Games you finished after a long break?

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#1 Posted by glots (4384 posts) -

A thread similiar to this might’ve been around within the last year or so, but since the topic came up in a recent Beastcast, it works as a good excuse to do this.

So like the title says: Are there any games that you began playing, then fell off from for whatever reason, only to return to them months/years later and finally completing them?

My most recent and ”most time passed” example would be Red Dead Redemption. I bought it at release on PS3 and played it for about a week, before being put-off by the lackluster performance on PS3. Last month I bought it on Xbone and played it through from start to finish. Technically I didn’t continue my old game since it was on a different platform, but anyway.

Other contenders would be Dead Space, Darksiders and Grim Fandango. First one I got stuck on during that sucky turret section and didn’t come back to it till two years later when the sequel was rapidly approaching. In this case I did Load Up My Last Save and, thanks to some hot tips on the internet, managed to get through that bullshit and finished the game.

Darksiders I also picked up because of the sequel coming out, about two and a half years later. Much like with RDR, I had also stopped playing it because of the rough performance and some boss giving me a real hard time. Started it from the beginning on PS3 and ended up liking it a lot more by the end, even if 2 is still my favourite.

In Grim Fandango I got stuck on a puzzle during year three, that really wasn’t so difficult when you look at it now, but I was a dumb kid. But man, when I finally solved it like six months later, I remember literally jumping up and down out of excitement. Don’t think I’ve ever done that with any game before that or since.

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#2 Posted by citan359 (44 posts) -

Bioshock 1 - The game I built my PC for, but then the Orange Box came out... I woke up from that TF2 haze years later and finally beat Bioshock 1 about 4-5 years afterward (I started a new save but I had only killed the first boss)

Psychonauts - This game is actually the most spot on for your question, I think I took 2 years off before the last boss/zone and I finally loaded it back up and had to spend a week getting the controls re-figured out but I did it and I beat it and that game is the best. YEA!

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#3 Edited by CaLe (4799 posts) -

I did it with Bloodborne and Nier: Automata. I wasn't enjoying them much but people kept going on and on about them online I felt like I just had to know. Ended up enjoying Bloodborne more by the time I finished it, and reinforced my belief that Nier is mediocre at best.

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#4 Edited by DinosaurCanada (938 posts) -

There's a lot. I Took about 6 months off Vanquish before jumping back into that, still haven't finished DMC3 after about 3 years. Most of the time I take like 3 month breaks from games and come back to them. Usually I just sort of play whatever I'm in the mood for without sticking to one thing for a period of time.

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#5 Posted by pompouspizza (1563 posts) -

I played about 10 hours of Yakuza 0 when it came out, put it down for a year and then picked it back up and finished it.

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#6 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

This one is a glitch, so I'm not sure it counts.

Oblivion is one of my favourite games of all time, but I had a glitch on the Xbox 360 version which prevented me from finishing the Thieves Guild quest line. An NPC I needed to speak to wasn't showing up. This prevented me from getting the last achievement for completing these quests. I loaded previous saves, but the glitch was still there and couldn't be bothered to go back and do it again. I've never been that bothered about achievements.

Since that play through, which was probably 2006, I have always played the PC version. Then I bought an Xbox One X this year, and Oblivion is an enhanced game (glorious 4K). The first quest line I played was the Thieves Guild, and I finally got that achievement a few months ago. I nearly shed a tear.

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#9 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2972 posts) -

Horizon and Nier Automata come to mind. I thought both of them were alright, but also had some serious slow parts that kept me from playing them constantly like I did with Breath of the Wild or Persona 5. Still finished them before the end of the year, though.

Besides that, Skyrim. I don't think the main/faction quests in that game are any good, so when I played it originally I spent a hundred hours just walking around and going where the wind took me. After a year or two's break I returned and did all the main story stuff. It wasn't great, but at least I felt like I had closure.

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#10 Posted by ozzdog12 (1164 posts) -

Link Between Worlds

Bought a 2DS on a whim around the time LBW came out, started it and put about 15-17 hours into it. I have no idea why I stopped, but over 3 years had past when I picked it up earlier this year and finally finished it.

Mark of the Ninja

Got it on Steam in 2014 and played it a few hours and really enjoyed it. Then this summer I decided to go back and beat it.

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#11 Edited by nutter (2297 posts) -

Red Dead for me, too. I got about an hour into Mexico and lost interest. I finished it when I heard about how it runs on Xbox One X.

In hindsight, Mexico had its value, but was largely filler.

Oh, here’s another:


I never finished Shadowgate on the NES as a kid. I kept gettig pretty deep into it, but never eeked out that win. I bought it on Xbox earlier this year and managed to complete the game...


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#12 Posted by bmccann42 (436 posts) -

Horizon. Played through it on the story setting and had a blast.

I very rarely get back to games I shelved, I only have so much gaming time per week. I tend to play some easy to return to stuff (Diablo 3, etc.) as podcast listening busy work.

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#13 Edited by NTM (11872 posts) -

Yeah, there are a handful of games for me. Dead Space 1 was one of them. I didn't really like it at first, but then a few months later I said to myself 'I bought the game, I should probably get through it.' I finally went through it, and it turned out to become one of my favorite games and solidified my love for sci-fi and an interest in science. The most recent was probably Darksiders 2 and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Darksiders 2 was in many ways a well-made game, but I ended up just not really caring for it that much. I feel like I got into Darksiders as a series enough to be excited for the third though. A Machine for Pigs I finished and didn't like it. It wasn't that scary, and by the end, I was just kind of shaking my head and thinking 'man, can this game be done now?' I finished it just so I can say I experienced it basically.

There are still games like this, but I am not sure I enjoy them enough to finish despite putting a good amount of hours into them. The most likely one right now is Mad Max. I've done many of the side quests throughout the world, but it got too repetitive and I stopped. The last time I tried playing it again was just a few weeks ago, but my attention was diverted to other things again. Two other games would be Demon's and Dark Souls. I got them around their release, put 15 hours at most into both, but thought they were too grindy so I moved on. When DS3 was coming out I finally said enough, I'm sticking to it and getting through them. It surprised me to find out that they're not grindy at all really.

It actually bothers me a little when I buy a game and find out I'm not enjoying it and then quit. I like finishing the games I buy, not necessarily just because I spent money on it, but because I might find out that I actually enjoy it at some point, but can't muster the enthusiasm to get to that point. The first time I really noticed this happen was when I bought Thief (the newest one). I got most of the way through I think, and then got bored and stopped. All the Mafia games were like this. I wasn't a big fan of Hyper Light Drifter and so I didn't get too far into that. All these games for one reason or another made me want to fall asleep due to boredom despite wanting to see them through. There are probably others, both in the way of coming back to after a long hiatus, or just not being able to finish.

Oh, The Witcher. The first game in the series. I would get to chapter 1 where the map opens up. I remember walking around the village area just thinking, what do I do? And I got kind of bored and quit. This happened a couple of times, and each time it'd be about a month in between. When The Witcher 3 was coming I stuck to it, and it turned out to be a really great game.

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#14 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

I will do this on a semi-regular basis. Usually with longer games like RPGs. The way I play tends to be in big binges where I go over 20 hours in a weekend, then I don't touch the thing for ages, maybe half a year or so and finish it up in a second binge. I did this with Persona 5 which I put 70h into in the first two week, and then I didnt end up finishing it off until 5 months later. I'm currently in the same process with Pillars of Eternity which I played for 30 something hours a few weeks back.

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#15 Posted by hermes (2630 posts) -

I stopped playing Kingdom Hearts 1 around the fight with Maleficent, which is a couple hours before the end of the game, and didn't touch it for almost a year. Eventually, I got back and finished it in a weekend.

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#16 Posted by Nodima (2638 posts) -

I dropped The Witcher 3 around the time Arkham Knight originally released because I'd bought the Expansion Pass and they kept making so many major and minor changes to that game I decided I would just wait until all the DLC was released and then start the game over with all the patches they'd made to the base game. I didn't actually finish that game until this past January.

I bought the original Bioshock on PS3 after loving the living hell out of Bioshock Infinite and pretty much immediately bounced off of it; I recently bought the Bioshock Collection on PS4 thinking it was an actual collection, not just 1 and 2, but figured I may as well finally see the first game through even though I knew all the story beats and what not. Smeared through it on Easy and still wasn't that big a fan of the gameplay, just wanted to be done with it.

I've been chipping away at GTA 3 in my spare time - though I beat the game like five times over in my youth - for over two years now. Not even off the first island yet, haha. I also re-bought Vice City and San Andreas around the same time...

Whenever I finish Bloodborne, that'll be another one. I originally bought it about two years ago as well, really did not enjoy what I played of it, was inspired by the PS+ announcement to give it another go, fell head over heels in love with it...and then MLB The Show dropped and everything else in my life became irrelevant, as usual. I've been watching the Polygon walkthrough and then Artorias' Let's Talk Lore videos to satiate me and have realized I'm pretty damn close to the end of the base game when I thought I was only at maybe the halfway point, so I do really want to get back to that game eventually. Man will it be rough getting back into a rhythm, though.

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#17 Posted by BoOzak (2648 posts) -

The Xenoblade games I tend to play when i've got nothing else so the first took me a few years with long intermittent breaks. XCX took less time since that game had more mechs and less melodrama. I still have yet to finish XC2.

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#18 Edited by nicksmi56 (850 posts) -

Pokémon Pearl.

Somewhere in late middle school/early high school, I picked up a used copy of it from my local GameStop and decided that this would be the one that I would finish.

As you can probably guess, it wasn't. I think I got up to the 2nd (?) gym before I got bored of grinding and put it down. I wasn't a JRPG gamer yet, and I had this thing where I wanted to keep all my Pokémon around the same level so they were all useable, which, as you can imagine, got more overwhelming the more I caught.

Fast forward to last year (around a decade later), I'm poking around my little brother's room and what do I find? My old copy of Pearl, facedown under his old toys and covered in dust. I wipe it off, test it out, and to my surprise, it still works. So I decide to start a new save for old times' sake. Which starter do I choose? Piplup, to keep my tradition of water starters I had when I was a kid? Nah, let's do something different. Let's pick Turtwig. I'll probably delete this save after like an hour, but I'm getting tired of (game I'm playing at the time, can't remember which it was exactly), so it'll be fun to screw around with this for a bit.

I took out the Elite Four in March. Guess I did a lot more screwing around than I expected.

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#20 Posted by xymox (2432 posts) -

@nodima said:

Whenever I finish Bloodborne, that'll be another one. I originally bought it about two years ago as well, really did not enjoy what I played of it, was inspired by the PS+ announcement to give it another go, fell head over heels in love with it...

Bloodborne for me as well. Pretty sure I played it some time around release and it did absolutely NOTHING for me. I was super down on it. Hopped back in this summer and I love damn near everything about it. The blood vial situation is still terrible, and Estus is Bestus, but it's fine.

I'm so glad the game finally clicked for me. It's easily one of my top 3 souls games now.

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#21 Posted by Zeik (5222 posts) -

The first time I played FFVII I got to the last form of the last boss (not realizing it was the last boss) and got wrecked, and I reeeeally didn't want to climb back out of that dumb crater to grind, so I just quit right there. When I later went back to replay it I kinda facepalmed myself for quitting so close to the end.

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#22 Posted by SunSpark (74 posts) -

Ocarina of Time for me, weirdly enough. I was a little too young to own an N64 so I first played that game on the Wii, after Zelda games that I like more had already come out. I got stuck on some dungeon in the second half of the game. I can't remember if it was the Forest Temple or the Water Temple, but either way I just decided not to keep going. A couple months later I gave that dungeon another shot, and then I went ahead and beat the whole rest of the game in 1 sitting.

Also, I'm a big JRPG player, and I'm almost positive there have been a few games where I got stuck on some really tough boss fight, and then a long time later, I came back and did some level grinding and was able to beat the boss. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but that sounds like something that's happened to me.

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#23 Posted by Ben_H (4205 posts) -

I finished the main storyline of Fallout 4 a month or two back after not playing it since release. It turned out I was about 2 missions from the end of it.

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#24 Posted by jadegl (1414 posts) -

The biggest gap I have ever had was years, probably at least 3 or 4. I had gotten to a point in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the original Gameboy that I couldn't progress. I believe it was the second to last dungeon. I was so frustrated, but I no matter what I tried, I could not figure it out. So, I put the game away and went off to college.

Years later, I buy a GBA SP and put my Link's Awakening cartridge back in. Literally within a few moments of playing I see an unlit torch across a chasm in the dungeon. I equip the fire rod, shoot at the unlit torch. BAM! The room lights up and the Zelda *you just found the answer after a million years, you dumbass* chime played. Within an hour or two I was watching the ending credits and wiping away a few stray tears (yes that ending was really sweet and sad, don't judge me).

Recently, I went back to Fallout 4 after a year or so to finish up the DLC and the actual ending of the game, which I also never did. It wasn't that i didn't like the game, I just started playing other stuff and then kind of forgot that I needed to finish a bunch of things. I actually still need to complete the "Far Harbor" DLC, so maybe in another few months I will go back and tackle that. :D

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#25 Posted by frytup (1346 posts) -

I went a year+ between starting and finishing Witcher 3, but the longest span I can think of is Fallout NV.

Bought and started July 2013, finished Jan 2018. It took a long time for my appreciation of Obsidian's writing to overcome my hatred for that engine.

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#26 Edited by csl316 (15006 posts) -

Witcher 3. I played it a bunch at launch, played a few hours a year later, and beat the last half of that game this year. While it took some time to remember how to fight stuff and I had to adjust to the new UI, it didn't take long and I quickly remembered why I loved the game.

Nier: Automata was another one that I played for a few hours at launch. Didn't really care for it, to be honest. But I was determined to play it before game of the year when I realized how much Alex loved it. So 20 hours later, I saw the main 5 endings and it became one of my top 3 games last year.

Next on the list is Okami. I beat the first dozen hours and thought it was incredible, but I heard some people say the game starts to drag. So I decided to take a decent break and will come back to it later in the year, nice and fresh and ready to take on the back half. Honestly, doing something like this after a natural break point keeps a game feeling fun all the way through. No burnout!

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#27 Posted by steevl (548 posts) -

I know I have a few games that I've started and haven't played in months or years. Okami is one example. For that one, I was playing it regularly until a beloved pet passed away. After that there was sadness and I just didn't feel like playing that game, and it's turned into a 3-year gap thus far. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon. I did really like it, but I'll probably have no idea where to go when I go back.

Years ago I bought Ys: The Ark of Napishtim for PS2. I probably played about a third of the way through it before putting it down. I'm sure I intended to go back to it, but a few things happened in my life that distracted me and I didn't come back to it until 4 and a half years later, when I completed it. It rejuvenated my interest in the Ys series.

Earlier this year I finally played through Dragon Quest IV on the DS. I bought the game in 2011, and I definitely started playing the game. When I came back to it this year, I had a significant amount of hours logged into the game. I think it took me another 15-20 hours to complete it, but it felt good to finally be done with it. It was the third Dragon Quest game I've ever finished, with the other two being Dragon Warrior I and II on the NES. Prior to that I started playing Dragon Warrior VII on the PS1, but I stopped about 30 hours in. One day, I'll come back to it.

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#28 Posted by RetroMetal (871 posts) -

I actually just started doing this, since I collect games more than I finish them.

I finished the import version of Metal Gear Solid before it was released in the US, but last week I started playing the US version just so I can understand the story. I'm then going to play through MGS2 and MGS3, then I'll tackle MGS4 and 5.

I'm also playing through the Resistance series and then Killzone, and after that I'm going to jump into the Mass Effect series.

Yay old games.

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#29 Edited by zombiepenguin9 (775 posts) -

I started Mass Effect 1, played about a third of it, and then got distracted for a few months before coming back to it.

I repeated this process for ME 2 and 3. I have no idea why, as it's one of my favorite series.

I'm a few hours into Andromeda, but have yet to return.

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#30 Posted by Ericjasonwade (377 posts) -

Less so which game but does anyone else after they have had a long hiatus from a game have to start from scratch? Idk for me if i don't do that I have almost no idea where I'm at in the story, or who the hell I am, or what these people want me to do. I can usually grasp the mechanics fairly quickly but everything on the outside has me so overwhelmed that I have to start fresh.

Also I'm really weird and love the intro/tutorial parts of games.

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#31 Edited by nicksmi56 (850 posts) -
@ericjasonwade said:

Less so which game but does anyone else after they have had a long hiatus from a game have to start from scratch?

*raises hand*

I usually find that if I take too long of a break from a game, I'm just not as in the mindset as I was when I was playing before. The game feels alien, especially if it's a game with a lot of complex mechanics. I also find that I'm not nearly as invested if I take a long break, which only pushes me towards starting a new save even more.

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#32 Edited by Lazyimperial (486 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That game came out in October 2002, and I played it for at least forty hours just cruising around being a goof. Got to a late-game mission involving a tricky race that purportedly was very difficult and lost interest. I figured that I'd wait until I was in the right mood to try the race for the first time.

16 years passed before I looked at the game again. Rockstar was about to do its typical GTA-rubbish of gutting the soundtrack of GTA IV because it's now 10 years old and the song licenses have expired, and I thought "hey... wasn't Vice City the only game in this series where they only patched out the expired songs in NEW copies bought post-license rather than gutting both new copies and old copies bought eons ago? I wonder if my Steam version was before the cuts or not. I'll be able to tell if the first song is Michael Jackson and not Brannigan's 'Self Control.' Also, ugh... way to be consumer friendly, Rockstar. I can't imagine that the contracts stipulated that you had to rip out the songs from copies sold pre-expiration. Well, unless you had horrible agreements with the record companies back then and still do."

Turns out that I did have a GTA Vice City digital copy from before the song license expirations, and hey... mouse targeting. Beat every mission in the game but the last two Haitians ones, because I just don't find remote planes very fun whatsoever. Then I beat GTA: San Andreas, which was another backlog game of mine. It was missing an hour and a half of songs because Rockstar cut them out due to license expirations (sigh), the gamepad support was awkward, and flying vehicles always felt loose and horrible (and were almost impossible to control via keyboard and mouse, so you had to enter the menu to switch to the gamepad manually before you could fly effectively and then switch back to keyboard and mouse when you were done), but I still had a good time. It worked out. Weird reason to go back and look at them, though.

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#33 Posted by steevl (548 posts) -

I started Mass Effect 1, played about a third of it, and then got distracted for a few months before coming back to it.

When I first played Mass Effect, I made it to the Citadel, got overwhelmed, and quit playing for...a year? Not sure how long, but I think I ended up starting over entirely. Really enjoyed my playthrough once I got hooked, though.

Less so which game but does anyone else after they have had a long hiatus from a game have to start from scratch? Idk for me if i don't do that I have almost no idea where I'm at in the story, or who the hell I am, or what these people want me to do. I can usually grasp the mechanics fairly quickly but everything on the outside has me so overwhelmed that I have to start fresh.

Also I'm really weird and love the intro/tutorial parts of games.

This has definitely happened to me in the past (see my Mass Effect comment above). And I probably should have done this with Yakuza 2. I got inspired to play through it when they were doing the Yakuza feature on GB, but I was on chapter 7 and had pretty much forgotten everything about the game. I made it a few chapters further, but just couldn't get anywhere after that. I think I've retired that game for good at this point.

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#34 Posted by newhaap (512 posts) -

I stopped playing Pillars of Eternity not long after I got to Defiance Bay, back in 2015. Started playing it again and finished it just a couple of months ago after I got fed up with the boss battles in Final Fantasy XV and wanted to play something where I can actually understand what's happening in the combat.

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#35 Posted by WezqApe (86 posts) -

I'll throw my hat in the Pillars of Eternity pile. Don't have the exact stats in my phone, but it took me a couple of years to finish. Same thing happened with Shadowrun:Hong Kong. Currently Battletech is the one sitting in that pile of shame with about 26 hours of playtime in the clock and none added in a few months.

What happens is usually that a new,somehow impossibly interesting game comes out that I can't wait to start, and then it gets harder to go back to the one I stopped. Then some time later I complete the game I stopped, enjoy it thoroughly and wonder why I took a break from something that good.

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#36 Posted by Captain_Insano (3533 posts) -

Bloodborne and Persona 5 are games I took around a 3 month break from before settling down and finishing them

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#37 Posted by SloppyDetective (1618 posts) -

Hopefully God of War...I'm in the middle of playing a new game on Witcher 3; I played about 30 hours upon release, but have read the book series since then and am much more invested in the world now.

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#39 Edited by lifejuice (69 posts) -

I just finished GTA V after playing about 60% of it and dropping it many years ago (I didn't care for the story and other more interesting games came out). I loaded up my old save and went straight through to the end. I played it completely in first person and had a blast. Still didn't care about the story, but the gameplay/world hooked me.

I'm currently thinking about doing the same thing with Divinity: Original Sin. I got really far in that game and then just dropped it for similar reasons to GTA.

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#40 Posted by HellBrendy (1311 posts) -

Viking: Battle of Asgard. I just got stuck one day and along time later I returned just to fuck around and suddenly I found out were I was supposed to go. Really glad I did it, I loved that game. Also, Fallout 3. I bougt it the day of release, started playing, got stuck just after exiting the vault (I died everywhere I went) and over a year later I decided to try again and then completed it.

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#41 Posted by BBAlpert (2918 posts) -

I played a ton of The Witcher 2, got sidetracked and put it down for a little bit, that little bit turned into a long bit, and then I came back to it about 3 years later.

It turns out that the place I stopped was only about a half hour away from the end.

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#42 Posted by Sintes (100 posts) -

For me it would be Ocarina of Time. I've played it on and off for a bit more than a year with some very long pauses (3-4 months). I've finished it last year for the first time. It is a great game but I don't think it has aged too well.

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#43 Posted by BrunoTheThird (844 posts) -

I started FFX in 2003, and finally finished it in 2016.

I got halfway through Grim Fandango in '99, and finished it in 2016.

I was on the final bosses of both Uncharted 2 and Silent Hill 3 at the same time in 2010, but my PS3 kicked it and I lost everything. I kept the hard drive but it was blank when I put it in the new one.

Anyway, I finished UC2 a year later, and liked it much more the second time through.

Not finishing SH3 at the final hour crushed me, though, as the 99% I experienced had a huge impact on me, but the newer PS3 didn't play PS2 games, so I'll have to get the PC version at some point and finally finish it.

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#44 Posted by poobumbutt (962 posts) -

Similar to a few others, this one is because of a bug.

I got to the start of Route C of Nier Automata and a non-progression bug caused the next mission objective to not trigger. All save points that I rolled back to would still present the same bug and I couldn’t find any info on it being a “known issue”, so I was pretty sure a patch wouldn’t guarantee a solution. So, I knew that if I was gonna finish Automata, I would have to restart. It took me about 2 months to get motivated to do this (which considering how much I was loving Nier, this was an eternity).

Typically when I am liking something, I get this irrational fear about how this thing I am enjoying in the moment will suddenly “drop the ball” and basically not stick its landing. This incident with Nier exacerbated this issue exponentially. But eventually, my curiosity (thankfully) pulled me back in from the very beginning.

Turned out I had been blocked from progression JUST before that game gets really nuts, so I had retroactive anger at how close I had been to the moment that would keep me captivated until the very end. Needless to say, ridding myself of my doubts about whether it would be “worth it” was a good thing, because Nier is probably my favourite game now.

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#46 Posted by BradBrains (2274 posts) -

For Persona 3,4 and 5 I took 6 month breaks about half way through the game to refresh myself.

Rise of th Tomb Raider I took a year long break to finish.

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#47 Posted by fisk0 (6954 posts) -

Borderlands, bought the physical PC version when it launched and played it for a few months back in 2009, but it was such a hassle to patch or for that matter install the DLC on, so I stopped playing. Around 2013-2014 I purchased it on Steam during a Steam sale and found that I still had the save games backed up, so I imported them and found out I was like 30 minutes away from the final boss and finished it.

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#49 Posted by suntoria (67 posts) -

I took breaks of months at a time while playing Persona 3 FES. All in all it took me about 3 years to finish that game.

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#50 Edited by glots (4384 posts) -

I reminded myself of Beyond Good & Evil, which again, I did start from the beginning each time, but hey, that half-counts. First I tried it on pc, probably around 2008-2009, then briefly on PS3 when the HD one came out and then finally on pc again last year, finally finishing it. It was at least the same copy, if not an old save game.