, but Resonance of Fate really pulled me in. A large part of it also had to do with the game catering to two of my favorite video game elements - customization and upgrades. The weapon modding is so absolutely insane in Resonance that I had fun just stacking 20 barrels on a single handgun.

Naturally after that I went out and got another highly regarded JRPG - Final Fantasy XIII

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Kotor got me to fall in love with the RPG genre.

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Well, FF8 was the first game that really captured me. I forgot how old I was when I first played it but ff8 was the game that made me a gamer.

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XCOM Enemy Unknown definitely put me onto a turn-based tactics kick, a genre where my previous experience had really only been Final Fantasy Tactics/FFTA (maybe with some dabbling in a couple of random games here and there, so little that I can't even remember what they'd be :P).

Oh, games that got me interested in other games? You know, nothing's really springing to mind.

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The one that best comes to mind is Ys Origin. Picked it up from some random Steam sale on a whim, actually tried it out a few years ago, and have been interested in the series ever since.

I do this with a lot of game series, so I can know what's up with them and know if I want to play more of that particular series. I just played Tales of Xillia as my first Tales game and am anxious to try more of them in the future.

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Nim on the Nimrod computer (the first digital computer hardware built to specifically play a digital video game), in 1951. No fucking microtransactions.

Made me interested in all videoed game.

Gaming for me is a religion.

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