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There are just some games which will not have the same impact if played intermittently. My personal favorite time sinks are most CRPGs from BioWare and Bethesda Softworks. I can't imagine playing these games for short bursts and I wouldn't want to. So guys what games do you have to just plan ahead of time before playing?

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I think the last game I really did this for was Dark Souls, which kind of was a disappointment. Now all games get the same treatment.

A quick 20 or 30 minutes right before I go to class or work or just pass out due to exhaustion.

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I've had Yakuza 4, Yakuza: Dead Souls and Valkyrie Chronicles on my shelf for awhile cause they seem like games I'm gonna have to heavily invest myself in. I also ordered Disgaea 4 off Play-Asia cause it was on sale, but it'll probably ages until I get around to playing it for the same reason.

The fact that I use my PS3 a lot less than my 360 also factors into this too though.

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I like sinking into most games, which just makes me play less games. :/

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Silent Hill 2 and Killer 7 should always be played in one sitting.

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I set aside a good 2 and a half hours for Journey. Other than that not really. Sometimes I play games in the morning or evening specifically, I used to find my best scores at GW:RE2 came at around 11pm.

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Bethesda games are a good example of games I can't play for short amounts of time.

Since I don't often have much time, I don't play much of those kind of games, except on weekends.

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I'm basically at the point where I don't play games unless I intend to do so for a good length of time. Exept for Starcraft 2, there's always time for a quick match there.

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I finish all Telltale's Sam & Max and The Walking Dead episodes in one sitting each. I try finishing RPG & adventure games in long sittings in general so that I don't forget the story (I have terrible memory).

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I disagree on Bioware games. I think playing for 45-90 minutes a night can make it feel like a good TV series and avoid some of the burnout I get from playing the games for long stretches of playing Mass Effect. Go to planet, doing some mining on the way. Shoot way through corridor-like mission, get story nugget, repeat.

Open world games (including Bethesda games), on the other hand, I tend to like to lose myself in. I don't want to be like "Oh I can't run off and do that because I only have an hour to play and I want to finish this mission." If I want to hijack a bunch of helicopters and go after the hive achievement in Prototype then goddamnit that's what I'm gonna do! Or play a bunch of that Saints Row minigame where you rack up doctor bills by getting hit by cars. I like to visit open world games and really feel like I'm playing as the character, and you can't do that in short bites.

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Don't like playing games for more than 3 hours. I get bored and stop enjoying myself.

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No video game ever

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I can't play games for more then an hour without getting bored.

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I set aside large chunks of time for Skyrim. Other than that I made sure I had 2 hour periods to play Walking Dead Episodes.

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The way I play games makes everything a massive time sink. I clear away an afternoon and just blitz the game for four or five hours then might step away for a few days, rinse and repeat. When I buy games on holidays/weekends it's a nightmare, since I'll regularly put twenty hours in a three day span - I did that with The Witcher 2 (again) and Dead Island recently. Waiting for my Sleepy Dawgz dl to finish and I'll probably chew through that far too quickly.

When I'm doing important things though, I actually like the old school CRPG's for that more than any other game - do a quick encounter or two in IWD or ToEE and save and move on until I have a few minutes to spare. I imagine XCOM will be the same way for me.

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The Walking Dead is probably the only thing in recent memory that I've conscientiously set time aside to play through. Those episodes really need to be experienced all at once.

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Unless it's something like Walking Dead that can be finished in 3-4 hours I usually don't. Most of the time I play about an hour, finish either a level or a few missions, then go on and do something else. I do sometimes get sucked in unexpectedly and marathon games though; I started XCOM at midnight and ended up playing it until 7AM on launch day, and played through Binary Domain in one sitting, but neither were planned.

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Weirdly enough, I played Mass Effect 3 before playing any of the others, probably because I just wanted to see what the hell all that talk of the ending was about. Now I'm waiting for a long vacation where all my friends are out of the country, and I can stay in for a week and play the whole trilogy with one character and then play Mass Effect 3 again on Hard. Thats why I set aside Mass Effect 1 + 2.