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Couple days ago, I started Final Fantasy Type-0 and after 9 years and 4 games later, I realized I'm on my 5th and final Fabula Nova Crystallis game. I don't regret my time with these games, I obviously like them to some degree, but I still feel like I'm part of a very exclusive club of weirdos. I've rolled credits on FF13. I've rolled credits on FF13-2. I've rolled credits on Lightning Returns and FF15. Now I'm determined to roll credits on the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito 13.

I also platinumed Pro Evolution Soccer 2014...how did that happen? Why did I do it? It's really a mystery we'll never know.

Share a piece of your gaming history that screams "what the fuck am I doing with my life."

Update: Beat FF Type-0, it was ok but has an awful story.

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I found all of the riddles in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. No regrets!

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I don't know if it makes me a crazy person but I've got all the trophies/achievements in every SoulsBorne game (twice for DkS2, the base game and SotFS).

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@liquiddragon: Yeah, I milked those games dry. They're incredible. I applaud you for making it through Final Fantasy XIII. That game was so boring!

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12,000 hours of EverQuest. Legit.

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80 hours in Velvet Sundown. Never forget. #BoyleGotARawDeal

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I beat emerald weapon in FF7.

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I purposefully went out of my way to get the platinum trophy in Tales of Graces f. It took me 150 hours. I can't remember, but I think I New Game Plus'd Graces twice, so if that's the case I completed it three times in a row. In addition to the trophies, I think I did everything in that game.

I really liked the game, but there was an extra thing that made me think "Man, getting the platinum trophy for this game looks like a lot of work....That's exactly why I'm going to do it!!"

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Platinum in a Platinum game. Metal Gear Revengeance, specifically. Though not as hard as I've been led to believe Bayonetta's platinum is, getting S ranks on every fight on Revengeance difficulty is no walk in the park, I'll tell you that for free. Monsoon is a goddamn nightmare and exercise in patience and Senator Armstrong is infuriating - particularly in Sam's DLC. Meanwhile, speaking of Sam, he's the only boss I thought was actually fun to learn and beat.

Oh, yeah! And then there's the VR missions. Uuuuuuugh. God, why did I put myself through that? I thought jt was fun?! Was I under the influence of drugs? Anyway, this is only "crazy" when one takes into account just how stressful this was for me to do. I love Revengeance so it only felt natural to go for the P in a P-star game - even though prior to starting this, "normal" was the highest difficutly I had experience with. Tough stuff. Damn proud of it, though.

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@colonel_pockets said:

I found all of the riddles in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. No regrets!

Same. I've done this for every Arkham game twice now! and 100% absolutely everything even the combat and predator challenges

Also this... A lot of time in Space

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I got all the steam achievements in the original Torchlight. There's stuff in there like 'Fish 1000 times', 'Drink 10000 potions'...

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I put 119 hours into Final Fantasy Lightning Returns and 100% it. I even enjoyed it. I played Dota 2, a lot. I got High Warlord back in vanilla WoW (required the most disgusting grind ever back then). Few screws loose in my head for sure.

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Recently I collected all 900 korok seeds in Breath of the Wild.

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I may have a problem. Still play games like I did when I would get 2-3 new ones per year, yet I have access to more unplayed games than I think I could possibly play in several lifetimes. Some of my poorest uses of time follow.

The bestiary in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin shows question marks for each possible random drop until it has dropped. I filled this out. Haven't played more than a few minutes of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and I think it was due to being tired of the series after my self-imposed tedious bullshit.

I cooked all the recipes in Super Paper Mario, to fill out the in-game recipe list. I'm not really sure why? This was a terrible use of time.

I completed all the challenges in Super Smash Bros. Brawl without using any golden hammers. As part of which I built a CD-factory level to grind for CD and sticker drops.

I completed all the challenges in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS without using any golden hammers. The random drop rate for hats may be the most oppressive I've ever seen.

Might be in partial remission. I started trying to complete all the challenges in Super Smash Bros for WII U and then just stopped at some point. Also, I've decided that I'm not going to get all the Korok seeds in Breath of the WIld... I've gotten more than 50% without using a guide or paying for the Korok mask, and I'm going to call that good enough. Will likely pay for the DLC once the second pack is available, and I hope I can resist the urge to then use the Korok mask to finish it off.

Lucky for me I never really got into system-level trophies/achievements, and never had any interest in MMOs.

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#17 Posted by Undeadpool (6527 posts) -

All 3 endings in Alpha Protocol.

I played through that game THREE times. Once on the highest difficulty. Once as the "bad" starting class that let you unlock the "awesome" starting class after you beat the game with it.

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I got the Platinum in Knack.

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@freedom4556: I know what you mean. I had to step away from ED for awhile. I love it but it takes work to play. you have to set your own goals and RP. Use your imagination basically. make your own fun. I put hundreds of hours into it but I feel mostly apathetic towards it at this point. Well worth the money for me at the time though.

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I have finished RE4 no less than 17 times, I have never beat the game in less that 12 hours.

I have finished GTA:VC at least 15 times.

I have completed MGS4 16 times and have collected all 40 ending emblems.

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I played through Max Payne 2 three times in two days, the first two times to unlock the highest difficulty, and then on the highest difficulty to get the ending where Mona lives, which I think amounts to just a slightly altered version of the final comic panel.

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I liked Rogue Galaxy so much on PS2 that I did all of the weapon/item creation stuff in the factory, reached top rank in league of hunters and the insectron. At least 100 hours extra play time with absolutely no reward/achievement other than 100% completion.

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I've played Final Fantasy Tactics at least once a year since I was a child. At least. I think I attempted to calculate how much time I've spent with it once, and I figured around 1300 hours at least, and who knows how much at most. And that was a couple years ago.

I played Persona 4 Golden 4 times all the way through in the span of a year after I bought it.

Those are my 2 all-time favorite games, though, so they are outliers somewhat. I only ever re-play games I REALLY like, and even then it's usually 4-5 times at most, and usually spread over a couple years. Not so with those two games, though.

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I've completed a living Pokedex (owning a copy of every Pokémon, not just registering it) in Pokémon Emerald (as a ROM) and Pokémon X/Alpha Sapphire. That's 721 legitimate monsters stored in my PC. I just picked up Sun a couple days ago, though, so that number will soon be over 800.

Edit: I've also finished Resident Evil 4 (I even obtained the Handcannon) and Metal Gear Solid 3 at least two dozen times apiece. They're my favorite games for a reason.

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I played though Mass Effect 1 nine times; five playthoughs on 360, two on PS3, and two on PC, so that makes three times that I've bought the game, two of those times as part of the trilogy release. And I've played as much Skyrim as I've played Fallout 4; over 600 hours for each game.

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I have almost 530 hours in Borderlands 2. I've beaten it with almost every character twice (working on the first playthrough of the Psycho) while doing all the side quests and DLC. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!?

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I completed Resident Evil 5 with the same friend in coop 63 times. 62 of those times being on the hardest difficulty without upgraded weapons.

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The fact that I still buy day one games and post my utterly inconsequential opinions on a gaming forum. Teehee.

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This is my secret shame and I am sure if Kongregate had proper hour counts this number would be twice as large. =(

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I'm actually kinda sad I can't think of anything :(

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I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing Duke Nukem 3D, but never finished any of the official episodes.

Almost 100% of the time I've spent with that game was playing user created content.

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I completed all 4 games in the Master Chief Collection solo legendary. Halo 2 is a nightmare

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Platinum in a Platinum game. Metal Gear Revengeance, specifically. Though not as hard as I've been led to believe Bayonetta's platinum is, getting S ranks on every fight on Revengeance difficulty is no walk in the park, I'll tell you that for free. Monsoon is a goddamn nightmare and exercise in patience and Senator Armstrong is infuriating - particularly in Sam's DLC. Meanwhile, speaking of Sam, he's the only boss I thought was actually fun to learn and beat.

Oh, yeah! And then there's the VR missions. Uuuuuuugh. God, why did I put myself through that? I thought jt was fun?! Was I under the influence of drugs? Anyway, this is only "crazy" when one takes into account just how stressful this was for me to do. I love Revengeance so it only felt natural to go for the P in a P-star game - even though prior to starting this, "normal" was the highest difficutly I had experience with. Tough stuff. Damn proud of it, though.

I actually found getting all the achievements in Bayonetta wasnt too tough, there are things in that game (like beating Rodin) that are a lot more challenging than any achievement.

I'm with you on Revengeance though, I beat all the bosses without taking damage and did all the VR stuff but I dont see myself getting the "Lightning God" achievement, fuck that.

I've played a lot of shitty games but I actually enjoy doing it on some level. Ride to Hell Retribution, Dark, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Devil's Third, Neverdead etc. etc. but the only time i've stopped and thought to myself "what am I doing with my life?" was after I accidently back tracked during the Pitioss Dungeon in FFXV when I was right near the end. Normally in any well designed game this wouldnt be an issue but due to how poorly the checkpoints work in that mess of a dungeon it would mean redoing pretty significant and frustrating portions all for the sake of an item that I didnt really care about. I'd already Platinumed the game, I really enjoyed it, but that burned a lot of good will for me.

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I've completed 6 full Super Meat Boy worlds without dying, the hardest of those 6 has been finished without dying by less than 0.1% of players.

On the other hand, that's only the first half of the game.

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I got "The Bladder of Steel Award" in Rock Band 2, in which I had to play through every song in the game without pausing or failing. It was on Medium, but boy was that an endurance test.

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I can speedrun the remake of Resident Evil in under 3 hours consistently, and have gotten sub-2:30 on a couple of good runs. I could probably speedrun the original and RE2 in similar time frames, though it's been long enough since I played either that I'd probably be a little rusty. I know that's hardly GDQ material or anything, but as someone normally inclined against masochistic completionism it's the closest thing I've got.

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Maybe doing all the VR missions in MGS2 and then the week after, getting every dog tag over a weekend to get every achievement. Plus all the Kerotan and hunting every animal in MGS3. I was pleased to do this in the HD collection, because when I was younger, I felt like I lacked the patience and skill to ever really try it.

Then, there is going back and finishing Max Payne 3 on every difficulty over yet, another weekend. That was fun. Such an underated game, I feel.

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I got 100% sync in AC4 Black Flag, and the 50 Cent DLC too.

I got that get all the songs achievement BS in Watch Dogs 1.

I shot ALL the pigeons in GTA IV.

I got all the achievements in Lego Batman 3.


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In both the first Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents, I got a fully perfect run on every single song on the highest difficulty. And when I say perfect, I don't just mean hitting every note, I mean hitting every single note perfectly for the full 300 points. That... was not easy and took a lot of time. (I didn't have it in me to do the same for Ouendan 2.)

I've also spent countless hours riding a bike back and forth in Pokemon games to make stupid eggs hatch.

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#43 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1356 posts) -

I got almost all the achievements on Super Meat Boy 360 version. The only one I don't have for some reason (just checked) is the "Golden God" one. Not sure why I don't have it, or why I didn't try to figure out how to get it back in 2010, but I beat the game, Cotton Alley and Dark World. Is this a sign I have to actually start playing Super Meat Boy on PC in order to get all of the achievements there?

I also got good enough at the Normal Difficulty of Ninja Gaiden Black so that I never needed to use health items. I remember knowing which chests to open and which not to because those with health items would just tell me I was full up. Yet I never managed the game on higher difficulties.

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100% Vice City without saves, deaths, mission failures. Tried several times, getting a blue screen at 80% broke me for a bit.

Did the same in GTA 3 several times, but fuck San Andreas.

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#45 Posted by DocHaus (2663 posts) -

Found all the Riddler things in Batman: Arkham Asylum. That was the last time I had the patience/sanity to 100% a game.

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@boozak: I have not played FFXV to completion, so I don't know the specifics, but can relate to the feeling of having to do some terribly tedious task for something you don't exactly NEED, but feel obligated to get for whatever reason. Only to be flabbergasted that you pissed away so much time when you knew the reward wasn't worth it. You play video games long enough, and you'll eventually have a "no, seriously. Why did I do that?" moment.

All I can say about Bayonetta is "wow". I don't have any experience with anything remotely "hard" in that game, because I suck really hard at it (I'm decent at 2 for some reason, though), but I'm shocked to hear that casual dismissal. I've heard some describe the Infinite Climax trophy as the hardest video game challenge they had, full stop. But from a quick look online, many seem to be just as indifferent about it. I guess just beating the game on the hardest difficulty wouldn't be THAT bad. At least compared to what I had thought, which was a Revengeance-like stipulation attached to it; "obtain pure platinum on every chapter on Inf. climax" or similar.

On a separate note, every time I think about Walking Dead Survival Instinct, I'm reminded of something the Game Informer guys said during their quick look of it (I legit couldn't think of another name for this video format. What the Hell). I think it was Dan Tack who said he likes to play a bad game every once in a while because it gives him perspective. He argues that sometimes playing a shit game and considering the game design decisions and trying to understand the thought process which could lead to said decisions can give really good insight into how hard it is to make a "good" game. As the Bomb crew have said multiple times from my memory: "it's a miracle any video games ever get made at all, never mind end up good."

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I have literal months of playtime in ArmA between OA and 3. It got so bad that I recently sold my PC so I could focus on a career and my health/fitness. I don’t was doing several hour long operations almost every day after work and on my days off I would do even longer operations and spend hours making missions and configuring units for those missions. I spent more time with my squad in ArmA than I spent working full time some weeks. And certainly more time than I spent sleeping.

A few of the things I did: make range tables for all of the weapons we regularly used, learn to fly close air support in fixed and rotary wing craft, learned various abstracted medical concepts, learned how to program and operate multiple radios, and helped shape and run a training program for new members on everything from small unit tactics to basic combat first aid to land nav.

The crew was so tight that leaving the PC gaming world meant that most of the core leaders in my crew do not think highly of me for dipping out to focus on life (which is okay, I’m doing well and weigh more than I ever have in my life now that I’m eating an appropriate number of productive calories and working out more frequently and intensely). It was like leaving a brotherhood.

I feel like one of those guys addicted to MMOs looking back on it haha

ArmA has been my game of the year for way too long.

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#48 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1266 posts) -

@blu3v3nom07: Haha I've gotten 100% in AC II, AC III and AC IV.... I know the feeling.

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Well I'm currently in the process of getting every steam achievement for Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair.

Which means I have to beat the game on four difficulties.

With all four classes.


I did some quick math and figured it was something like 1,440 missions for all 16 runs. Well, 14 and some change since I've done Air Raider on Normal and others spread out. But I've gotten almost every other achievement that's not beating the game, which means I've killed a lot of bugs and some other misc. stuff. I fully understand that this may drive me legitimately insane, but also EDF 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair is probably my favorite game of all time, so I'm fine with it.

@sadsadsad: All you had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!

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#50 Posted by BigSocrates (1905 posts) -

@capum15 said:

@sadsadsad: All you had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!

The train was NOTHING compared to the RC plane mission. People complain about modern patch culture, and I am right there with you, but millions of copies of that game were shipped with that bug and I have to think it stopped a LOT of people playing through. It stopped two playthroughs for me. I think I actually managed to do it the second time, but I was so pissed at the game I stopped playing soon after anyway.

As for the main question, I did a lot of crazy stuff in my EverQuest and WOW days (including once playing so long that someone left our party to go to work, then he went home, slept, and woke up the next morning, logged on, and rejoined our party who was STILL PLAYING from the day before) but recently it's logging 17 DAYS in Magic: Duels to get the cheevo for completing 500 quests in that game (which is bugged.) I did it to see what it felt like to get a really rare achievement that took a long time. I am not even really an achievement hunter in general, but for some reason I felt compelled to do it.

Felt bad. Felt like a waste. Never again.

Oh, and these are daily quests, so this wasn't done in one mad rush. It meant I logged in once every few days and played for an hour or so for over a year straight! Sometimes like at 2 AM when work was crazy.

Dumb dumb stuff. Never again.