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Greetings all,

With all the recent Warhammer rumblings regarding the impending release of Space Marine, I thought I'd organize a bit of 40K tabletop gaming. Gamescape at 333 Divisadero has a 40K night every Friday and it would be cool to see more duders there. Gaming starts around 6pm but people show up earlier and later. They have plenty of terrain and spare tape measures to use. If you're entirely new to 40K but want to learn more, my friends and I are more than happy to show you the basics.

The location is also pretty close to the Whiskey Media offices so if any staff are interested in checking it out, it could make for a fun community gathering.

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I used to love playing this when I was a kid. I had an awesome Chaos Marine Assault squad where you rolled for random Chaos powers. I ended up with some swords that deflected shots and regeneration. It meant my guys had to be killed 2 or 3 times before they were actually dead.

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Some photos from last night:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Thanks to everyone that came. Hope to see more even more next time!

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Looking nice man. Can't support enough what a good hobby can do for both the imagination and keeping kids out of trouble.

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Friday is fast approaching so I thought I'd put up a reminder that we'll be playing again this week. Anyone in the Bay Area is invited to join us for some dice rollin' and tape measurin' after the Happy Hour at Gamescape in San Francisco.

Never played before but want to learn? Come on down! We're not the most experienced players, but we can teach the basics.

Tournament-level player? Haul your army over and kick our asses!

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Lovely terrain. Imp Guard against Tau? Ouch... poor Xenos. Everytime I play Imp Guard with my Eldar, Witch Huntesr, or Chaos Marines, it's a "How many rounds will it take before I lose?" kind of match. ;)

I'd be -awesome- if there was a 40k quick look, though!

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It's kinda hard to make out with the blurry photos but it was Space Marines + Space Wolves against Tau + Imperial Guard. It was a Cities of Death Domination game where whomever had the most buildings at the end of the game won.

Unfortunately the Tau/IG side planted a bomb in the center building and reduced it to a pile of ashes, eliminating an objective and forcing a draw. Blasted Xenos.