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#151 Posted by Mattca123 (28 posts) -

another to add to my original post:

mario vs rabbids: i bought this game on sale at target for 30 dollars thought why not. This game is garbage!!!!!!

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#152 Posted by FightingFalco (56 posts) -

Horizon: Zero Dawn - The game is gorgeous (especially on a 4k HDR TV) but the open world structure is so cookie cutter that it slowly eroded my enjoyment. Other than the visuals I never felt like any other part of the game was strong enough to support it throughout the entire game.

Any game with loot being the main gameplay driver - It doesn't matter what game it is Diablo, Torchlight, Grim Dawn, Borderlands, Destiny, Vermintied 2, etc. If a games main driver requires the player to play the same content over and again for the chance to get better loot then I will inevitably fall asleep. Loot just does not work as motivation for me.

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#153 Posted by Cheetoman (496 posts) -


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#154 Posted by Whitestripes09 (877 posts) -

The Far Cry series... I just don't get how we've gotten 6 of these games.

I was impressed with 2 when it came out, but now... it's pretty dated and terrible. What surprised me the most though is just how little the series has improved .

Far Cry as a series has basically set itself up to being a young white male power fantasy vacation in minority land with token white mercenary groups thrown in so that it wasn't obvious. Sure... the last game is "different" in this regard, but not by much in my opinion. Besides this aspect, I just don't really like the gameplay either with several loops that are extremely monotonous and it doesnt enhance the main plot with gameplay or story. The side content is a time sink so people don't complain that the game is too short.

The douchey edge lord attitude has seemed to ramp up in the numbered sequels and there doesn't seem to be much deviation in gameplay.

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#155 Edited by sammo21 (5826 posts) -

I think the shooting in Fortnite is terrible and the minute to minute gameplay boring.

I think Halo 4 and 5 are incredibly derivative and boring. 5 is basically bad.

I think Resident Evil 4 is possibly the most overrated video game of all time.

I think Breath of the Wild is the second worst 3D Zelda game released.

I think Oblivion has way more interesting quests and way better writing than Skyrim. The dungeons were more diverse too.

Kingdom Hearts games are terrible and are basically licensed kid games.

Smash Bros is both a terrible game and terrible "fighting game".

The nintendo switch is a terrible console with a terrible shop, terrible controllers, and the system only proves nintendo can consistently sucker the same people into buying their plastic over and over again no matter how much they complain.

@mattca123 I really don't get calling the Witcher 3 a "movie game"...I mean, if you said that about something like a Metal Gear, I get it...but Witcher 3 really doesn't have many cutscenes where you're not in control. Conversations, sure, but a movie? I mean, even fast travel is cumbersome and relies on you physically moving to the next point lol.

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#156 Posted by nutter (800 posts) -

@fightingfalco: Man, loot felt SO good in Diablo 2. Even as recently as KOTOR, finding a new part for your lightsabre was cool.

I agree about loot as a driver in modern games, though. I think it CAN be done right (Destiny 1 did a pretty good job), but too often it’s meaningless, doesn’t impact gameplay enough, and slows the action down too much.

I’m a harsh critic of the debacle known as Destiny 2. A lot of that is tied to loot, even though it doesn’t slow the game and impacts gameplay.

More games make loot a burden than a well-executed mechanic.

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#157 Edited by tatsuyarr (217 posts) -

Uncharted series: I hate Drake so much and I find the gameplay boring.

The Last Of Us: I dislike the gameplay, the story isn't too bad but I don't like the characters.

Also I came to realize that I dislike the art style of those Naughty Dog's games, so that doesn't help.

Diablo series: I struggle to understand why these games are so appreciated. They have always seemed so brainless to me.

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#158 Posted by Mattca123 (28 posts) -

@fightingfalco: regarding Zero horizon Dawn, youre the first person that sees what i see with this game. Thats why i gave up on this game too. Its the most structured, linear, open world game ive ever played. Horrible game. Absolutely beautiful to look at though

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#159 Posted by Bucketdeth (8256 posts) -

Horizon: I didn't hate the game but everyone makes it seem like it was this masterpiece, I felt like it was the same tired open world action game with subpar writing and dialogue, I had to force myself to finish it. It looks amazing though I will give it that.

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#160 Posted by mems1224 (2204 posts) -

Think I can add God of War to my list. The traversal in that game is shit and I found the game pretty easy with combat that isn't all that interesting. Im not sure if Im gonna see the game through to the end.

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#161 Edited by HarbinLights (11 posts) -

I have absolutely no interest in any of the God of War games.

Including the recent one that seems to be getting everyone's attention.

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#162 Edited by RetroMetal (804 posts) -

Final Fantasy games... all of them, fuck those things.

Pokemon games

JRPGs in general and all RPGs with turn based combat

MMOs and MMO style treadmills

Grid based tactics games

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#163 Posted by HarbinLights (11 posts) -

Final Fantasy games... all of them, fuck those things.

Pokemon games

JRPGs in general and all RPGs with turn based combat

MMOs and MMO style treadmills

Grid based tactics games

You are like the inverse of me.

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#164 Posted by Nals (150 posts) -

Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

Ok, look. I'll give you Oblivion. It's got some neat shit to it. And it's a product of it's time. A lot of it's problems can be directly tied to the console it was made for. I think over time I went from really disliking Oblivion to moderately respecting it, even if it is in my mind the worst TES game. It's still a good game, just not as good as it should be. Doesn't stop me from loading it up from time to time. Honestly the more I think about it now, the more I appreciate that it did, and I think I may actually really like Oblivion in hindsight. Huh. Still the worst TES game though.

But fucking Fallout 3. The fuck is anybody saying when they say it's their favorite, or it's a "great". Like I LIKE Fallout 3, and you people are MADMEN.

- It has exactly 3 tilesets, barely randomized. You've played the game for 4-5 hours? You've seen every room you'll ever see in the game, bar a few specific buildings in Downtown.

- No gun variety. There are maybe 6 guns, and maybe 4 melee weapons. Hope you enjoy the Hunting Rifle.

- Enemy variety is also nonexistent. You will fight the same 4-5 enemies the whole game, but they get a red variant later that makes them tougher. Whee.

- Bulletspongey enemies. Congratulations you've gotten to the "endgame". Congratulations every enemy now takes 2-3 full reloads worth of ammo to kill.

- There are exactly 7 side quests in the entire game. There are 13 main quest missions. There are 4 repeatable/very minor side quests you can complete near instantly. I am including the quests like the Armory. It takes less then 15 hours to fully clear all core content in the game. AND I'M INCLUDING BROKEN STEEL IN THAT 15. Reminder, the intro takes an hour itself! Completing the Pitt and Anchorage on top of it takes maybe 20 hours. I should know because I did a full clear of Fallout 3 one weekend and my save file after the Pitt was 19 hours played with all quests complete/a solid 80% of the map explored.

And I enjoy Fallout 3! I've played it multiple times because I like wandering ruined DC shooting dudes with my BB gun. It's fun! But to take that and compare it to an RPG great like New Vegas, or even an expanded/complete experience like Fallout 4 and say it's better? You are mad. You are stark raving mad. You only like Fallout 3 more because it's the first one you played. You are a literal madman. I have serious issues with Fallout 4, but at least Fallout 4 offers 60-80 hours worth of content, quest chains, factions, dozens of weapons, dozens of environments, multiple endings, etc etc. Fallout 3 offers none of that. It has a single "choice" in the entire game, and it's the choice they advertised constantly as proof that it has choice based gameplay.

You are all MAD.

For the game I love that everyone hates, Deus Ex Invisible War.

Like it's got huge problems. Loading screens everywhere. A dopey looking protag. The story somewhat veers a little too heavily into major world swings compared to the more undertoned Deus Ex og.

But it's got even more combat options. Even more ways to get around. Even more ways to do things. Hack robots from a distance and make them your friends. Shoot out spiderbots, take them over, then go on an adventure. Shoot through walls and kill targets as you enter the map. Did you know you can do the Watch Dogs thing where you take control of a robot, then take control of another robot through your robot? You can go through entire levels as a robot. It's great.

I play it alongside Deus Ex every single year. And every single year I continue to love it. I wish more people gave it a real chance.

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#165 Edited by Dan_CiTi (4936 posts) -

Mortal Kombat, 3D Mario before Galaxy, Horizon on the gameplay side was pretty weak typically but I did always want to see plenty of the story so it took my a while to get through.

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#166 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1250 posts) -

Shadow of Mordor is the one that immediately comes to mind. I still don't understand how that game won GOTY and why it was so popular. The gameplay is sluggish, the missions are boring, and the story is terrible.

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#167 Posted by Mattca123 (28 posts) -

A couple more to add to the list:

Uncharted 4: gosh i played for a day and never returned. Too much talking and the gameplay itself was basically me moving a character like in a movie/cartoon.

Bloodborne: It looked cheap. cant really explain why it just didnt do it for me.

Super Smash Bros: til this day i never understood why people like these games. You basically just mash buttons until someone falls off the ledge.

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#168 Posted by Maxszy (2308 posts) -

Here's a few that people love that I just don't:

Fortnite: A couple of my friends who I play most games with if I am playing multiplayer are SUPER into it. its all they've been doing for a couple months. I played about 4 matches and said meh, and fell off of it. Its not for me, I can't get into it. I don't care about being competitive.

Mario: I played Mario as a kid on SNES and 64 primarily. I enjoyed it, but I never loved it nor loved the challenge of platforming. At this point, I've tried but i just can't get into them at all. I just don't care and don't understand where all the hype comes from except from nostalgia I suppose. I like the idea of Mario though, the games just aren't for me.

Call of Duty: Or whatever "black ops" spinoff it is now or whatever. I just don't like them, at all. I played COD2 on PC way, way back before COD was such a thing and I enjoyed that over LAN. At this point though, no thank you. I'll pass and pass again.

Dark Souls: I just don't like banging my head against the wall over and over again. That's just not a good experience for me.