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Are there any games that you plan to give another try or pick up based on the buzz created by year end awards and top lists?

Personally I marked Yakuza 0, Persona 5 and Prey bold on my pile of shame list.

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Opus Magnum seems like a puzzle game I missed that a few people said was great so I have bought that on sale on Steam. I will also look to get Mario + Rabbids as well.

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I think I'm willing to give Breath of the Wild another chance. I only gave it a few hours on my first attempt, the weapon durability really fucked with me. However, as much as I love Wind Waker, I've played it about thirty thousand times and I just want to play a different Zelda game for once. I feel like if I push through it enough, maybe, just maybe, the whole weapon thing won't bother me as much.

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At some point down the line, when it is a lot cheaper, I'll probably pick up Wolfenstein the New Colossus.

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A couple

  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Mr. Shifty
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (man I don't give a damn about the story of this game so much that, I think I'm already 10 - 15 hours in, and I still can't remember the name of the main character)
  • Everything
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I definitely go through all the guest lists and look for suggestions and things I missed this year. Already added a couple games to my backlog

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Picked up Cuphead - there was a lot of buzz at the time, but year end has driven it home.

Might look into Mummy: Demastered if it goes on sale.

That's pretty much it for me with regards to what GOTY stuff has caught my eye that I haven't really come across yet or suits my tastes.

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Right now it's Horizon Zero Dawn, had it since released but barely touched it, I started playing Zelda last month and was hooked and it really got me back into open world games. After that I had a go at getting back into Zero Dawn and now I am hooked :)

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I barely played any new games this year. The only ones I bought new were Breath of the Wild and Destiny 2. One of those was really good (maybe one of the best games of all time). Next year I am going to try to keep up with this hobby a little more so I can be a bit more active in the discussions. That being said there are a lot of games from this year that I will be picking up when I see a good sale. Nier Automata probably being the one I am most interested in.

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I guess I'll try Golf Story and maybe Pyre, even though Pyre's gameplay still looks very unappaeling to me.

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I think I'll play the Wolfenstein series some time down the line

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Assassin's Creed Origins is probably at the top of this list. Yakuza 0 is up there, but I don't think I could bear to commit that much time. I still don't like the look of Pyre, but the GOTY talks around it are making me curious. Abby has also made me interested in Bury Me, My Love.

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I really want to play Nier, and surprising Prey.

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Nier Automata seems like a game I should play. There's a copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn sitting near me that I've only played a few hours of. It really didn't grab me, for some reason, but I do want to give it another shot. I also finally bought Divinity: Original Sin 2 off of Steam, but I haven't played it yet because I have been playing Hollow Knight recently.

Hollow Knight seems fine but I really don't think it can hold my attention for the 20+ hour runtime it seems to have. It feels like something that should last no more than eight hours. The map and death systems are certainly not appealing - why can't this game just use a generic "die and return to last save" death system and a regular old map like its forebears did? Because Dark Souls? Honestly, I'm just curious to know what the hell all the fuss is about, and why that game's fans are so crazy about it - it is a really good Metroidvania game but also nothing more than that.

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Some crap called PUBG.

Also SteamworldDig 2, and Nioh (revisiting)

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Besides games I need a Switch for, which I was interested in before GOTY, I'm eyeing:

6. Heat Signature - Flew under my radar but hearing Austin talk about it in one of the Waypoint GOTY talk and seeing it on Jeff's list, I'm not sure why I didn't notice it earlier, looks right up my alley.

5. Dream Daddy - I thought Vinny was just being inclusive and indulging Abby but I see it everywhere, what the hell. Weird, gonna have to give it a shot.

4. Nioh - I ignored it all year 'cause I never got into the Souls games but hearing some ppl talk about it and knowing Team Ninja can do combat real well has got be sorta hype to check it out.

3. Resident Evil 7 - I thought it looked cool even when it came out and I was already interested in it but mostly at a distance for some reason. Probably 'cause I've been meaning to play REmake HD for sometime and I can do that at anytime. Still, RE7 looks really cool and checking out screenshots of it during GOTY has got me a bit hyped about it.

2. Assassin's Creed Origins - I had to reevaluate the AC series after liking Black Flag so much but playing Syndicate left a bad taste in my mouth and reaffirmed my belief that AC is trash and what I like really is just Black Flag. The franchise was basically on my blacklist but wtf is up with the Origins praise?! Goddamnit...I need to check out AC Origins.

1. Cuphead - Dude, ppl can't stop talking about this f-ing game. It CAN'T be that good, can it? Now I have to find out for myself as a colorblind man.

Currently playing Night in the Woods. Prey, Wolf2, Evil Within 2, and Persona 5 I've bought and ready to play.

Lastly on a side note, I wanted to play Yakuza 0 all year but ended up playing Yakuza 4 so need some time off from Yakuza and also waiting for Y0 to get cheaper.

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I thought NieR was just going to be anime tiddies and repetitive action, with poor optimisation on PC, but I'll check it out.

Night in the Woods too. I thought I already owned it on PS4 through their games with PS+ but I might be imagining that?

SteamWorld Dig 2. That seems like my kind of time waster.

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  • Battle Chef Brigade
  • Night in the Woods

Dream Daddy has an interesting premise, and a lot of people have praised the game, but I've played dating sim / visual novels, and I largely cannot stand the format. The only game remotely like that that I enjoyed was 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. There was one other game I debated adding, but I can't remember at the moment... oh, What Remains of Edith Finch. I'm sure it's great. I know it's short. I've done enough of these type of games, and I have no desire to do more. I had to make a hard decision on that one, because the idea sounds good, but I just know that I'd get frustrated with the pace and non-mechanics.

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I played doki doki literature club because of all the hype its getting

Its decent, wasnt blown away. Think ive just seen similar gimmicks too many times now.

But yeah thats my favorite part of Goty. Picked up a lot of great ideas from other users on here as always .

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I played a bit of Yakuza 0 early in the year and liked it, and watched a bit of the Beast, but damn that game's styyyyyyle has me sucked back in.

I played over 50 hours of Breath of the Wild earlier in the year and just got nowhere close to finishing it, but I think both this and Yakuza have a new life for me because I just want to go in and hang out for a while and do some stuff. Same with AC: Origins although I've recently played that one.

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Playing AC: Origins never even crossed my mind, but people saying that its real good got me to pick it up on the X. So im going to play that after I finish up Super Mario Odyssey and BoTW. The only other game on my shame list that I need to go back to is Prey. Happy New Year everyone!

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Treated myself to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 thanks to the recent buzz on GiantBomb. I've been trying to get into this franchise since I heard the praises of the first one so looking forward to when I finally get to it.

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-Yakuza 0

And going to give PUBG another shot. I don't mind the jank; it just didn't grab me at first when I put about 5 hours into it at early access launch.

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The stuff I found out about Yakuza has me intrigued. Definitely something I’ll pick up at like 20 bucks next year.

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Edith Finch and night in the woods. possibly hollow knight

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Night in the Woods, I thought it was something else entirely before seeing some screenshots posted recently.