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How are you guys dealing with video games addiction? Recently it was proven to be highly addictive, and seems to affect a large majority of the western world. How far do you need to go to be considered an addict?

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First off you should probably add some more text along with that video in order to avoid being considered youtube spam (unless GB has changed since ive been away)

Second the music in that video kind of scares me

But on topic lol I think a lot of people are addicted to video games, when I was younger I was most certainly addicted to them, It's essentially all that I thought about and 90% of what I did in my free time. For me personally I saw some positive and negative things when I stopped playing constantly. I started hanging out with people and gradually gained the ability to win over most anybody that I talk to, whether they are a hippie, a redneck, a nerd, or anything else which can be a very handy life skill. However I filled up a lot of my free time by doing drugs and other assorted activities that can, when taken to the extreme, be a lot worse than playing video games a lot. I think its not too problematic overall unless it stops you from aquiring those all important social skills that are generally pretty necessary in todays world. Games definitely prevent kids from getting in some shit they probably shouldnt be doing though.

Its an interesting topic

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I grew old, I don't have the time nor want to play video games all day anymore.

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I cope with it by playing more games. Kidding, of course, but I don't really see it as being too harmful as long as you're getting some social interactions and other life requirements along with it. If you're dropping everything in life just to have more gaming time then you should probably rethink your priorities.

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feed the addiction.

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Comic Sans = Nobody will take that seriously.

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