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Recently, after the last update/dlc, I went back to play some Enter the Gungeon and was surprised to see that on Steam I've clocked about a 100hrs on it. Combine that with the double purchase of it on Switch and I'd played far more of that game than I thought.

Thing is, I am really quite bad at it. I regularly can't get past the first level, I think the furthest I've ever got is the fourth level. I certainly haven't got close to unlocking any of the secret characters or many of more spectacular guns. But for some reason, this doesn't bother me in the slightest, I don't think I have ever gotten enraged by it, I just keep going back. Even Dead Cells, which I think is probably a technically better, even more enjoyable run based game (which I am also terrible at) hasn't pulled me back in as much.

Friends don't seem to have this relationship with a games, so see it as being a bit odd. I notice that Alex will sometimes comment about a specific game or genre that he likes to play despite feeling that he's not the best at it or finds it elusively challenging.

Anybody else have an inexplicable tie to a game that you really suck at?

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Most games I like have a bit of this. I'm attracted to the whole bit where you can see the skill ceiling of a game, and how vastly far way it is from my current level of ability. It's exciting to know there's so much room to grow.

Fighting games are big. I'm decent enough at them and have good general knowledge, but there are aspects of playing out a match that I've always had a loose grasp of at best (I'm thousands of hours invested just for the record).

Bullethell and rhythm games both demand such intense concentration from me that I can't handle them for extended periods. And I think my general really fine movements and sense of timing are quite bad. The precision these genres require are both what makes them appealing, and also what makes me shit at them. Won't stop me from buying new ones and doing my best though. I beat Ikaruga so I'm happy.

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I'm pretty good at all the normal genres, but i just started playing Factorio yesterday and boy...
I've been trying to automate green research production for 2 hours.

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Fighting games. Holy fuck, fighting games.

I'm terrible at them, truly terrible. I can't even reliably string together a 4 button combo whilst in the thick of the action. And yet I understand them and want to be good at them. I was ranked top ten in the world at Divekick on ps4 for a time.

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I think fighting games would be the right answer and most off the Fifa games, i don't own any but my friends play them so i tend to play a match or 2 when i am at there place.

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Can I just say all of them? Hah. I'm really awful at games, even not counting in my blindness. I think that's why I like RPGs where I can overpower the systems just by putting in work.

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I've been terrible at every competetive style game I've ever enjoyed. Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Tekken 7 and so on. Apart from those types of games I guess I rarely try to get good at any 4X or grand strategy game. I mostly set them to easy mode and enjoy them as an RPG-ish experience.

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Crusader Kings 2.

I am quite frankly not smart enough for complex grand strategy but damned if I'll ever let it stop me.

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I'm not sure if i'm terrible at fighting games but I should be better than I am considering how much I play them. I am terrible at strategy games though, real time or turn based, doesnt matter. I play them on easy just so I can feel good. I even played that Mario Rabbids XCOM thing mostly on easy and still found it challenging at times...

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Smash Bros Ultimate. I had fun playing through the single player, and I like playing with friends, but i'm not very good at it.

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Probably fighting games and RTS games. I always have to play any RTS on easy.

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Apex Legends. Like I'm not great at Overwatch, but playing Apex really calcified JUST how little attention I've paid to Deathmatch FPSes, but MAN. That game is JUST SO DAMN FUN.

Can still feel myself falling off it, especially as other time-intensive games that I'm actually decent at come out (FighterZ DLC, MK11), but it was a fun foray.

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@efesell said:

Crusader Kings 2.

This, as well as Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV (and probably Imperator Rome when that comes out). Paradox's grand strategy games are some of my favorite sandbox story generators in the medium and scratch my alternate history itch like nothing else, but goddamn there are so many systems you need to bang your head against to actually succeed.

I'm actually generally terrible at games because I can never focus on a single game long enough to actually get good at it. It's very rare that I crack 100 hours on any game. There are too many games I want to play and my life doesn't offer enough time for the proper attention required to Git Gud.

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I was never good at RTS games, but I've always enjoyed them.

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I guess fighting games since I'll buy either a Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive or Mortal Kombat but not play them online because constantly loosing doesn't sound like a fun time.

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Chess. I can beat my friends, but I don't have the patience to study the game or play at anything other than a middling level.

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RTS. Like i can do the campaigns fine, but i generally get torn apart online.

Citybuilders like Zeus: Master of Olympus. I'm having a jolly ol' time in the first few missions but eventually i stumble on a roadblock that might require me to just.. destroy a part of my city to make it more appealing for citizens to upgrade their buildings and i just can't do that :P I will still spend way too long at this status-quo , trying to expand and make it work somehow.

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Any competitive multiplayer FPS. Mostly due to lack of practice.

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I'm so bad.

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Rainbow Six Seige

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I think 'terrible' is a strong word, but I'm definitely not going to beat my head against the wall to learn every little thing in older games that have lives. For instance, I love Turrican, but without cheats, I'd probably never be determined enough to get through them. I wasn't with Super Turrican despite thinking that in some ways it's the best one, and yet the only one I didn't finish (well, that's not true; I hardly played Super Turrican 2). I say Turrican because it's the most recent example, but there are a bunch of other older games similar to that.

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the game of life amirite.

the game of love amirite.

no? nothing? too bad, i'll be here all week.

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Fighting games and first person shooters.

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I'm not very good at multiplayer shooters, and downright terrible at fighting games. I don't play much of either genre, and the single-player experience is usually enough for me, so I never get much practice in anyway.

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I was always pretty bad at RTS games, but I used to love playing them. I guess I just liked building the base and getting the new units out. I really liked leveling the heroes in Warcraft III, but was never able to defeat anyone. I got a bit better in Starcraft II when someone told me I should try to build more than one barracks early on, but never good enough to be decent. I usually just played the campaigns.

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[Insert Fighting Game Here]

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Kerbal Space Program.... I've put 130 hours into it, and I am terrible at it.

I have to use cheats if I really wanna get anywhere. Which is fine. But playing the game as intended - I fail every time.

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  1. All fighting games.
  2. All competitive shooters.

So, I usually only play the single-player modes of these types of games, or I don't play them at all online. I feel bad about dragging teammates down or being a liability to my side since I am usually an easy kill.

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Fighting games (I honestly don't even care to git gud, I'm content if I can beat the CPU). It's funny that I'm sitting here impatiently counting down the days until MK11 is out, yet I have no plans to play against other people at all, which is arguably the meat of the genre.

Dead By Daylight fo' sho. I love that game, but I'm not good at all. I'm an okay survivor in that I know enough to be useful to an extent, but I get bodied as killer most of the time. Shame, because killer is REALLY fun (toxic SWF matches notwithstanding), but the anxiety is always strong when the outcome of a match relies on you alone and the playerbase is known to get mad at every little thing.

I'm also not great at competitive shooters for the most part. But at least with those, my performance isn't the main focus and I can relax a little.

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I like Sekiro but I just couldn't stand each death per boss just like dark souls... I enjoy everything about it but it is too much hard but I did somehow finish along with youtube gameplays haha

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Fighting games. Specifically, I have been playing Dragon Ball Fighterz lately and my win percentage is somewhere in the 40s after playing a little over 200 ranked matches.

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Pac-Man and Tetris

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Look, I'm older so I use that as an excuse but, honestly, my gaming skills are atrocious. I don't play ANY multiplayer. Even coop multiplayer just makes me feel guilty for dragging down my team so badly.

I LOVE gaming though, so I play single player games that fit my skill set, which is basically being patient.

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Every RTS on anything higher than normal difficulty.

I see why Souls games are a huge challenge to lots of gamers, but after going head-first into Demon's Souls back in '09 completely blind and finally beating it after going through every rage-quit scenario it threw at me, the genre became second nature to me by sheer stubbornness. I beat DS1 + 2 without dying on my most recent playthroughs, which -- compared to those incredible no-hit runs in the speedrunning community -- is like a bee bragging about its honey output to a bee farmer, but I just mean it was something I would've thought myself incapable of.

Ikaruga, though? I will never, ever, EVER be able to beat that game, but it is so fun to play in spite of that.