Games that most people like..... that you don't

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Games Other Folks Love For Some Reason:

Borderlands 2: Every year I try to give Borderlands 2 a shot, and every year I bounce off after 4 or 5 hours of playing. I just don't get what people see in that series. The tone and humor really rub me the wrong way, a lot of the environments I find bland/unappealing, and the boss fights just felt drawn out without any real challenge...

Bioware Games: I've tried most of the heavy hitters from Bioware, and I don't enjoy any of them. I loved Mass Effect 2 in my younger years, but I recently revisited that and found it wasn't nearly as good as I remember it being. There's some serious jank in those games, the combat is not fun in the least bit, and I find their praised writing to be somewhat trite and forced.

Games Other Folks Hate For Some Reason:

XCOM 2: Okay, yes a PC Exclusive shouldn't have as many performance issues as it does...but those qualms aside I thought XCOM 2 was a really fun game. Sure, the timers were kind of annoying sometimes, but I liked that they were trying to force people out of their 'no dash, always overwatch' comfort zones from the previous entry.

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The big one for me, imo, is Mass Effect 2. I think it's one of the worst games of last gen, and ME3 is better than it. The only thing it has going for it is the character interactions for the most part, a lot of those are just bad as well (especially the human characters. They're terrible). While the gunplay got better, I feel the gameplay as a whole was a massive downgrade to the flexibility in ME1, and they also ruined Adepts basically iirc, which was my preferred/favorite class.

EDIT: Any Bethesda developed game too. They're all messes, I find it kinda gross how they can keep getting away with their bullshit.

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@grimglottis: I am kind of like you in one way, but different in another. I too tend to enjoy most of the games I spent time to play, but I rarely get to sit down and play through a long game (those tends to be the kind of games I am into) which lead to me playing very few games in a year for the past handful of years. I became super selective and have grown to only start a game once I have a pretty good idea of what to expect and want from it, or if my curiosity simply needs to be satisfy, and somewhere along the way I sort of know where a game's weak points are through review and internet chatter.

As for story in games often being slam all the time. I think it is a complicated matter of the player themselves and the limited amount of time a general online post is willing to devote into dissecting it.

I think backseat story-telling and backseat writing has become a very real thing among the "hard-core" crowd. I am at times guilty of it as well. There's also a matter of players imposing themselves and their values onto the characters which lead to disagreeing with the characters and by extension the story as a whole, while the opposite also holds true, where players are more incline to favors characters that they agree with or at times see themselves as with a hint of wish fulfillment bias. I think there are discussions to be had about that, but when it comes down to it not every online post should be or needs to be an essay length dissertation of a particular game's story; plus there is also the matter of avoidance of spoilers; especially in a thread like this.

Combining these what you get is a lot of one sentence statements with fairly empty descriptor for a game, its story, and its characters...or a 10 minutes youtube video of someone saying Bioshock Infinite is bad because it is a FPS and the time traveling isn't realistic.

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Honestly, I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to games, and my taste usually goes along with popular opinions.

This thread depresses me.

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AC Origins:

painfully boring in the first real chapter. Generic combat paired with lame and unnecessary side quests. If it branches out and gets better, I could not be bothered to find out. Also PC performance was iffy.

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I loved the hell out of Oblivian and played it for days. Got excited for fallout 3 just could not get into it at all. Then Skyrim got announced and was all for it. Got the game at midnight played it for like 3 hours and put it back on the shelf. Just could not get into it.

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Cuphead - I recognize that this is an amazing game and I love the look and how the game feels. I should really like the game but I don't. Maybe I got salty or something but I hated just bashing my head against a boss over and over again until I beat it. The fact that I know I could beat them eventually if I just kept at it long enough (infinite monkeys/typewriters and all) made it feel like a drag to me by the time I hit world 3.

Hollow Knight - It put me to sleep, no idea why.

Horizon Zero Dawn - I really really really wanted to like this game but I found the whole game to be kinda bland in spite of the neat setting. I'll probably go back and try it again but it didn't hook me the first time around.

Dark Souls 3 - DS1 is my favorite game of all time. I recognize that 3 is a good game but was just burnt out on the series by the time 3 came out.

MGSV - In preparation for MGSV I played every canonical MGS game (including the MSX games and Portable Ops). I got about halfway through MGSV and just lost interest. It sat unplayed for years until a few months ago when I forced myself through the rest just to get through it. I actually really liked the open world/mission structure of it but I didn't like having to do that 80 times.

I feel like there are probably others but these are the most recent examples.

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@mattca123: This is but one thread, and one day, of many.

@supermonkey122 said:

@hatking said:

Doom (2016). It's a fun, but monotonous and pretty shallow shooter that comes off like it is proud of its anti-intellectualism. You play a big dumb brute that literally starts the game by punching a computer for trying to convey context or narrative. I get it, it's suppose to be a fun, dumb romp through hell. It's really well built from a technical standpoint, but otherwise frustratingly shallow. It also has painfully annoying "hey remember" Easter eggs ramrodded into every level that feel partially like they saw and didn't get what made similar things work in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

I fucking can't stand things that try to make people feel bad for wanting something thoughtful out of their art. The smug air of patronizing immaturity here rubs me the wrong way. And before anybody tells me all the good bits are hidden in the encyclopedia buried in the menus, that's also part of my problem with the game.

Also, generally speaking, I prefer to talk about how good things are I like, but in this specific case Doom got a bunch of attention during award shows and such, so I don't feel too bad rattling that pedestal a touch.

Games are about gameplay and DOOM's is 10/10. Who cares if it isn't "thoughtful", its a blast to play, runs like a dream, is beautiful and makes you feel like a badass. Theres nothing wrong with a game with something to say, but a game shouldn't be docked if it isn't going for that either.

Games are about whatever someone wants them to be about. I don't care if a game is or isn't going for something, I care what the experience is for me.

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#116 Posted by Strathy (193 posts) -

DA Inquisition. The fact that Bioware has referenced it as the model for their games going forward makes me shudder.

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\@nutter said:

@ozzdog12: So, I’ll see Witcher or Mass Effect pop-up and my gut reaction is one of shock, outrage, and disgust. But, whatever, opinions.

With Overwatch, do you not like competitive, class-based team games, or objective-based games at all? I’ve fallen off of competitive games as I’ve gotten older, slower, and busier. Overwatch, though, is a breath of fresh air. Is it too much one of the things I noted? Is it too little a hardcore competitive game? you just think it’s not great.

Just curious as to your mindset on this one.

For Overwatch, I'm not saying its a bad game. It's just not my bag. That game would've been awesome for me 12 years ago when I was in college, but as I got older, my taste for games evolved and I just don't do multiplayer only games anymore for one reason or another. When I have time to do stuff, I'd rather get a good single player experience out of my time. I played Overwatch when it first came out for about 2 hours roughly and it just didn't grab me.(felt like a better version of Shadowrun, again didn't spend a ton of time with it) I'm sure with its constant updates and community, its gotten better, but I don't have the time nor the interest to revisit it. Life is pretty busy for me and first impressions are very important. If I don't like it within the first 2-3 hours, I'm moving on and rarely will I go back (Destiny, Dark Souls, The Division series apply here). Add that to the fact that ALL of my friends talked about how great it was and that's all they played for months, and it became more and more of an annoyance to me.

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#121 Posted by nutter (2287 posts) -

@ozzdog12: I loved Shadowrun, though my taste skews weird. My favorite competitive shooters of the last decade or so were probably:



Perfect Dark Zero (Dark Ops mode)

Halo 3

I hear ya, I’m older and more likely to just play solo as it’s harder to find free time with friends. I’m also less likely to give games more than a few hours if they don’t grab me.

Thanks for the reply!

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#122 Posted by bmccann42 (434 posts) -

I look more at games I have bounced off of than just didn't like:

Breath of the Wild - played at least 30 hours, don't have any real nostalgia for Zelda, and eventually just got tired of it;

Mario Odyssey - see above, but replace "Zelda" with "Mario"

The Witcher 3


Most rogue-likes

Assassin's Creed 2 - played maybe an hour, and fuck race missions

Assassin's Creed Origins -actually finished it, but had become bored by it and was just as bored by the ending

Bloodborne/Dark Souls - I don't have the memory or desire to inflict that kind of constant stress on myself

Sunset Overdrive - enjoyed the mechanics but HATED the world in it

L.A. Noire - thought it was going to be L.A. Confidential, and instead was sooo boring

Overwatch - played a bunch, but it just never hooked me

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Persona 5, and probably Persona 3. Can't stand looking at them. Can't stand listening to them talk. Can't stand their Social links, or the faux moral and ethical dilemmas. Just a bunch of horny high schoolers looking to diddle each other.

King Moron had the right perception of their natures all along. Adachi was there to cleanse the world, but sadly failed.

HOWEVER, If Jeff and Vinny were to do another Endurance Run of say Persona 5, I would turn on a dime and make it my favorite video game of all time. Always room for hope.

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#129 Posted by Humanity (18938 posts) -

I'll pull out my usual "all modern Fallout games" for this thread. Everything about them seems poorly made and the fact that I loved the originals doesn't help.

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#130 Posted by Nasar7 (3224 posts) -

I made a list about this back in the day. Remember lists, guys?

To bring this into the current era though I have to say that most games aren't really doing it for me these days. I recently started playing video games again last Fall because of Yakuza and RE7. I also picked up Witcher III which I really loved and most recently God of War. I think the last game I played before that was Bloodborne when it came out.

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#131 Posted by youeightit (238 posts) -

The most recent games for me were all the Treyarch Call of Duty games. A few months back I played the campaigns of ALL of the Call of Duty games and though they were highly regarded, I especially disliked the Black Ops games and World At War. I know, I didn’t touch the multiplayer. But the campaigns really didn’t do it for me. I know people complained about 3 though, and I thought those complaints were totally valid. So I’m fine with there being no campaign in 4.

I also don’t like Super Mario Galaxy. I got really far into it before I stopped because I wasn’t enjoying playing it. I will, however, give it another shot if they rerelease it without the need of the wiimote.

I also have been banging my head against Into The Breach, but I don’t know. I just don’t like that style of game. I thought this might be the one that clicked for me but it wasn’t.

I think Burnout Paradise is boring and ugly, even in the remaster.

Take my opinions with a grain of salt though, because I think Skyward Sword is one of the best Zelda games and I played it recently enough that it’s not a nostalgia thing.

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#132 Posted by 49th (3914 posts) -

Battle Royale games. In my opinion they take all the worst parts of a shooter and put them together. Hiding, playing defensively, long range combat, randomness, no respawns, camping, not finding enemies, walking long distances, unable to choose guns. It’s like Elimination which is always the worst mode but actually even worse than that. I really don’t see the appeal but I guess I’m not playing any new shooters for the next 3 years.

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#133 Posted by goonage (185 posts) -

I gave up extremely quickly on Bloodborne and Metal Gear Solid V.

Maybe I just don't like Japanese open-world games?

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Why do people like Skies of Arcadia? I was excited to play that on the GameCube after hearing how great the Dreamcast version was. I forced myself to play through a decent number of hours. The characters were all stock bouncy JRPG types - only way more annoying than average. The combat was pretty standard too, very boring, and random encounter rate is sky-high. There was nothing about it that was appealing to me.

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Lets see what I can come up with off the top of my head.

  • Breath of the Wild - My biggest disappointment of 2017. Flawed performance on flawed hardware. Story is weak to non-existent. Has almost none of the carefully crafted gameplay or structure I enjoy from the other games. Almost no music. The four lame "dungeons" etc etc.
  • Spelunky - Watched this get played a bunch on the site. Tried it myself a few times and bleh. Gameplay wise this falls into the category of difficult platformers for me like Super Meat Boy or.. whatever other sorts of those games I can't think of at the moment. I don't like the speed and feel of it. Don't entirely like the look of it. Brutally hard. No fun.
  • Bioware Games? - Stolen from a earlier poster. I owned Mass Effect 1 at some point, played it briefly and regretted that purchase. I think I traded it in at some point which I never do with games. I Gamefly'd one of the Dragon Age games at some point, back when Gamefly was a thing, and did not enjoy that either. I own big boxed copies of Baldur's Gate 2 and Icewind Dale but they didn't exactly absorb me.. that's less the games fault and more that its way later in time and harder to get into something so old. Tried Knights of the Old Republic and again, hard to get into, likely due to it being old/looking horrible.
  • Burnout Paradise - I liked the non-open world Burnout games. Paradise just didn't do anything special for me I guess. Another game that was traded in at some point. I re-bought a used copy some years ago since GB loves to go on about it and I thought I'd give it another shot. Meh.
  • Call of Duty Games - Pretty much any of them. I own a couple, tried a few. If anything, I'm only interested in the single player but they are moving away from that even more so.. oh well.
  • Street Fighter/Fighting Games - Doesn't seem very fun to me. Of course I suck at them. I do enjoy Dead or Alive though because it isn't so much about crazy long, lightning fast button combos.
  • Them Battle Royale Games - I did kinda enjoy PUBG for about a week.

I guess that's enough for now.

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#141 Posted by wardcleaver (329 posts) -

-1st party Nintendo games. I know how much these are critically lauded, but Zelda, Mario, etc., never appealed to me. The only Nintendo 1st party game I only somewhat enjoyed was Wii Sports, of all games.

Fortnite/PUBG-I have tried to play both of these games; I did not find the appeal.

Final Fantasy-I tried to play one of these games a long time ago and quit after 3 hours. I thought the dialogue was terrible and the characters were uninteresting.

Uncharted-I have played and finished UC2, started and didn't finish 1 and 4. The characters are mostly well written, but the gameplay just doesn't do it for me.

Overwatch-tried this during a free weekend, played a handful of matches and immediately uninstalled it. Admittedly, arcade shooters aren't normally my thing.

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#142 Posted by nutter (2287 posts) -

@wardcleaver: I’m with you on Nintendo. I grew up with them. The NES is the first system I remember getting (I had Atari 2600/7800 and a couple of Magnavox Odyssey systems, but they predate my memories of getting the hardware).

I always liked the third party games more. While there are a few Nintendo games I dig (one Mario a decade, probably), I’m not a big fan.

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#144 Posted by avantegardener (2381 posts) -

Having now reread the question correctly.. yeah probably the battle royal genre in general and Halo (which I have always felt is epitome of lame).

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#145 Posted by Jaalmo (1752 posts) -

Fortnite. I hate the look, feel and the time needed to become competent at the game is just not worth it to me.

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#146 Posted by mrasshat (136 posts) -

Uncharted 4 bored me to tears.

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@jaalmo: Fortnite PvE or PvP (or both)?

I think the PvE stuff with friends is really fun. Battle Royale is hot garbage though. Those are not good PvP mechanics.

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#149 Posted by nutter (2287 posts) -

@mrasshat: Uncharted 4 is far and away the worst Uncharted game.

It had its moments, but they lost the sense of fun and adventure. They took their plot way too seriously. It was well made popcorn-chomping, swashbuckling fun.

Uncharted 4 would have also been much better were it half as long. That game has a TON of slow, poorly paced filler that further removes the game from it’s roots.

I own the DLC campaign, but haven’t played it due to the bad taste Uncharted 4 left in my mouth.

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@seikenfreak: I grew up on Street Fighter. I became one of those people who could waste a day in the arcade on 50 cents because I was a kid with all the time in the world to get better than anyone else who happened to frequent the place. My friend taught me to play. He and I would beat each others asses in Street Fighter 2. Others, not so much.

Being much older now, I prefer my guilty pleasure of Dead or Alive. I like that the game has a nice flow, a great block/reversal system, better-than-most grappling, tag modes, and these cool mult-tiered levels with break points and damage zones.

I’d love to see DOA get a proper reboot that emphasizes the gameplay and features over jiggle and bikinis. There’s a really fun, accessible, but also deep (enough) fighter there. It’s just hard to take it seriously with all the cheese surrounding the presentation.

...she kicks high...