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#51 Posted by SupberUber (346 posts) -
Great to have some company when you're digging tunnels and repetitive stuff like that. 
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#52 Edited by Mining4Ever (2 posts) -

Try Path of Exile (just literally endless mob killing and leveling up) or something like League of legends (but maybe you won't like that because it requires thinking). I'm only telling you about F2P games now ok?

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#53 Edited by RetroVirus (1649 posts) -

Strategy games like Civilization/Sins of a Solar Empire. Usually I listen to podcasts I want a game I can kind of zone out on, like Battlefield Multiplayer or even something like Dark Souls.

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I toss up between Dark Souls and TIger Woods at the moment, anything with no story to pay attention to, that doesn't require too much skill either.

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#55 Posted by mrfluke (5873 posts) -

@nukegoboom: minecraft. very relaxing, deliberately pointless game to play while listening to podcasts,

trials evolution could work as well.

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#56 Posted by XenoNick (1575 posts) -

Any game I have already finished and doing a second playthrough or racing games. At the mo I'm playing Raid mode in Revelations while listening to stuff.

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#57 Edited by sunbrozak (2257 posts) -

I'm really enjoying playing The Last of Us' multiplayer whilst listening to the bombcast. If you play a support-focused class, you can avoid enemies fairly easily and still make a decent amount of points (supplies). Though a less stressful experience would involve playing games that have a pause button. MineCraft, being a good example.

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#58 Posted by idkat55 (2 posts) -

I usually just go with mario kart. Either grand prix or time trials